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“When Government Courts Use Fathers As Target Practice”

“When Government Courts Use Fathers As Target Practice”

On April 9th, 2015, fifty year old Walter Scott was shot and killed by North Charleston Police Officer Michael Slager. What was Mr. Scott's crime ? Apparently Mr. Scott was pulled over for a “broken taillight” that somehow turned into a fiasco where he later died at the hands of a police officer who shot him in the back.

What exactly occurred on that day ? No one can say for sure except for two witnesses. One of them being officer Slager who has been arrested for murdering Walter Scott and the other, a man named Feidin Santana who secretly video recorded at least part of the incident with his cell phone. What was recorded on Mr. Santana's cell phone was enough to apparently charge officer Slager with murder. In fact, the video shows quite clearly Michael Scott running away from officer Slager, but Slagger shooting Scott 5 times in the back, one of those bullets hitting Michael Scott's heart and killing him.

We also see in the video officer Slager calling into his police headquarters, that supposedly Scott tried to take away his taser, but that call was made after Scott is clearly seen running away from officer Slagger and no such incident of Mr. Scott attempting to take away officer Slagger's taser ever transpired. Apparently officer Scott thought he could get away with lying about not only the false allegation that Mr. Scott attempted to grab officer Slater's stun gun, but he also thought he could get away with assassinating Michael Scott as well.

How does a law enforcement officer proceed from pulling someone over for a “traffic violation” to murdering a man who was not only a U.S. Coast Guard Veteran, but by all accounts, a fairly good man as was publicly stated according to the North Charleston Police Chief Eddie Driggers and Scott's family as well. Apparently it has become very easy for a cop to break his/her oath to the US Constitution and take an innocent life. It's more than sad, as we are reading more and more in the media about men like Michael Scott who were(are) divorced dads with a bounty out on their head.

Reports from many media sources are now reporting that Mr. Scott apparently owed child support and was in arrears. It's not that Walter Scott was a murderer or a rapist. No, not even a thief. He was just one of millions of fathers who had placed against him an unconstitutional and financially unrealistic child support order against him. Does that mean cops are obliged to kill fathers ? Absolutely not, but the fact is, Family Courts with their judges, lawyers, Child Protection Agents, Domestic Violence Programs, cops and many others are given Billions and Billions of your hard earned tax dollars to purposely and illegally incarcerate dads. In fact, there is a sort of “bounty” on the heads of fathers who owe child support. There is in fact, a financial incentive to do so and it comes from the United States Code, Supplement 4, Title 42 – The Public Health and Welfare Law. Chapter 666 of that Law awards those Federal Dollars to the courts to purposely set child support standards well above the income of the father being ordered to pay.

So what occurs when a father cannot pay for his illegally owed child support payments is the fate of what Michael Scott and other dads suffer ?. He tries to fight the illegal order in court but usually loses. Next he starves and end's up either homeless or needs to live with other family members because there is little no no money left over after he pays his child support payments. Once the father owes a few thousand dollars, he will get a legal notice from Family Court to attend a hearing as to determine why he is behind on his child support payments. Often by the end of that court hearing, the father is then labeled a “dead beat dad” by the judges, his ex, his ex's attorney and the representative from the local county child support payment bureau. So, off to jail daddy goes !

Everyone is happy except the father of course. Why so happy, well, there is a provision within United States Code, Supplement 4, Title 42 – The Public Health and Welfare, Chapter 666 Law which gives the courts, police and others a new chunk of your tax dollars to lock daddy up. Yep, so the game that these judges, lawyers, cops, Domestic Violence Program terrorists and other take to purposely defraud the Federal Government out of Billions of US Tax Payer Dollars and hurt and kill fathers all across the US, goes on and on, and on.

So where does killing fathers come in to play in all this you ask? Easy, kill a daddy “ to rid society of yet another dead beat dad who's only scourge to society” means that the “bounty” to kill a daddy behind on child support gives an incentive to lock them up and even give cops that and incentive to do so. It's the same brainwashed feeling in most of society, if you mention “dead beat dad” to practically anyone in our society who is unfamiliar with how these corrupted courts and their participants act, and you'll hear the same disgusting response “to rid society of dead beat dads as well.” There's one big problem with that mentality though, “dead beat dad's” are largely a myth. What is really happening is that much of society has bought the lie that child support payments are even legal and constitutional to begin with. Everyone wants fathers to be responsible for their children, but few know that many dads end up homeless, destitute, and worse-dead because of illegally ordered child support orders that generate large amounts of income for judges, lawyers, cops, Domestic Violence Programs and others.

Want to give a cop a hard-on? Give him a “dead beat” daddy to go kill. Still Don't believe that happens? Michael Scott was just one of many purposefully murdered daddy's out there. I can say without hesitation, I know all about the murderous games the Government Courts and cops play. I was myself was threatened to be murdered by a City of Batavia, NY cop over supposed “owed child support” as well That's right. I'm just one of millions of parents in this country that have been maliciously attacked and or abused by these so called courts and law enforcement officials. Right now, There are hundreds of thousands of fathers being harassed and unlawfully being threatened by Government officials including cops. All you have to do to see if what I have shared in this article as being true. Just ask around. So called illegally harassed “dead beat dad's” are not hard to find. You can start by going to your local homeless shelter and or jails. You'll find plenty there.

Isaiah 59:4 “No one calls for justice; no one pleads a case with integrity. They rely on empty arguments, they utter lies; they conceive trouble and give birth to evil.”

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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