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Why Every Cop, And Other Government Agents Should Wear Body Cameras

      In this photo, is this police officer helping, or hurting this man, a body camera would tell the truth

Why Every Cop, And Other Government Agents Should Wear Body Cameras

In a day and age where most Americans don't follow Jesus, but instead love to hate Him, no one should be surprised of the consequences for such action. Part of those consequences means that we Americans have a difficult time trusting one another. In fact, that no one should ever fully trusted. It's a shame and quite a surreal issue for me and that as an American, I must share with you just how embarrassed I am of many of my fellow Americans as to wrongly they treat one another. The consequences of so very many Americans that have forgotten that it is only God who can properly direct our lives, has left our nation in a whirl wind of chaos and on-going disasters such as we see in our nightly news programs. It would appear few here are learning the necessary lesson that acting out badly against God brings negative consequences. This has left us with a society filled with liars, manipulators, and sociopaths.

It doesn't matter which side of the so called debate you and others have regarding the recent riots in Baltimore, plus all the trouble we have also recently seen in Ferguson, Missouri, New York City, North Charleston and other cities throughout the USA, the bottom line is this...America has a truth telling problem. You cannot have two or more different groups of people telling two totally different stories of the same incident. But once again, without Godly direction in our nation, this is what we are left with. It used to be years ago, that you could look someone in the eye's and tell they were lying. Not these days, so many folks lie, you have a difficult time in distinguishing if what folks tell you is either true, or false.

This is just one of our many dilemmas as a nation because of lying. In fact lying is often habitual and truth is often not being told, not by hardly by anyone. When being confronted over “bad behaviours”, people routinely lie to cops, and cops routinely lie to citizens. It works both ways. But it's worse than that, whole segments of our society have adopted lying as an acceptable behaviour. Take for instance Washington DC, that is the President, Congress and the Supreme Court Justices, our entire Government is a segment of that accepts lying as the norm. Few challenge their lies, including “We The People.” We continue to vote in liars every single election. We are whom we elect.

If the American Government and the people will not accept the Biblical precepts for all of us to tell the truth to one another, then it will leave us no choice to find both money and devices to force truth to come to light if we are ever to see who is at fault in our nation. Therefore to start, for law enforcement officers, they should all be mandated to wear body cameras whenever they are on duty or engaged in policing. It is for their protection as well a those whom the law enforcement officer encounters. Again, people lie, it seems we all need protection from one-another.

I don't believe however that we should not just stop at placing body cameras on cops. No, we should also place body cameras on all others who have been given authority to enforce laws, codes and regulations upon us as well. So this means that all judges, lawyers, Domestic Violence Program workers, CPS agents, politicians, teachers, court appointed psychologists, social workers, legislators, parking meter enforcers, health department workers, housing code enforcers and more, and more, should all be mandated to wear body cameras also. A bit over kill you say ? Absolutely not ! Remember, Americans by and large don't want anything to do with Godly precepts and now we cannot trust anyone in America, no not one.

Fortunately for me, I know what it means to have a video camera to protect myself. Although not a body camera, some years ago I did use a video camera to capture the Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammer in her act more than several times. If I didn't have those video tapes and later put them up on a website to expose her, my name would still be trashed by her and no one would have believed anything I told them about being a victim of her fraud. In fact, I would have ended up either dead or in jail. My video tapes exposing her Filipina Dump Truck Scam(that's the name of the type of fraud she used) has literally helped preserved my life and thus far, kept a City of Batavia, NY cop from carrying out his threat to murder me for exposing this Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammer and the corrupted lawyers, judges and others that were illegally helping her(they received Government VAWA and Federal Title IV funding's)in her marriage fraud scheme.

No one in America is totally immune nor insulated from liars, sociopaths and manipulators who will snuff out an innocent life. Think of all the headaches, court trials, false accusations of abuse and other issues we could all avoid if cops and all the others I mentioned earlier wore body cameras. I suppose someone could take the time to alter a body camera video. But think about how difficult that would be when at the end of each day or immediately after a reported incident, those body camera video's were made immediately available for the public to view. Yes sir, yes mam, it's called holding the liars, manipulators and sociopaths accountable for what they said, did, or did not do.

I use my camera and other weapons like it in my arsenal to preserve my life from both cops, and as well as thugs. With a death threat against me from a cop, and the United States and New York State Government's refusing to give me justice, I must be prepared and vigilant at all times with a video camera, both in, and outside my home. I advise you do the same. Trust no one.

Finally, there should be no resistance from law enforcement officials and other Government agents t that I mentioned in this article, to wear body cameras. If they are resistant, then you know positively that they are engaged in evil and unconstitutional activities. All evil doers are your enemy and you must do whatever is necessary to protect your God given liberties, including preservation of your life ! Take up your responsibility to expose evil doing at every turn, carry a video and or body camera with you at all times. Be safe !.

Micah 7:5 “Trust not in a friend, put not confidence in a companion: keep the doors of your mouth from her that lies in your bosom.”

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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