Wednesday, July 23, 2014

“ Is It Time For U.S Christians To Secede ?”

“ Is It Time For U.S Christians To Secede ?”

Christian persecution is everywhere around the world including right here in the USA. Most Biblical Christians are suffering for their faith here in America while the world pretty much ignores all persecution against Christians everywhere including in America. I look around me and I see mostly apathetic Americans, who don't seem to care much about anything unless it personally impacts upon them. When confronted with the many issues of graft, corruption and evil rapidly growing all about them, their routine answer to the problems are usually just that of pissing and moaning. Yes, admittedly I do see a very slight increase in Americans getting angry at our Government and some of the evil, even some doing the right thing by joining militias, but the vast majority of Americans however, just don't give a crap about the United States to actually get up off their backsides and turn off their idiot boxes, throw away the beer and do something about getting our nation back.

I have to ask myself and I am asking you now, if our very own Government is terrorizing us this much, coupled with all the politics as usual in Washington DC and also in State Capitol's with the answer of “We The people” usually of only a few thousand angry protesters showing up to tell Government Officials how angry they, how the heck is this nation going to get back on track ? We need millions to protest. How concerned and fearful are corrupt politicians going to be so as to revert back to following the U.S. Constitution if only a few thousand around the country get out and do something to remove evil? Seriously, who really thinks Government officials with their “law enforcement” protectors are really afraid of wrong doing when “We The People” just get a little moody when we see corruption and there is violation after violation of civil and human rights all day long ? How useful is your “lobbying”, protests, letter writing campaigns, petitions when you send them to politicians? For U.S. Marine Andrew Tahmooressi who is wrongfully locked up in a Mexican Prison for months now, there is no relief even with more than the required 100,000 signatures on a petition was sent to President Obama to take action on Tahmooressi's behalf Of course this brave Marine is not the only American suffering injustice, perhaps like millions of other Americans, you are as well suffering injustice and can't get help from other Americans either, I know I and my children can't,

Perhaps also like I, you've also grown tired of the cops beating up and killing innocent civilians nearly on a daily basis. Equally, you are also tired of the Government scandal after scandal and nothing substantive being done by our elected Government officials to expose and rid those who partake in criminal and evil acts. Maybe you are also tired of seeing a small minority of Americans upset enough to come out and at least protest or join a militia to take back our nation ? Let's get down right dirty and roll in the muddy truth of what is occurring in this nation and what we are looking at here... that is many of Americans don't want what's going to work...that is,“Plan A”, which requires the majority of Americans to repent of their own participation in evil and also repent of allowing evil to destroy the remaining portion of America and plainly ignore what the majority of our Founding Father's prescribed for us. Nope, “stuff” keep's getting worse here because “Plan A” is rejected. Those Americans who envision “Plan B” of “electing more Republicans” is a joke ! This nation doesn't need more compromiser's with evil such as John Boehner, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, John McCain and many of the other Republicans like them. Let's be honest, the vast majority of politicians on every level whether on the Federal, State, County or Local are pretty much the same, Democrat or Republican. Nearly every elected Government Official(Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches) are out for themselves and don't give a darn about justice or ridding of evil unless they can personally and politically benefit from it.

The United States of America is on a collision course with death. If you can't see it and smell it, there is something seriously wrong with your connection with God. This nation is heading in a path of destruction. There's no other way to state it and there's no sense in pussy footing around with the truth. Seems to me the majority of the one's fighting to keep this nation afloat and attempting to steer America back to the moral high ground are Bible believing Christians. It certainly isn't the religious folks or the Atheists trying to do this so I have to ask myself and you also, is it time American Bible believing Christians start their own nation where God of the Bible is glorified and followed ? Most of you are probably cringing of the thought of leaving some of our family and friends behind but think about this--- there has been millions of others from around the world, especially early in the beginning of this nation being settled, many left their families and had come here because of being persecuted for their Biblical Christian beliefs. Think about the Puritans and others. Think of those who left England to come to “The New World” so that they could worship God as they pleased. Ponder the millions of Germans, Irish, and others who came to America for just that reason as well. Now, American Bible believing Christians are being persecuted for their faith in Christ Jesus so just as some of our forefathers sacrificed family relationships, personal wealth and “things”so that they could be free to worship Jesus Christ of the Bible, perhaps we too should find our own nation, carve out our own land so that we also can be free from the God haters and their oppression ? 

Think of the benefits of having such a Christian Nation, no more perverted doctrines of demons allowed like Joel Osteen, Oprah Winfrey, TD Jakes, Rick Warren and others like them. Our Government would have a wonderful Constitution whereby many rights and liberties would be granted coupled with each having their God given responsibilities along with them. No more garbage on TV like pornography and profane words where especially God's name is used in vain. The main theme of the nation would be of Biblical love for one another. Where there is a need, no one would need to beg for help, only ask and many fellow believers of Jesus Christ would overwhelm those in need with prayers, love and physical support of every kind. Some of you believe that what I am declaring is just some made-up utopia. If you feel this way, you are indeed wrong, many of the earliest settlers including in Jamestown followed those Biblical principles I just described. 

In the Biblical Nation, police would be few but our military for defense would be large. Every male would be required to serve 2 years in the military branch of their choice. All males age 18 to 60 would be required to belong to a local militia and own a gun. Husbands would be trained in their local church to love their wives as Christ loves the church and to lay down their lives for their wife and family. Wives would respect their husbands and children would also respect their parents. Divorce would be rare because men and women would all belong to accountability groups with older men and women instructing them also in their local church. Pastors and “shepherds” would also have accountability within their local congregations and as well with one-another. You would choose the church and fellowship of your liking. Big church, little church, home church. Baptist, Pentecostal, Independent, whatever.

God would be The Headship of the nation and secularization would be rejected and never accepted. If there were those who were of need of a justice issue, as prescribed in the Bible in 1Corinthians Chapter 6, wise and older Christian men would be appointed to hear and decide such matters. With Biblical love as the main point and center theme of each resident in this Biblical nation, Repentance, Forgiveness and Restoration would be sought from each party involved. Think about it, little need for cops and no more need for lawyers or judges ! No more courts, no more attorney fees ! No more CPS, No more Domestic Violence Programs either ! There would of course be elected Government leaders but their scope of duties including levying of taxes would be for a very limited purpose such as for the military, roads, bridges, etc. There would be no more “sin taxes” because liquor would not be sold, nor would tobacco. Foods would not be allowed with GMO's and imported products would be deeply inspected for any unhealthy traits. You can better believe that there our sky's wouldn't be poisoned with spraying and alternatives to such chemicals as fluoride would be used as well.

Is everything I am describing here all to good to be true ? No, not really, I am no fool and you are probably not either. We all know there is no such thing as a perfect person, nor a perfect society however we must come to the conclusion that most Americans have become more of a lover of sin than that of good. If we stay and get persecuted for our faith in Christ Jesus and Americans come to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, we should stay, but that is not occurring. In fact, there is a “great falling away” from Biblical Truth here in America. Look all around us and see with your own eyes and listen with your own words the blatant evil and disrespect for God's word that is all about us. We could have a beautiful and peaceful nation in the United States of America if most Americans really, really wanted it
Sadly, the reality is, the vast majority of Americans are to fat, lazy, and apathetic to care and get it so... The choice for real Biblical Christians is this, do we stay here with our families and continue the battle here for the USA or do we move on as our Bible believing predecessors did and move on to a new nation and build what what was originally planned to be in the USA, a Christian nation ? The choice is ours. The choice however if made, must be made very quickly because there isn't much time before America will soon implode and there won't be time to plan and prepare for a proper exit. I'm waiting for a very short time before making my decision, how about you ?

“ If the Tiber rises too high, or the Nile too low, the remedy is always feeding Christians to the lions.”~ Terullian 

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor



  1. Okay I am attempting this post a second time!!! I agree with you and your article on Christian Secession but how does one achieve such a goal I'm real world practical terms ? I for one believe that it is in the best interests of the Republic of Texas to secede do I believe it will happen

    1. Continuing on no I don't believe ppl will give up their cushy little government perks. Texas however is a perfect test tube for your plan multi ethnic several agricultural zones access to the sea self sustainability independent spirit conservative and loaded down with your traditional values here is the place we are willing so now what? What is your plan?

  2. I am not sure if my prior comment posted. Please contact me, I have practical plans and want to work with others who are likeminded., send me an email and I will send you more of my personal information so we can talk or meet.

    Secession seems a possible, but out of reach goal. There are many things we can do now to ensure victory for the good and just.

    Feel free to google me, I am a patriot and Christian activist, Andrew Beacham