Wednesday, July 2, 2014

“These Illegal Aliens The U.S. Govt. Refuses To Deport”

“These Illegal Aliens The U.S. Govt. Refuses To Deport”

While thousands of children and their mothers/relatives are exploding across our borders illegally as of late, there is another type of Illegal Alien that for years now, much of American society and indeed the US Government has largely ignored. Yes, the type of Illegal Aliens that I am discussing throughout this article also cross our borders through illegal means as well, yet the media, the U.S. Government and indeed, the vast majority of U.S. Citizens as well, also ignore them. These particular type of Illegal Aliens costs in fact are so devious, they cost the America Tax payers Billions of U.S. Dollars each year in what they term as “Free” benefits including housing, food, medical care, college tuition/books, police protection and more. For years now without hardly a hiccup of notice or care from many here in America, these Illegal Aliens have grown to over one million in population in the United States of America. With so many Americans including our own Government simply ignoring them, these type of Illegal Aliens have not only found a way to scam Billions of your and my tax dollars, they have also found a way to get themselves elected to political office here as well !

Just who are these illegal Aliens that I am referring to ? I am speaking to the over one million men and women that are here in America illegally through marriage fraud. Yep, these foreign men and women know and are well aware of how to scam and American Citizen's into marrying them. Often, but not always, we see these foreign marriage scammers invade our nation from third-world countries. Within these third-world and other nations from where many of these marriage fraud scammers come from, there is a wealth of knowledge and shared knowledge on how to scam and American(or any Westerner) into marrying them. Actually, all a foreigner has to do very simply is get a visit from and American in their 3rd-world (any)nation and the process of illegally but efficiently immigrating to America begins. That's right, all it takes is one visit from an American to anyone in a foreign nation and the process of getting (illegally) to America and “Free” U.S. Tax Payer benefits begins ! How can that be so ? Very easily actually... A woman living in another nation can get a visit from an American man in her nation. They have some photos taken together(which is very typical), she secretly looks at his US Passport for some identification purposes. When this woman see's the American man boarding the airplane back to the USA, that's when the dirty and illegal work on her end begins. She bribes(bribes run most 3rd world nations) a mutual friend in her country who “knows someone” in the Government)and receives a fake marriage certificate with all his information on it including his forged signature. Then she claims she has been “physically abused” by this American man while she was married to him. She then simply goes to the USCIS Web Site ( and fills out the documents to immigrate to the USA citing that she has been victimized by “Domestic Violence” from her new husband. She has another friend give her a few bumps and bruises on her body and has it all documented by her own local physician where she lives. Her false claims along with her bumps and bruises, coupled with her doctors report and forged marriage certificate then all goes to USCIS at the US Embassy located where she lives. All the forged documents and false information is seen by the U.S. Embassy worker, then the scammer is given a US Immigration Visa and U.S. Tax Payer Benefits for “Free” housing, college, food, medical care and more once she arrives here in the USA. All very easily done and this sort of scam occurs all the time and I do mean, all the time.

Oh yes, the U.S. Government... Homeland Security, ICE, our Federal and State Courts, the cops... they all know about these Illegal Aliens with their falsified documents but the Government is part of the problem. It's not just that they really don't care. No, it's more about all the Federal Tax Dollars that these judges, lawyers, cops, politicians and others get for keeping this type of Illegal Alien here. Let me make sure you really understand what I am saying here... there is a built in financial incentive for not only foreigners to come here illegally through marriage fraud, there is a financial incentive for so called “law enforcement”, judges, lawyers, politicians and others to keep them stay here illegally as well. Through the Violence Against Women Act and Federal Title IV Dollars, you get to pay a lot of your hard earned tax dollars to these criminals who come to the USA illegally. These dollars were set aside by our Federal and State Legislators for real victims of Domestic Violence, however Domestic Violence Programs are also more than happy to claim these Illegal Aliens as “victims” also, even if those employed at the local DV Program are fully aware these Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammers are not real victims at all ! Indeed, DV Programs get their grants/funding’s “per victim”, so it is a corrupt system, just like the cops, judges, lawyers and politicians that also get some of the money set aside for DV funding because they are “aiding” the “victim” of Domestic Violence also. Not all Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammers come here through the way I described in the previous paragraph however. No, in fact many wait to make their false DV claims once they are here in the USA, thus making it much easier to preserve their illegal stay here in the USA. These Illegal Aliens know very well though that once they set foot on American soil, their chances of staying here are about 99.9% even if caught in their Immigration Marriage Scam, which is extremely rare. Once again, to really emphasize my point here, these are Illegal Aliens but it is an extremely rare occasion to see any of these type of Illegal Aliens ever deported as they all should be.

How bad is it really with these Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammers in the USA? Really bad. I'd say worse than the current “crisis at the border” we are seeing at the time of this article being written. At least those at the border now will admit they are entering America illegally. Those who take part in Foreign Immigration Marriage Fraud coming Illegally to the USA, come and make false claims as “victims of an American(s) Citizen.” They use and abuse our courts, our immigration system as well as steal our hard earned tax dollars. As I shared earlier, there are those Government agencies that can and should take a hardened stance with these Illegal Aliens but refuse to do all because of YOU, the generous tax payer who primarily ignores these Illegal Aliens. It's all a shame, I say that because so often these Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammers(both women and men) make false allegations of domestic violence and the real American Citizen victims of domestic violence often do not get the real help they need from our Government. Isn't that how it works though in America ? American Citizens including many, many of our current U.S. Military Members often get “screwed over” by these Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammers and our Government(Federal, State and Local) ignores them. The reality is, while foreigners, including Illegal Aliens get Billions of U.S. Dollars in Aide from us each and every year, American Citizens cannot get justice and see these type of Illegal Aliens deported.

Indeed, if a Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammer can get elected to the New York State Assembly, be found out(very recently) that she/he committed marriage fraud to illegally enter the USA and not get deprted, ...seriously, what good are our U.S. Immigration Laws if they will not protect U.S. Citizens and punish those that come to America illegally? If our elected Government leaders at every level will not protect us from these criminals who's sole purpose is to illegally enter our nation and steal our money and victimize American Citizens through marriage fraud, how can this nation remain safe as well? Illegal Entry in the United States through marriage fraud has become an epidemic issue here in America. Foreign Immigration Marriage Scams are on the increase by leaps and bounds and certainly not a “dirty little secret.” Some of the public may not be aware of these types of Illegal Aliens here in America, but much of our Government and media are quite aware of it and has been for years now

It's high time that our United States, State and local Government's begin the process of immediately locating these well identified, over one million Foreigner Immigration Marriage Scammers and begin the deportation process immediately as well. This nation can no longer afford Illegal Aliens here no matter what “type” they are. We as a nation are over 17 Trillion Dollars in debt ! It is one thing to help someone truly in need and who wants to come to our nation legally, it is an intolerable act however to come to this nation illegally, especially through breaking a woman or a man's heart through the act of deceit and lies, while at the same time, scamming Billions of hard earned U.S. Tax Payer dollars from all of us.

Contact your U.S. Congressmen and Senator's Today. Tell them to deport all Illegal Aliens including the Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammers plaguing our nation and stealing the Billions of our hard earned tax dollars each and every year ! You can find your U.S Congressman and Senator here...

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor


  1. Montenegro VS Avila finally an Annulment case in Texas about immigration fraud namely VAWA that withstood appeal it happened in 2012 in El Paso County VERY IMPORTANT Pass it on !!

  2. Contact me for complete information on this case I have amended my divorce to an annulment because of this case finally there is a way and a case to use as a precendent on the state level to combat this problem.