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“Children Are Never Appropriate Targets For War”

“Children Are Never Appropriate Targets For War”

With military style and other wars waging and on the increase all around the world, including right here in America(I'll explain “here” more later in the article), truth be told, more than any other victim of these wars, are indeed children. We live in a very sick world that is dying off in an increasingly rapid pace of wanting self-destruction. Despite what evil desires adults may have and the evil wars they wage, the Bible however describes innocent children as being “precious”,despite how sick and how quickly the world wants to kill itself off. Equally and despite the Bible's words regarding the right treatment of children ,the reality however of how many children are being maltreated in most societies these days is nothing short of that of being reprehensible and I cannot think of a more disgusting act than that of the willing heart of any adult targeting an innocent child and or children to be killed. I mean, to purposely kill an innocent child, or purposely putting a child's life in danger is nothing short of an evil act worthy of the punishment of death for the perpetrator. Although nearly every human should be instinctively of the fact that killing children is wrong, many children around the world are still, and yet purposely targeted to be killed. There is practically no nation on this planet not guilty of this crime against children, including right here as I already stated, in the United States of America.

At the time of this article, we see throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa, Islamic Terrorists deliberately targeting Jewish, Christian and even Islamic children for death. In case you have missed the many photos and video's streaming to the entire world from within those areas, children by the thousands have been raped, stabbed, shot, hung and mutilated all in the name of “Allah.” In the Gaza Strip located within Israel, the Terrorist Group Hamas has consciously placed their missiles and missile launchers in Palestinian schools, hospitals, homes and other areas where many of their own children are located.
Cowards that they are, they force their male children to become soldiers. Hamas agents and their Palestinian counterparts also have vowed in their official charter to kill off all Jews and non-Muslims. To those who belong to Hamas and other Islamic Terrorist Groups, killing off children is part of their “jihad”(Islamic holy war) against non-Muslims and if their own children get killed in during that process of 'war”,“better for our children” they say. It was Dietrich Bonhoeffer who said “The test of the morality for a society is what it does for it's children.” Every word he spoke was very true as evidenced by the treatment of not only non-Muslim Children but Hamas' own children as well. Very sick indeed.

Jesus also said in Matthew18:6 that it would “better to drown with a millstone around a neck then to maltreat one of these little ones.” Indeed, we will be greatly judged on how we treat children. Sadly, many around the world including so called “Christians” treat their children with utter contempt. Here in America and Europe, especially since the early Twentieth Century, there has been a clear and purposeful war waged on children. Margret Sanger, the Founder of Planned Parenthood as well as others like her were all very open regarding her hatred in exterminating the children of poor, minorities and others. Today, the American war against children through the act of murder/abortion has so far(officially) totaled over 55 Million. The number of deaths through abortion in America is higher than the total of all Americans killed during all the wars combined we as a nation have ever fought---from the Revolutionary War all the way to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Don't think for one minute that it is only the secularists and or atheist women waging a war against children. Nope ! depending where you are at in your relationship with Jesus of the Bible, you may or may not be surprised to learn that many of the women who committed the violent act of war against their own child, willingly call themselves “christians.” How's that for hypocrisy ? Then again, there are many Americans who willingly condemn other nations, other cultures of wrong-doing but they themselves are guilty of the same and or similar crimes, against children as well. What did Jesus say about hypocrisy of committing the same sin in Mathew 7:1 ? This is one major reason Islamists hate America, because of many who act with hypocrisy. We call ourselves a "Christian” nation yet we either act out greatly in sin or we ignore the sin all about us.

I know what I'm about to share here now may sound surprising, perhaps even shocking, but the war against children is indeed largest here in the USA, as compared to any other nation around the world. I share that statement not just because of the over 55 Million children murdered via the war against children through abortion, but I say this also because of the millions of other children that are as well victimized by wars between ex-spouses, and also via corrupted judges, lawyers, cops, Child Protective Services, Domestic Violence Program workers, psychologists, teachers, social workers, foster care agencies, Homeland Security, adoption agencies and others. Since especially the 1960's, there has been a gender war going on(in case you missed that also). During the 60's, Feminists and Machoists alike left the Biblical teachings on family, marriage, child rearing and literally, all hell broke loose here because of it. It wasn't long before men and women began hating one-another. That whole “free love” thing in the 60's didn't last long very long. I mean, truth always told(in my articles anyway)---the Bible does say that “the devil comes to rob, kill and destroy.” So no shocker for me anyway. Consequences of leaving God's Word through such actions as divorce, having children out of wedlock, etc. all began to take their toll and continues to take it's toll on the world today. Therefore, it is no coincidence that evil Family Law lawyers, judges, cops, CPS, DV Program Workers and others had and are having a booming business all because of this gender and anti-child war. These evilists in the West are having a field day raking in Billions of dollars for themselves each year. Who got(get's) the worse end of this war against families ? well, like in any war, the short-end of the stick so-to-speak are always the children. I see it, can you ?

Many Americans have no real concept and cost as to what this war and open rebellion to God' Word has cost this nation especially in regards to it's own future, namely the children. In fact, most Americans and Westerner's have no idea of the many children and also now(survived)adult-children that have gone through the “pure hell” that they(go) have gone through because of “mommy and daddy's war.” There are millions of (adult)children who have as a child, been wrongfully, purposely and unfairly alienated from their natural parent all because of a poisoned and murderous minded ex-spouse, a evil-lying lawyer, money hungry judge, a cop “just following orders” or another adult who either profits through finances and or power. The war against the family here in America and in the West has caused a near moral collapse of our nation's. We have seen and continue to realize an increase, many children contemplating as well as actually follow through with acts of suicide. Substance Abuse among children of “mommy and daddy's war” is much higher than those children who have 2 biological parents who remain married. Not only suicide rates are higher among children survivors of the war against the family, but so are criminal act rates higher as well among children who come from fatherless homes. It should be common sense by now with all the statistics related to the negative
consequences children suffer from the war against them, that the war against God's way of engaging in “families” is a losing proposition, especially for children. Awake yet ?

Perhaps by now, you believe you've learned enough about the war against children, including right here at home that you have all the information you need to know to rescue innocent children from harm and death? Wait ! I have not finished, there's more ! I haven't even begun to tell you about the million or so children that have been stolen via Child Protective Services all in the name of making cash(Federal Title IV Monies in the USA). I must also share with you the Billions of U.S. Dollars generated each year on behalf of U.S. Pharmaceutical companies that give “kick-back's” to psychiatrists to prescribe psychotropic medications to children, many of which have no real(these children are used as “guinea pigs” or “lab rats” for pharmaceutical companies benefit) mental health diagnosis to justify for those medications prescribed. The worst of this is occurring with foster care children and children also placed within adoption agencies. Destroying children for money, greed, and hatred of children is a big problem here in America and the West. Please do not tell me there isn't a war on children being waged here in USA and around the rest of the “free world.” Every year, thousands of children are kidnapped all around the world including right here in the USA and sold off to sex traffickers and pedophiles. The latest war against children targeted for destruction however seems to be that of parents who purposely leave their infants/children alone left to die in a hot vehicle. Unless you are severely intoxicated with some sort of chemical, no good or decent parent/adult, “forgets” or leaves a child alone in a vehicle-ever. Indeed, there is a real war in our wold against children and millions are killed around the world each year because of it !

Indeed, children are being sought out as purposeful targets of war. There are indeed military, but other kinds of wars being waged against children from all around the world, including the West and right here in America. Despite what our American Terroristic and other Government's tells us, it is the duty of every adult not only to protect innocent children, it is also our duty to punish those who harm these children. I don't care if you have to drag out evil, kicking and screaming. Those who purposely target innocent children for harm/death need to be stopped and when I mention the word “stop”, I mean by any and all means available. Whoever purposely murders the most innocent and weakest of our world deserves nothing short of death themselves. God of the Bible is still interested in justice and the duty of His people to protect those who cannot protect themselves is a Biblical mandate. It cannot be said and emphasized any clearer than that. God help those who need to repent, and help us that love Him, to stop the waging of war against children. Execution of justice is required.

Luke 11:42 "Woe to you Pharisees, because you give God a tenth of your mint, rue and all other kinds of garden herbs, but you neglect justice and the love of God. You should have practiced the latter without leaving the former undone."

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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