Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Will Terrorists Bring Ebola Disease, Black Plague Across The U.S. Border ?

Will Terrorists Bring Ebola Disease, Black Plague Across The U.S. Border ?

I'm not an alarmist, or someone who enjoys seeing folks getting all riled up over nothing but I have to tell you, the article I am sharing with you this week should really raise everyone's senses to what is occurring to our nation and what could potentially become a very real disaster here. As we see the thousands of especially children and women come racing across our U.S. Border via Mexico from three nations, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, we see that a high percentage of them are disease ridden. There are reports of children and adults being infected with Chicken Pox, Measles, Scabies, Tuberculosis, as well as also being infested with lice Now I'm not surprised at these reports. I have been on two short-term Christian Missionary trips to Guatemala in the late 1990's. I have seen how poor many are there, especially in the Quiche Region. We were warned by our host missionary hosts while in Guatemala to always, always wash our hands, do not touch our faces and as much as we wanted to hug the children there, do not do it because we could become infected with a disease and or get head lice.

What America is getting streaming across our U.S. Border to the South are human beings who are entering here with the impression that they can get a better life in America. Of course they don't care about being disease ridden or infecting Americans with the diseases they carry, that is not at all their concern. Their concern is to come to America and get what they believe will be “a better life” including “free food, housing,” etc. However, whether their belief system is right or wrong is insignificant in my opinion compared to the dangers these Illegal Immigrant children are facing here in the USA including being forced into sex/human trafficking, drug smuggling/selling and or gang activity. Not only a large risk to these children but equally and just as important is the real and documented danger these children and their family members are to the health of many Americans as well. As I mentioned earlier, there are many of these children that are disease ridden. Yes, most Americans are immunized against some of these diseases but with such diseases as Tuberculosis, the vast majority of Americans are at risk because there is no current effective immunization injection that can be given or ingested to prevent this highly contagious disease. Even if there were such an immunization against T.B., that would still leave many Americans with low resistance to viruses and diseases such as infants and the elderly at high risk anyway.

I believe most of my readers are like me, very compassionate. Compassion however also must be married to common sense, having healthy personal boundaries and self-preservation. As Liberals such as Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and also Libertarians such as Glenn Beck want to take in these children to our nation, on the surface that sounds very loving but in reality, their attitudes are very dangerous(to the children through exposing them to human/sex trafficking, drug dealing and gang activities here in the US) and are also enabling of the very good possibility of killing off millions of legitimate American Citizens while they do their “loving.” If these foolish minded folks want to let these disease ridden Illegal Aliens into our nation and continue in the dispersing of them all throughout our nation, I say that we place about a half-dozen of the virus and disease filled Illegal Aliens in the homes of Beck, Pelosi, Reid and as a matter of fact, let about 100 of the children infected with Tuberculosis live with Obama and his family and see how that all works out for them. That's right, let them all get ill and a taste of what they are doing to the rest of America. Please don't tell me that Obama, Beck and the others aren't informed of these Illegal Aliens being ill. It is after all, Obama and his fellow Government Terrorists telling the medical staff who are screening the women, children and others coming across the U.S. Border illegally, to “Shut Up” about all the diseases these Illegals are carrying. In fact, if the doctors, nurses, other health care providers open their mouths about what's really going on where these Illegal Aliens are being “processed”, our U.S. Government is threatening them with being arrested ! Notice that this last link was copied from Glen Beck's own news group !

The very recent news of many drug cartel gang members entering into the USA illegally as “children” should also raise quite a few eyebrows of Americans. These gang members not only sell and distribute drugs in their home nations, they were also very active in what drug gangs do, that is, kill and murder others. I don't suppose many of my readers have their heads buried under a rock somewhere, but in case there are a few that are doing that sort of thing, there has been a gang war streaming across the Mexican border into America now for many years now, Not only have hundreds of American Citizens been kidnapped and murdered via these Mexican drug cartel gang members here, but thousands and thousands more have also been murdered in Mexico and where these “children” are from as well How are allowing these type of Illegal Aliens here beneficial to the USA ? The answer is, they are not at all beneficial and should not be allowed in the USA under any
circumstance but “lucky us”, we have a terrorist Government allowing disease ridden, gang member, Illegal Aliens into our nation.

You can bet your bottom dollar that all our enemies around the globe are watching Obama and his Government terrorists allowing these disease infested Illegal Aliens invade our nation. We already know that there are plenty of Al Qaeda terrorist members living in Mexico and periodically traveling here across the Mexican border with Mexicans, Guatemalans and others They certainly see and read how already one U.S. Customs Agent working in one of the detention centers housing these Illegal Immigrants has contracted Scabies. How easy would it be for any of our enemies including Al Qaeda to infect those future children and families coming here with the deadly Ebola Disease currently killing thousands in Africa or even the Bubonic Plague that wiped out half or Europe and Asia a thousand years ago? Yes, the Bubonic Plague(“Black Death”) is still around and has even been seen here in America in the past few years

America can stop this spiral of tragedies that are increasingly occurring here. This Illegal Alien issue is not just a social problem we have here in the United States of America. Along with all the many and increasing corruption scandals in our Government as well as the senseless murders and beatings of US Citizens at the hands of cops all across our nation as well as the other issues we suffer here, there is a greater issue at hand ! Indeed, this nation is suffering from the idiotic acts of many Americans turning their backs on God of the Bible and allowing evil to flourish. When I started writing articles in this blog format four years ago, I shared in numerous articles since that time how this nation would only suffer worse and worse issues if many Americans, especially so called “Christians” did not do two things...
1) Repent and 2) Remove Evil from themselves and those around them who refused to repent of evil attitudes and actions. God in the Bible gives all fair warning of suffering negative consequences for either participating in, or ignoring evil. Welcome to the negative consequences for not heeding Biblical warnings to do what is right before God of the Bible. Social programs, money, American patriotism, American “exceptionalism”, electing Republicans nor Fox News Channel can rescue America for all the horrible and negative issues that are occurring to us right now including the thousands of disease infected Illegal Aliens plaguing us. There is only one, that's right, only one correct and proven(over time) answer that will rescue this nation and it's people and I will repeat it once again...Every American needs to 1) Repent of evil, and 2) Remove unrepentant evil. Couple those actions with a Biblical, personal relationship with Jesus Christ of the Bible(no, not a Kirsten Powers, Mitt Romney, Al Sharpton, Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, TD Jakes kind of false jesus), only Jesus of the Bible in each and every American's heart, will begin to see this nation get back on track including securing our borders quickly and properly.

My earnest hope and prayer is that every American follows through with what I just shared from a Biblical point of view. I also hope to see many American Christians go not only on short-term missionary trips to evangelize their neighbors here in the States, but also to foreign nations such as Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and many other poor nations where they too need to know the true love and compassion of of Jesus Christ of the Bible. It begins with you !

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor


  1. I wish every liberal who supports this 'kindness' would have to read and answer this article. Perhaps you don't care if your children or grandchildren die of bubonic plague, but I do.

  2. You are right in all you have said here! Most of us right now feel defeated and we feel there is nothing we can do to change the road the country is now on! I have read the Bible have I remembered all the stories and the names and places no. I do remember the day I asked Jesus into my life and at the very moment I asked him to accept me and be my savior I felt a change in me I felt an overwhelming peace and I knew Jesus was with me and I was thankful knowing I would never walk alone among the evil in the world. Very comforting knowing Jesus who I have shared with friends over time that had never gone to Church or read the Bible. I invited a lady friend who at 30 never read the Bible or attended Church to read of all things the books "Left Behind" to tweak her interest from there she found the Bible and began reading on her own! Most of us have been conditioned into silence about sharing the word of God with others because of the liberal education system imposed upon us through public schools. I suppose I escaped the brainwashing in high school by skipping school more often then attending and when I did go to college I was too independent to believe most of the crap they were dishing out I went with the flow always feeling I knew better but I also knew not to speak out against what they were dishing out if I wanted to succeed in their upside down world. But most do not escape the brainwashing of their liberal educations they just accept it as truth without questioning it's validity. I keep telling myself I know Jesus wants me to do so much more than I have done and this feeling that I have a purpose to fulfill but not knowing exactly how to go about fulling it is with me daily. You see I lost faith in attending churches because of the clicks and the way I felt excluded because even there in the churches I went to there was the same upside down liberal thought which I never felt a part of and I did not want to hurt or offend the ladies already established in the church so I kept silent once again in order to fit in. What a waste of my younger years when I had the energy of 3 people! But I felt it was better to remain silent then to insult or hurt someone else by contradicting them or pointing out what they were saying or doing was not right! Once my son was out of the church school I stopped attending church all together. Not sure how many have experienced the feeling of exclusion from a church or perhaps the feeling of not being good enough or had too many skeletons in the closet and felt unworthy. Boy do we come up with excuses not to do God's will. Shame on me for knowing better and still not doing what I know I need to do. Share the good word everywhere I go! When I was 12 Jesus Freaks were everywhere there was a rebirth of Jesus in the early 70's, if we old folks could plant the seed and water it I do believe we could have another Jesus movement all over the USA! Through song and enjoyable meetings where we could build up the pride of Country and instill the love of Christ.... Would be wonderful to see Jesus Freaks once again walking among us instead of unholy freaks!!! God Bless you Pastor for all you are doing and your good works. I hope one day soon I will find and know I am where God wants me to be!........ OH MY seems I went off track.... I too believe the horror of the invasion of all illegals is a terrible position to find our country in I too would love to help and hug and care for some of them but like you said I have enough common sense to know I am not prepared to take a chance on catching and illness or spreading an illness to my family and friends. Again the overwhelming feeling of emptiness and hopeless that there is nothing I can do to be helpful other then perhaps walk the border with six shooters on my hip and a shot gun bigger then I am to deter more from entering! Lord help us in this hour and find a solution that will benefit all. Gail Onasch