Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Knocking 'Stupid' Out Of The Stupid

Knocking 'Stupid' Out Of The Stupid

Well ahead of writing this week's article, I struggled with the title of this article because at first glance and when thinking of it, The title of this week's article does in fact come across quite harsh. While it is true that I did have sort of a semi-rough week last week when thinking about the title and subject matter, the very thought of just how stupid so many people have become in their attitudes has been proving to be a growing concept for a few years now and not just because I had a tough week. The more and more I thought about the title '”Knocking 'Stupid' Out Of The Stupid” the more I seen clear evidence of what people were doing in the way of harming themselves and others. So, I just couldn't see why I should need to change the title what-so-ever. I mean, right up until I sat down to write this thing, there was a barrage and a whole lot of “stupid” going on all around me. Seriously, I'm not trying to throw down a total rant here, that is not my purpose in writing articles here at all. In fact, my purpose has always been to shed light on bad situations and how we as a people, with God's help can make things right in our community and world again. This week however, things are a bit different, I firmly believe there are people here in America and indeed, also from around the world that just need a firm slap up-side their head whether in a spiritual sense or other, so that they wake the heck up from their stupid acts in either of self-destruction or in harming others as well !

Addressing “stupid” and as is always the case, the largest problem are those so called “Christians”...I see a large number and increase of folks still calling themselves “Christians” in this nation while at the same time doing “stupid” things like putting people like Glen Beck and others above Jesus Christ and the Bible. Let me ask can anyone put up a Facebook or any other social website group with “Christian” in the group's title and say that you love Glen Beck or anyone else more ? Well, C.t Stewart feels that way. He's not alone, just today while opposing a measure to give homosexuals, lesbians and “transgender's” extra rights and protection in the Hillsborough, Florida Commissioners meeting, I publicly heard several men calling themselves “pastors” supporting the measure(I opposed on Biblical grounds) as did also a self described “Deacon in a Baptist church” support the measure, who just happened to also to be one of the County Commissioners as well. Many of you are aware of what the Bible declares, but for my readers who may not be so Biblically inclined, the Bible declares that “teachers” and others will be held by God to a greater judgment than those who are not. There is no doubt according to the Bible these so called “Christians” and “teachers”(deacons, pastors, etc) are in for a big and rude awakening when Judgment Day comes for them. That being said, I am not so much concerned for the “stupid” they are declaring, but instead, I am extremely concerned for the hundreds and thousands that these supposed “pastors” and “deacons”are dragging to hell with them all because of their so called (unbiblical)”Christian beliefs” endorsing homosexuality and other matters the Bible specifically calls sin. Now if there was ever a reason to knock “stupid” out of someone, I can't think of a better person than fake(apostates) “Christians” to get that spiritual knock up-side their head or backside, wherever it is they have their brains so that they come back or to their God given senses.

Perhaps a relative of these so called unbiblical “Christians” are the Obamaites. Indeed, after four pain staking years and torment under the Obama Regime tearing up this nation, these same Obamaites again voted for Obama in 2012 and also the same kind of wicked politicians(Democrat and Republican both) much like him all got re-elected. How much “stupid” is in a person to not only vote for Obama once, but twice ?!?!? I want to make it clear, there's almost as many stupid Republicans as there are Democrats. We keep seeing “stupid” people voting in those same RINO “Republicans” over, and over, and over again as well. As I watch on the TV News some of the African-Americans from Obama's home town of Chicago complain about their freebies disappearing and instead being given to Illegal Aliens flooding across our national
borders, I have to laugh. I'm laughing because there is no common sense, no ever getting healthy or wanting to improve, when one's situation is full of “stupid.” Of course with Obama and other politicians happy in keeping folks in the “stupid mode” by giving them taxpayer funded “free” items like “Obamaphones”, those “stupid” folks who voted for Obama, just keep getting burned over, and over, and over again. In Chicago as a matter fact, crime including murders rates are up. So is the African-American unemployment rate as it is all across the USA. Yep, “free” ain't so free is it ? That's “stupid” for you though. How do you slap “stupid” out of people who keep voting for and putting career criminals into political offices ?

Honestly, what it's going to take to get “stupid” out of people ? Many especially Americans walk around as if there are no negative consequences for bad behaviour. Do they feel that way because many Americans have already allowed evil folks such as Obama, much of Congress, lawyers, the Judiciary and cops to go unpunished for their crimes against us all ? Whoa ! I have news for folks who feel just that way ! Just because you or someone else get's away with wickedness doesn't make it OK with God or with anyone else here on Planet Earth. Whose toes you are allowing to be stepped on, or are yourself stepping on when you act out against the rest of us or more importantly God Himself ? No one ? Think again ! There comes a point when even God of the Bible who is said to be “long suffering”(patient) also has limit of allowing “stupid” as well. Don't believe me ? Just check out what occurred to Ancient Israel and Judah when they got “stupid” and refused to change course from their evil and wicked ways. Perhaps you don't like reading the Old Testament, that's OK, because Jesus had his times of yelling at “stupid” folks and shouting “Repent or perish” at them. Don't forget that Jesus also told off the rebellious religious leaders of His time as well.... no “stupidity” was left unchecked by Jesus. Oh ya, this one as well...Jesus also had that turning over tables and hitting people with a whip thing going on as well. Ya, “stupid” people, what do you do with them ?

It's quite evident to me and some other devout Biblical Christians that I know who see the Biblical times in which we live. We all agree that there's a lot of “stupid” going on. Far be it from any of us from getting in the way of either God's wrath or enabling “stupid” people's behaviours either. Our problem is that for the vast majority of folks that suffer from having “stupid” thoughts of opposing God and the Founding Fathers' concepts and Biblical ideologies, don't really have a earnest desire to give up being “stupid.” Why is that you ask ? Well, for the simple reason I have repeated throughout this article already... There hasn't yet been enough “negative consequences” for doing what people want to without even taking a nanosecond of thought that what they are doing is “stupid.” They haven't had it knocked into their thinking yet that acting out their “stupidity” is adding and heaping curses not only upon themselves but everyone all around them including you and I. Yes indeed, negative consequences for “stupid” people doing “stupid” things against God.

This week's article has been short and well, not to “sweet” for some of you. It's been specifically designed that the point. Our nation is dying, our world is also dying all around us as well. The world is imploding and all of us have a stake in what happens or does not happen here. Please don't take anything I have written here lightly. I mean every word I have written here(and in all other previous articles I have written). I highly suggest to everyone reading this article to do a self-test and see if there is any “stupidity” that is in need of (repentance and)removal. If not, great, then I suggest for you to go find someone who does fit the description and criteria here of “stupid” and have a firm talk with them about the negative “consequences” for continuance of acting “stupidly.” After your heart to heart talk with them, and If they happen to come to their senses, you've won a small battle against the war of “stupidity”, congratulations, now on to the next case of '”stupid.” Don't worry, there's plenty to help out there, so you won't have to travel very far to find them.

Proverbs 12:1 “Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates reproof is stupid.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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