Saturday, March 24, 2012

“ America The Possible..... “

“ America The Possible..... “

I was born in the united States of America and have lived here most of my life. My heart belongs here and although the Philippines which is my adopted home has become a close second also in my heart, I am a blessed man in saying that during my childhood, I grew up in the greatest nation on earth and arguably, the greatest nation ever to exist. Something terribly bad and wrong has occurred to my home nation however since the time as a youth. People's hearts, minds, and attitudes have obviously gone the way of selfishness, hatred, greediness, covetousness, and many Americans have sold their souls for cheap plastic, metal or wood and or a little fame. America, once the greatest Christian missionary sending nation in the world, now has a growing Muslim population. Many of the converts to Islam in the USA, were once Christians and also who at least in part, knew Biblical truth but rejected truth for a religion that promotes death and destruction.

What has occurred to my America since I was a child ? I made a few general observations about that subject in my last paragraph but, that is such a broad question and I suppose I could literally write a book on that very subject, but I will state here the largest problem in America is our turning our back on God. When I look at America, I see so many people suffering needlessly. I see so many people in hurt, pain and In trouble but need not to be. I look around at our once great nation where families and whole communities that had at one time in the past, pulled together but today, are deeply divided and separated by hatred for one another. I see where after Martin Luther King had promoted to see no more division between people of skin color and race, in many parts of our nation, there has become a even larger issues than ever before. Matters such as race has not become on a scale some would like us to believe as getting better, they have actually become much worse. The sad fact is that the heart of many Americans have grown cold towards one another as well as God since MLK's death. I feel so sad when I look around me and I see so many Americans who have the potential for greatness but because of the condition of their hearts, they live in physical, emotional and spiritual poverty. I see millions of Americans with so much potential for greatness for good and God given intelligence. These are the same people that God has designed to be our nations leaders and even to influence kings and leaders of other nations but again, because of the condition of the hearts of many Americans, The people whom God has given vast talents and intelligence to, will not reach their potential and thus, all America suffers.

America by God's design was meant to be a great nation. If we simply take the time to honestly look at our nations birth and history; “freedom” was realized but with the cost of “sacrifice.” A man's own Sacrifice of blood, sweat and tears to see God honored in his life was not uncommon in 1776 and it was also extremely rare to find a man, woman or child that did not believe in the God of the Bible and the Bible being taught as well as being used in nearly every home in our nation. God took and used the heart of men who loved Him and helped to build a nation not only of prosperity but of influence around the world. Earlier in this article, I mentioned about “Christian Missionaries.” Third world nations now send Christian Missionaries to our nation as to teach Americans about Christianity and attempt to convert many Americans from their evil beliefs in Atheism, Paganism, New Age, Oprahism, feminism, Hinduism and all sorts of other religious beliefs to instead become Biblical Christians. I think it's wonderful that other nations in which we shared the true Gospel of Jesus Christ in the past are now here in our own nation teaching us right from wrong. Only a prideful person would reject their help of wanting Jesus Christ in ever heart and in every home across America. In my heart of hearts, I hope that God sends more of these foreign Christian Missionaries to our land to help more Americans come to know Jesus Christ and also that more Americans can come to know their own vast potential in and through Him. I know what America can and has the potential to be !

I want and long to see America prosperous again ! I want to see every family blessed with their own house, their own car, a savings account with money in it ! I would like to see more Americans paying off their bills not only on time, but early as well. I long in my heart to see families pulling together in loving and helping one another once again rather than with what we currently see today and that is strife and division. Jobs and the economy are being touted as high priority in this years election cycle as well as they should be. Yes indeed, they certainly are however financial blessings and employment are indeed spoke of in the Christian Bible also. Blessings of employment and financial prosperity come not from crooked and lying politicians and and or a government which openly speaks of jailing you or killing you off. No, job creation, personal and corporate wealth are created by a relationship with (Biblical) God(Not the “prosperity gospel either !). Yes, it really is that simple. Communists, Feminists, Atheists and Socialists are run out of every nation that adhere to God's Word because in the heart of the people who seek God, they know and understand it would be utter foolishness to throw their blessings and prosperity away by listening or following such foolish people like that.

What is stopping America from being great again ? What is keeping America from prospering in wealth, health and in every blessing ? The answer is; It's only our hearts. Rejection of evil and repentance to Jesus Christ of the Bible for our selfishness and foolishness is key. Realization that a man and or a woman cannot rescue us is also key. No Muslim President, nor any possible Mormon man nor any person who does not follow the Bible in his life can help lead our country from our current woes. Don't listen to the lying, cheating politicians and our corrupted American Federal and it's State's Governments. They only have their self serving and wicked, evil agenda in mind. America's future will not be fixed upon more lies and propaganda of politicians. If you allow these people to remain in power, they will only drag America further down the pit of Hell.

Repentance of every American towards God for the rejection of His Word cannot come quick enough in order to restore and rescue our once great nation. Without every American repenting for either contributing to and or allowing evil to flourish in our nation, the united States of America will eventually cease to exist(more sooner than later). I wish to reiterate one last time here; no human being through the work of their hands or mind can rescue this nation. The only rescue that will occur of this nation will come at the hand of Jesus Christ Himself when American's humble themselves while on knee and in tears of true repentance for all the wickedness we have been involved in and or allowed.

America has been prophesied by some over the years by some to have one last great revival. I do not see the hearts of the vast majority of Americans ready for that(yet). The return of America to her once powerful great, and prosperous position will not be made by the devises of man's hands alone. No, we will see our nation blessed only when our hearts are ready to put Jesus Christ as not only King of our nation, but in our hearts once again. It's our choice.

Let us see what your reaction is and what you do from here America.

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe regiment Pastor

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  1. Thank you and continue to speak the truth for the truth shall make us free!