Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I'm Glad Gov. Rick Perry Was Indicted On Criminal Charges

I'm Glad Gov. Rick Perry Was Indicted On Criminal Charges

Why would I say such a statement against a man who is to me anyway, appears to be innocent of any wrong doing ? Well, if I had a chance to speak to Governor Rick Perry of Texas myself, I would tell him, “Governor, welcome to my world and the world of millions of other Americans abused by the legal and criminal justice system here in America.” Indeed, what I would tell him if I had that chance is true and many of you are already well acquainted with the fact that I was threatened to be murdered by a City of Batavia, NY cop via an Illegal Alien also living in Batavia, NY and the corrupted judges and lawyers, the Genesee County, NY District Attorney Lawrence Friedman and a few others along with her, all love to siphon your hard earned tax dollars for wrongful prosecution and who also willfully as well as purposely engage in Christian persecution throughout our once beloved nation.

Once again, as far as many Americans are concerned, “District Attorney's”, law enforcement, judges, lawyers, abusing their power, Governor Perry being abused by that “power” is certainly not unusual  throughout the USA. There have been many Americans who have been wrongly arrested, harassed, abused, beaten and killed by cops and their “bosses” the lawyers, judges and others like Child Protective Services, and Domestic Violence Programs that gives Billions of your hard earned dollars to what can only be described as criminal acts with full knowledge of Government agents. Governor Perry cut off funding to a District Attorney's Office in Texas where there was obvious corruption and hypocrisy as to where the law is applied and Mr. Perry got caught up in a corrupt District Attorney's politically motivated and retaliatory act. To me anyway, Governor Perry did the right thing by addressing the corruption in Travis County, Texas but the entire story as far as thousands of Texans are concerned,  what occurred there is "business as usual." All you have to do is ask Mr. Randy Kelton, from Cherokee County, Texas if Governor Perry is getting what he deserves. Thousands and thousands of Texans for many years have suffered under the corrupted hands of District Attorneys, judges, cops, CPS, Domestic Violence Program workers and others in Texas and Rick Perry has been very silent on the massive(Check out his radio program and you can hear the horror stories yourself
corruption and abuse of power of those corrupted Government Court officials there for years. Like I shared  earlier, If you don't believe me, just ask Randy Kelton himself... he will certainly tell you. Publicly at that !

Probably one of the best things that could help folks like you and me who have been violated via corrupted courts, is to have a major political figure such as Governor Perry who is also probably running for President of the United States in 2016, now to have what appears to have been falsely accused and indicted of a crime he did not commit. Calling a larger attention to how corrupted courts, cops, lawyers, CPS Agents, Domestic Violence Program workers, Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammers and others like them is very helpful. I call what the District Attorney of Travis County, Texas Rosemary Lehmberg has done to Rick Perry, nothing short of illegal and wrong. That said, the “story” so to speak about Governor Perry's Indictment for a Felony criminal act should not remain nor die with Rick Perry alone. I mean, Rick Perry is rich financially compared to most Americans. Not only can he afford to pay for some great attorney's to defend him in the criminal charges against him, but more than likely, unlike you and I, Gov. Perry will not be paying one penny for his attorneys. Nope, the Texas tax payers will be footing the bill for the lawyers to defend Mr. Perry. I have no money for attorneys to defend me, do you ? I was also falsely arrested by Genesee County, NY DA Lawrence Friedman in 2008 and by the grace of God alone, 6 judges(self recused) later and 5 courts later, the charges against me went to a pre-trial hearing and both charges(failure to pay child support and failure to obey a State Supreme Court Order) were both dismissed against me. Like many Americans bullied by corrupted court officials, the judge that pressed the issue of having me arrested, “Judge” Robert Noonan sent from his court to this criminal court where I was charged, an unmarked yellow envelope, without any identifying documents why, where from these documents were from. Judge Noonan(who also set my child support payment to 120% of my unemployment benefits) sent that envelope with documents trying to smear me so as to to manipulate the outcome of the charges against me but again, by the grace of God, the judge in my case while being recorded on court audio, revealed that letter sent from Judge Noonan and asked my court appointed attorney and the Assistant DA in the case what they knew about the envelope and it's documents as well as why it was sent ?. Of course, the Assistant DA played dumb and denied knowing anything. My point ? It's not about me either, but what occurred to Governor Perry and me happens all day long, to many, many Americans, every day !

I have mentioned more than several times now throughout this article in a hope to drive this message home--- "there are millions of Americans that have been 'screwed' like Governor Perry via corrupted District Attorneys and other court officials including cops." I am emboldened to declare that statement because I alone have met and or spoken with, been in communication with thousands of Americans “screwed” and have myself also  heard their stories much like my own. Stating as such, what is the answer to the dilemma of corruption in our Government ? It's the same answer I have been communicating through this weekly blog for over four years now... It is each of us that remain and have the need to accept Jesus of the Bible as our Lord and Saviour. Next and soon after, we all then need to remove unrepentant evil, especially those who hold power over us. It is sad that many Americans wallow in their pig poop complaining only or perhaps praying only, when God's Word plainly declares for His people to remove the unrepentant evil from among us all. The longer you wait to remove evil and as most of you can hopefully, plainly see, the larger and more powerful evil will grow. Use whatever force is necessary to remove unrepentant evil. Don't wait until the no-knock corrupt cops bust down your doors and either kill you, your family or put you in jail for some bogus
“criminal” charges. If you wait until those things happen, you will be to late... you will find like I and millions of other Americans you will lose everything to simply pay for the many corrupted also lawyers to defend you and or you will remain in jail for a false criminal charge for a very long time also. And jury a trial you ask? Ha ! You will have people who voted for Obama, twice on your jury to decide if you are guilty or not guilty. Are you really willing to take that chance ? It's not rocket science... unrepentant evil must be removed, period. Governor Perry, I hope you are awake to fact that you also have looked the other way from those who have plead from you justice but because you have ignored them, God is now dealing with you. "Repent or perish."~ Jesus.

Ezra 10:4 " Arise! For this matter is your responsibility, but we will be with you; be courageous and act."

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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