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Jan. 2014, Washington DC Outreach For Evangelism And Justice

Jan. 2014, Washington DC Outreach For Evangelism And Justice

As I shared in my blog article dated September 13, 2013, I shared that eventually, I would make ( my first evangelism trip to Washington DC. I in fact made that trip on January 27th and January 28th of this year(2014). My purpose in traveling to DC,was three-fold. One, was to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with as many in the Congress and their staff as possible. Reason two, was to advocate for the release of Pastor's Bae from a N. Korean Prison, Pastor Abedini from an Iranian Prison. Reason Number three, was to address other important justice and Christian persecution issues here in the USA, including many of you, my faithful readers and as well my own family and myself being persecuted here in the USA for our Christian faith

While in Washington, DC, I was able to hand out a couple hundred salvation tracts, speak with numerous Congressional staff members, most of whom were cordial, not very receptive, but cordial none-the-less. The only hostile Congressional Staff member I encountered was from Senator Charles Schumer's Office. I was not at all surprised nor taken aback with their response as I have had these sort of negative and adversarial attacks upon me with his “people” during previous discussions as well. In fact, I can attest to, that Senator Schumer himself hates Christians, hates Conservatives and could care less about Pastor Bae or Pastor Abedini both or any other Christian rotting in foreign prisons for their religious faith as well. As much as I explained that “as a Christian, I love(d) Jews, Muslims and Hindu's also”, I was verbally rejected anyway.
I was able to catch-up with Congressman Charlie Rangel by one of the staff elevators. I was not only able to introduce myself to him, he willingly accepted one of my salvation tracts. He surprised me by asking me to pray for Congress and as a matter of fact shared to me that “Congress needs your prayers right now, Congress is a mess.” Perhaps Congressman Rangel was genuine in his request, I'm not sure. I will tell you this however, that it was Congressman Rangel who invited Pastor Bae's wife to sit in the special visitor gallery during President Obama's State of the Union address later that day. I am sure that Mr. Obama was none to pleased to see her there as he spoke, and was equally a thorn to him as he gave his address as well. I do believe God appeared to touch some very hard hearts while I was there in DC including Congressman Rangel. Praise the Lord for it.

I cannot tell you how much of a real privilege it was for me go to many Congressional Offices, speaking with staff on behalf of not only Pastor Bae and Pastor Abedini, but for advocating for all of you as well. I was so blessed to have several great American's donate money so I could go on this missionary trip to Washington DC. I cannot tell you also how much I am so looking forward to my next trip to DC to do the same kind of work for all American's once again. It is my earnest hope and prayer as I pointed out earlier in my New Ministry Announcement” article, that I wish to eventually move permanently to Washington DC, advocating for Godly and Biblical principles as well for all of you in a full time position. In fact, it is my earnest desire to have some of you come along side me on my next missionary trip there, hopefully soon until I can move to DC.

As I hear of a rumor that there is a retired US Military General requesting folks to come to DC on May 16, 2014, I am not sure if that will materialize, or even help or not. If God of the Bible is in it, then for sure I believe the Lord will do something on our behalf. If it is in fact of God, perhaps I will attend as well. We will see what the Lord does. I will say this however, I know many Americans are complaining and not doing much of anything in regards to action to getting our nation back. Complaining makes people feel good, get's frustrations off our chest as they say, but in reality, doesn't do much to resolve the core and root problems of getting matters fixed. It is my resolve to get to DC more and more and help our nation get back on track. This means with God's help coupled with your help, we can get this done. It's all up to you however if you're going to get involved.

I'm going to keep pressing forward in the Lord. Many of you who believe in God of the Bible cannot go on a missionary trip to DC no less move there as what I wish to do. If that is you I am speaking of, there are ways for you to still help get our nation back. One such way is to help me get to DC and stay there to keep the pressure on Congress, their staff and others. I can tell you that DC is a mess ! There are many, many political and other lobbyists there who do not have most of what's good for America(that's you and I) in their mind. These lobbyists are literally buying up votes in Congress and leaving you, the common American Citizen, “screwed” and without recourse. You however have a chance to have a voice there via proxy and I am willing to go to DC and work hard for a Godly and Biblical voice. As I shared however, it's all up to God and His people. I don't ever manipulate.

God raises-up His people to do His bidding all at the correct time, it's our responsibility to respond correctly to that call of God when He calls us forward. For me, I still remember “Judge” Tracey Bannister in Genesee County, NY with her corrupted fellow “Judge” Robert Noonan, attorney's Julie Falvey and Donna Haslinger along with an Illegal Alien named Jennie Basal that employed a City of Batavia, NY cop to threaten to murder me. I also remember quite well also when “Judge” Bannister told me during a court hearing that I was “not allowed to be with (my) children because of (my) Biblical Christian beliefs.” At that point, I had a choice to make, as all of you also may have a decision to make. Like you, I had and you maybe have now, either lay down, wither-away and just complain about our situation, or make the decision I made, which was to rise up and fight back.

I'm pressing forward. I do hope you will also press forward to help our entire nation, not just yourself as well. Many of our nation's Government is ill and in need to Jesus Christ as the repair. I'm in.
Are you all in ?

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

Isaiah 50:4 “The Lord God hath given Me the tongue of the learned, that I should know how to speak a word in season to him that is weary. He wakeneth morning by morning; He wakeneth Mine ear to hear as the learned.”

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