Friday, February 21, 2014

Be This Guy !

Be This Guy !

How simple of a statement can it be ? Can I be any more direct when it come to stating what needs to be done when confronting unrepentant evil ? While millions of Americans including millions more of “christian” Americans walk around with their heads stuck so far up inside their clouds, they wouldn't do a thing no matter how much “education” about the reality of evil you forced on them. It's the way people are these days. Simply put, those of us with the good sense that God gave us, need to grab the devil and his minions by the horns, and toss them to the ground and arrest them all in Jesus name. Not the devil or any of his advocates should ever again be allowed to be let free. Not a one.

I asked in a previous article written some months ago and very few answered it, Why so few comments in response(good or bad) to the question I asked ? The answer is simple, the majority of Americans don't want to be bothered with evil action unless it personally impacts them. Here's that same question, see what you think...
If you were out on a walk by yourself and you came across a person being raped by 2 others, would you.....
    a) Pray only.
    b) Pray then call 911.
    c) Call 911 only.
    e) Jump in and physically help rescue the person being raped, praying then call 911.
    f) Do nothing because your to busy or don't want to get involved
    g) Call your pastor and ask him what to do?”
Oh, don't get me wrong, there's plenty of Americans who like to piss, moan and groan, but beyond that when evil shows it's ugly face, many Americans just close their eyes and cover their ears. Americans haven't figured out that their lack of courage and righteous anger is absolutely needed in order to remove evil. By Americans by and large not engaging in their duty to remove evil, it has actually allowed only one thing, and that is to allow evil to become pervasive in every segment of society and to push even harder in forcing everyone to become evil just like them as well.

If you haven't heard, evil government and evil “law enforcement” owns your children. Oh yes they do ! You can be in denial all you want. Anyone who's been through a divorce, sent or sending their children to public schools, etc will acknowledge this to be true. Because there has been virtually no push back from Christians and morally good Americans, evil is in fact very open about owning your children. Your children can be “legally “ snatched for any reason the Government chooses and “law enforcement” will always follow the Governments orders to do it's evil bidding. I recently came across this article, I suggest you read it just in case you are in the “I didn’t know that” crowd... Perhaps you are one of those very lost souls as well that I mentioned earlier that truly believes “it won't ever happen to me or my children.” You better take a real long and hard look all about you, yes, it is not only possible to have your children stolen and family destroyed, it is most probable will indeed occur to you and your family. If it happened to the Pelletier Family in Boston, Massachusetts unsuspectingly, then why not to you ???

As Evil pushes harder and harder, our Government is allowing that same evil to do whatever it pleases and whenever it wants. Politicians will tell you, especially the ones in Washington DC, they love to stay in power and whatever will keep them in office, they will follow that agenda. If evil is the pervasive attitude of people they represent, then evil will be the agenda of the politician in power as well. Folks, this isn't rocket science here. It was Edmund Bourke who coined the phrase nearly 300 years ago, “ All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. “ How many times does one have to hear that phrase over, and over and over again before it sinks in that more good people will be destroyed from our Government and their terroristic “law enforcement” agents, until folks finally stand up and fight back ? I can't answer that question. I do know this however for me, I have had my children illegally stolen from me from corrupted judges, lawyers, and a Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammer who also had a City of Batavia, NY Cop threaten to murder me( Will I ever give up on fighting for justice. Nope !, Never. I will fight the good fight of faith. I will push back against evil as hard as I can. In fact, I know I am not alone when I have traveled to Washington DC (three times now) to demand justice for me and other persecuted American Christians who are also suffering. God is with me, I'm never alone. God of the Bible loves justice, as a matter of fact, God demands justice and calls His people to expose and remove injustice and inequity everywhere. I'm doing God's bidding. I don't know about you, but for me, I'm going to get justice in Jesus name. I'll pray for my enemies, but prayer is only part of the answer to getting justice. One must also take righteous action as well. James 2:17-20.

Sometimes people get upset with me about mentioning “law enforcement” being corrupted and evil. I am told periodically that “there are some good cops out there.” My response often to those who make such statements to me is this; “if there were good cops, why aren't they arresting the bad ones??” That should make you more then think. My response should actually get you motivated in doing something to fight back against evil including corrupted “law enforcement.” Will you ? As I mentioned earlier, I was threatened to be murdered by a City of Batavia, NY cop. I will never allow myself to be arrested or harassed by “law enforcement” ever again. I'm not looking for trouble, I'm looking for justice and you should be as well. Know this, the only way you can put a bully and or a terrorist in their proper place is to fight back. I will not worry about winning a law suit if I get beaten by a cop. After all, there's no guarantee I will survive such a beating or being shot by a “law enforcement officer.” Don't know about those who also say “ justice is coming, people are waking up”, I'll tell you, your too late. Sorry, I can't help you if your not already fighting back. If the extent of your “fighting back “ is only watching your big screen TV, drinking your beer and whining, pissing and complaining, I'm not helping you either.

America has a lengthy history of fighting against evil. No longer are we doing as we have though in the past. America along with her allies removed the likes of Mussolini, Hitler and the Imperial Japanese Army during WW II. In fact, we so loved our allies and showed them our kindness, it was when the Japanese Army was killing American Soldiers(after Gen. MacArthur fled the Philippines abandoning thousands of American soldiers, sailors and Marines), many brave Filipino's returned our fruit of kindness and hid thousands of those American Servicemen and civilians throughout the war so they would no be captured by the Japanese. In Europe the US Military was instrumental in freeing many Jews that were in death camps sprawled out throughout Europe. I could give many more examples of America's engagement historically of doing good and fighting against evil. We know what it is already to fight back against evil right ?. We know right from wrong correct ?, or do we ? If we know what is right, then why aren't many Americans doing what is right and fighting back against evil as they are supposed to know or already be aware?

Yes, to some I suppose reading this article, I sound harsh here. To the uneducated and the apathetic I am sure I do. To the real and true Godly folks however, they are with me, understand me fully and also like me, are not only prepared(even at 3am) for removing evil, we are active in removing and engaged in removing evil at all times as well. Are you ? If not, “Be That Guy !”

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor


  1. Hello,this is Pastor St.Onge...My choice would be E, without a doubt..I know exactly what you are talking about... God is so tired of sit on the sidelines Christians...So many have been brainwashed to accept the evil, what do they call it, oh yeah, Tolerance... So many others that call themselves "Christian" are no more Christian then so many others.. There have been to many lies for far to long... Myself, I will not be very popular and I am not here for that.. I will stand on every word of God.. not just the fluff and prosperity stuff.. I sy all in love and of course still accused of hating.. Oh well, I will serve Jesus for His glory and to save the souls of the lost, that want to be saved... God bless you and thank you .. we need more honest Pastors and preachers.. we are stretched pretty thin...