Saturday, February 8, 2014

Grab A Piece Of Leadership Pie !

Grab A Piece Of Leadership Pie !

Leaders are supposed to lead by example. We have a lack of good, moral and Biblically-Godly leaders here in America. Pardon my being a bit crude here but, there is way to much whining, pissing and complaining going on in this country and not enough righteous action. What's worse, there are more and more what I term as “pretend patriots” crawling out from the wood-work that have no real intention of getting involved helping this nation back to Jesus of the Bible or to the US Constitution. I'm finding more and more folks on social media website with their “selfie” picture portraits hold some sort of weapon pretending that they will some how use it if confronted by ungodly terrorists, foreign or domestic. The Bible declares you shall know folks by their “fruit.” That is, by not only their word(or “selfies”), but by their actions as well. I've asked many times over since my returning once again from Washington DC for others to please write follow-up letters, send an e-mail message or make a phone call to help out this country, and I can't hardly get anyone to do those things( Now, do you really think if folks won't even take ten minutes to write a letter or make a phone call that they are going to actually pull that trigger when trouble comes knocking at their door at 3 AM ? I highly doubt it !

It's about time those who are fond of speaking or attending “Second Amendment”, “Tea Party” and other forms of rally's and protesting in safety start taking real action as well. What do I mean by “taking real action”? I mean by actually going up to evil minded folks, getting in their face and confronting them for their ungodly and unconstitutional, corrupted and illegal actions. There's no other way to handle the mess we have on our hands in this nation. “Grabbing a piece of leadership pie” means that you(yes you) be that person with God's help and has also the courage to gather with others to make real and substantive change and difference. Look, if evil groups such as La Raza, the Muslim Brotherhood, the New black Panthers, corrupted judges, lawyers and cops can take ungodly and evil action, why can't you take a stand for Godly principles ??? Folks have to stop being afraid and having the piss poor attitude of “let the other guy do it and let's see what happens to him first, if he's OK, I'll get involved.” I cannot say it any clearer than this, if you are tired of evil triumphing, then you have to take on the responsibility for change by you, yourself grabbing a piece of leadership pie. If everyone just sits around in this country(as many have been doing) and just throw empty beer cans at their big screen TV whenever there is more news about your Constitutional Rights being taken away, nothing will ever change. Ernie Larsen said it right when he said “nothing changes, if nothing changes.”

Where real leadership is supposed to be bred and raised, that is the Biblical Church, there is little to none, Instead, we see especially see that men in the Church have become weak kneed weenies and Femen just like the world has. I was shocked to find out recently that a well known as a false teacher and documented false gospel preacher in Tampa, Florida named Rodney Howard Browne is engaged in Constitutional
matters. He is pretending to be an advocate of America Second Amendment Rights sucking more ignorant folks into his web of false gospel deceptions. It make me more than sad, it makes me down right angry to see this occurring. Jesus warned the Apostles and all of us of wolves like this that would rise among us. Sadly, Browne will most likely succeed in having his rally at his “church” because so many Americans have become fat, apathetic and lazy and not knowing the Christian Bible and also not taking a piece of the leadership pie themselves. This all to allow a faker, a wolf, an imitation of God's best, to suck in countless many to their destructive end. That's right, God does not honor those or those things that the devil put's in place. If you are one of those being sucked in by Rodney Howard Browne or any other what the Bible calls as a “wolf”, then “buyer beware.”

I believe God has called many men to take on a leadership role to see Jesus of the Bible glorified and this nation rescued from it's own evil self but sadly, many of these men told God “No, I won't do it !” Instead, God continues to raise Godly women in this nation to take on the evil that confronts us as a nation. Men, if you are saying “That's fine, let the women do it”, then you are an ignorant fool. God is raising women in leadership roles as a shame to you ! All men are called by God to take on leadership roles. It is our responses to God that determines the fate of our family, community, nation. and world and that dictates our final results/outcome. There are no more excuses before God to either wait, procrastinate to or even turn over our God given responsibilities to others. Action must be taken now. You must grab a piece of the leadership pie now. 

My friends, there is no where in the world you can run and hide when the poop hits the fan and the world collapses because those who were supposed to lead, failed to do so. I don't care how many times fake “patriots” tell you you will safe in Canada or somewhere else. I love Canada, it has some very nice people but many there are a very liberal minded people and if the USA goes down the tubes, Canada will soon fall under the demonic reigns of Socialism as well. Here are your choices, you can either take up the mantle of Godly leadership coupled with real and tangible action, or you can keep doing what you've been doing that is, “whining, pissing and complaining.” The choice is yours. It is not only your family counting on you to rescue them, but many in our nation are also waiting for you to have the courage and the fortitude to stand tall among the weak and do the things God has called you to do !

Be a Godly man ! Grab a piece of leadership pie today !

Isaiah 6:8 “Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, 'Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?' Then I said, 'Here am I. Send me!'

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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  1. You are spot on Pastor Paul, I will do what ever I can to be all I can in the name of Jesus.