Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Ministry Announcement

New Ministry Announcement

New Ministry Announcement...

As some of you have been so good in the way of patience waiting for this, my new announcement, I want to take time to thank each and everyone of you for doing so. As many of you reading this message already know, God's timing in everything is indeed important. I would never wish to get ahead of God nor ever to be late according to His will.

With that said being said, let me share this and probably all that you are already also aware.... America is in big, big trouble.

God has been laying on my heart many things and of course it involves the continued fight for my children, getting justice from the death threat against me from the City of Batavia police officer as well as that death threat being via judges, lawyers and an Illegal Alien/Foreign Immigration marriage Scammer. Beyond those issues however, it is also the spiritual condition of our nation as well as the many problems that many of you have either shared with me or asked me to help you with, that also greatly concerns me.

As I continue on a very limited basis in my ability to act as Director of Global Family Outreach Ministry, Because of the fore mentioned issues via criminal actions against me and my children, I have and have had the inability to be gainfully employed since 2008. So my time has been more free than what I actually wish to have. Trying to use my time wisely unto the Lord, I continue on my quest and wish to get justice and have been working hard to do that but those who in our Government who hate justice, hate Christians and probably hate you as well. Sadly, those in charge to help us in our Federal Government especially, have decided many times over, not to help us. It is plain to see that those who refuse to do their God given duty to help us but not doing so is an issue much larger than what I and or you can handle alone. Therefore, I have decided with the Lord's guidance...

  1. That especially Washington DC, the politicians, lobbyists, those workers there all need Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
  2. That without Jesus Christ back at the head of this nation, this nation is finished, done, no more.
  3. That DC needs Christian Missionaries, not Lobbyists.
  4. That those who need suffer need God's help... a messenger of God's ways, His Word to declare to those in Washington DC just what God wants, what he expects and how ignoring God's Word only brings judgment and harm to our nation.

With that being said, American Citizens need help and God's guidance too. At my latest speaking engagement at the Million Christian Patriot March in Washington, DC on 9/11/2013, I heard for the umpteenth time a similar message I have heard from other Americans all around the USA... who said, to me....“I live in Nebraska and it's hard to find a good Bible based church these days.”

I wish to put up a web page dedicated to getting our nation back with weekly blog articles and video messages from me until enough money can be raised to video messages with church worship/messages so that those who don't have or can't find a Bible based church can have some sort of spiritual feeding and help. On this web page I will also start with announcements of Christian missionary trips to DC periodically where I will share the Gospel, Christian concerns and the message of the Bible to all in DC... politicians, lobbyists, government workers, contractors, businesses, etc. I will do this until I have enough financial help to move closer and live near Washington DC so I may spend more time there sharing God's Word, His ways with those who are in influence and need of salvation through Jesus Christ there. Once again, I will invite Christian pastors/Christians to join with me.

I understand that there are a few so called “Christian” lobby groups and “ministries” there in DC. Quite frankly and by the evidence of what we see in these days in DC's actions, these lobbyists and ministries have failed us and all Americans miserably. I have found long ago, you can never compromise with the devil and when the devil raises his ugly head, you cannot play “nice-nice” with him nor his minions. My main goal is to share Jesus Christ and carry a message of blessings for following for God's Word or judgment and destruction of this nation if God' as the Bible declares, if His Word is not followed.

Perhaps you are a person who can relate to all what I'm sharing here. You are the person I'm speaking to right now. God is laying on your heart that we need change in DC, back to the Jesus way. We need Jesus back in our land, our churches, in our families and our communities. I am willing to organize a ministry and to take the lead. Others of course are welcome to join me, especially true Bible believing pastors and Christians alike. I am willing to preach, guest preach, speak on (cell phone video is all I have access to right now) TV, radio, practically anywhere including Washington DC to help get God and Godly ways back to America.

Now, here is where “the rubber meets to road.” As I shared I am not employed, I am unemployable at this point as I indicated from the illegal actions of an Illegal Alien and her demonic Government and other demonic cohorts. I haven't held a job since 2008. I cannot afford to travel, speak, get up a website or do much of anything without your help. I don't want a salary, I want America back and I most of all want Jesus back to America. As I continue my fight for my children, justice for me, I can also make my fight into something much bigger and Godly for all Americans. If American's want our nation back, quite simply and as many of our Founding fathers found out, it's going to take sacrifice and money to get things doesn't grow on trees. I don't wish to sound rude but riding someone else's coat tails to get your own needs met won't work in this ministry. Prayer is nice and necessary but "prayer alone" is like the "money fairy" it doesn't exist in the Christian Bible. Prayer must be coupled with action to get our nation back and this ministry to be used to do it. James 2:17-20.

Right now, a website just to get things started will cost $189.50 I don't want you to send me the money if that's you who will help with that project. I will certainly ask that if you want this ministry to begin, you pay for the website to be put in place directly. I won't ever ask for money for me unless it's for expenses and most likely will ask you, those of you who believe this is what the Lord wants and is orchestrating... to pay directly for what is needed for the ministry in getting Jesus and His ways to those who control our nation. I'm not fighting for me or for you or sharing the plan of salvation and Godly ways for financial profit. I do this not for me, but to save our families and our lives and nation that's in deep, deep trouble, I do this for the very soul's of the lost and the love for our nation.

So, I put this ministry in God's and your hands as to it's begging all the way to it's end. Many of you have asked me for help, I am limited just like you but I believe by sharing Jesus Christ, His ways and sharing the bad and evil things that have occurred to you with those in power, we can get our nation back. Surely God will destroy this nation sooner than what most all around our nation believe. Just turn on your TV and watch for 10 minutes if you have doubts.

I will entertain questions for those sincerely and honestly wishing to become engaged in supporting this ministry. I am not open to suggestions. I know what God has placed on my heart. I will reply only to those who are willing to support this ministry and want our nation back as I indicated. Please do not contact me in any other form regarding this new ministryother than by contacting me at this temporary e-mail address ....

Thank you and God Bless,

Rev. Paul Waldmiller

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