Friday, February 14, 2014

Top 10 Stupid Attitudes Keeping Americans In Bondage

Top 10 Stupid Attitudes Keeping Americans In Bondage 

Not a very good sounding title for an article is it ? There are times however that truth must be told not with flowery speech and images of butterfly's floating in the air reflecting and attitude that “all is well.” Not when in days in which evil runs a muck anyway. Let's face it, as I've been writing in my articles these past three plus years, this nation is in big trouble. The root issue of “trouble” as a matter of fact is not our tyrannical Government and it's relentless attack on our human rights and God given civil liberties, no... the core issue is and has been all along the people that have allowed those Government officials and their murderous law enforcement officials who protect them, to be put into power. Bottom line is, if folks weren't so stupid and idiotic in their attitudes, we wouldn't be in the place we are right now. Suffering you say with high taxes, high unemployment, the Government stealing your children, family, home and assets unfairly and unconstitutionally ? Hey Bubba, you ain't seen nothin' yet unless people stop being so stupid and ignoring just what this nation was founded on; that is, good and Godly principles all rooted in the Christian Bible.

I am listing here the top ten reasons as I see it, of the stupidest attitudes that keep America in bondage to the devil and will eventually kill off this nation and all of us in it if we keep seeing fellow Americans having those crappy attitudes. Perhaps some of those things I mention or list below you may or may not agree with. You may list them in a different order than I. Makes no difference to me. What matters to me is that people wake the heck up and realize that their stupid belief systems are killing not only them but also killing the rest of us off as well. What can you do with people who just can't “see the light”, eventually you have to remove them I've been also saying that now in my articles for several years as well. No nation can stand what God has in store for a nation of people who turn a blind eye to folks who are insistent and bent on evil and pushing evil on others as well. James 2:17-20 tells us that prayer is great and necessary but without action, that prayer and faith is useless. We must get to the business of showing people that bondage to stupid ideas and ways will kill us all off not just them only, the person with that dumb belief system.

Here are the “Top 10 Stupid Attitudes Keeping Americans In Bondage ” as I see them. Again, maybe your list is different than mine. Perhaps you are one of those people who sees things as being “fine” and there are no problems. With matters of senseless violence, destruction all around us, it's obvious to me any way that our world is about to tip over because the willingness on the part of many Americans walking around with having no good sense at all and have a willingness to keep their attitudes of stupidity.

Here is the list starting from “least worse” leading up to the worst of all stupid beliefs....

  1. “The Government giving me 'FREE' stuff is really free and doesn't come from tax payers.”
    9.“My children and family and I are safe in Government sponsored schools/programs/courts/with cops.”

    8. “If I protect myself or family from being attacked and shoot someone, I will be automatically found 'Not          Guilty' by a judge or jury.”

    7.“If I am physically beaten by a cop, I can will survive and simply sue and win a lot of money.”

    6.“Abortion is not murdering a baby.”

    5.” Legalizing drugs including Marijuana doesn't hurt anyone and God says it's OK”
    4. “As a Christian, I only have to pray for people and only need to help people I feel like helping and I can          simply look away from any evil I see, no action required.”

    3.”Everything or most said/told on television and radio news is true.”

    2.“The food, air and soil around me is all safe because corporations, Governments tell me so.

    1 .Everything or most everything the Democrats, Republicans and Barack Hussein Obama state are true.

I do hope very soon people who have these stupid attitudes will wake up and wake up very soon before it's too late for all of us.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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