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Make Judicial/Legal Reform A 2014 Major Election Issue

Make Judicial/Legal Reform A 2014 Major Election Issue

As we gear-up for Election Day later this year, I believe more than ever we need to address the third element of our Government that has been corrupted by the many years of criminal activity and as well as incompetence of both the Democratic as well as the Republican Party's. Since the uprising of sorts from Tea Party folks in 2010, we have seen a great deal of concentration in getting politicians in the Executive and Legislative Branches of our Government to adhere to the US Constitution. Unfortunately, that same energy has not as of yet applied to getting those who attach themselves to the Judicial Branch of our Government to also follow the prescript of the U.S Constitution as well. As our nation is in desperate need of a complete cleansing from corruption and “politics as usual”, I believe it is high-time we all get involved in making some real changes in all three branches of our Government on the National, State, County and Local levels. I hope and pray that by the end of this article, you will have read enough information about what is really transpiring within our Judicial branch of Government, that you will not only as they say, “make your blood boil”, but also to become highly motivated to make some serious changes in ridding the “good 'ol boy's system” currently in control over much of the Judaical Branch of our Government.

This article has been written with a non-exhaustive outlook and research. This means that I could literally write a series of volumes of books regarding the subject matter of “Judicial/Legal Reform.” I do not have the time nor the space here in this blog article to take on such a task. My purpose and hope here in writing this particular article however, is to get you acquainted with what is occurring in many cases within our Judicial System, primarily(but not exclusively) here in the United States. My article is not to involve myself with “lawyer bashing.” No, not all attorney's are “bad.” There are indeed some good attorney's out there, not a lot, but there are a few. In fact, I have a close attorney friend in the Philippines that I would entrust my entire life with. He is a very good man who has helped thousands of folks not only there in the Philippines, but also abroad as well. If I have a personal “beef” so to speak with lawyers, it would be with the so many self proclaimed “Christian” lawyers who in actuality prey on many good and kind hearted “Christians” who are easy victims of these scam artists. As well, these vexatious “Christian” lawyers solicit funds to line their pockets to fight for “Christmas Trees” while real victims of criminal acts via our own Government and others, are often left to fend for themselves and or lose a lot of money to men and women who pretend to have their best “Godly interest” at heart.

“Bad lawyers” is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak when identifying the root source of what is truly happening in the corrupted Judiciary within the USA. Often times it is not only attorneys, but bad judges as well(who often are attorney's themselves) who contribute to the corruption we see among the Legal System. If you are thinking perhaps that there are many bribes that must be at the root of the issue, yes, that is an issue but in reality, “bribes” in the sense of “under the table illegal pay-offs” are not the largest issue. The issue is how bribes have become legalized by lawyers and judges. There are many attorney “associations” and “election fundraisers” that attorneys attend and pay exorbitant amounts of money to elections of judges so that they can gain a judges favor in the court room. Yes, all very “legal.” As you might already also be aware, many in the Legislative as well as the Executive branches of our Government's have attorney's in those political positions as well. Passing a law to legalize bribes, is very easy. To say the least, “legalized bribes” by attorneys and judges is a huge moral and ethical issue that goes without check from anyone. Any attorney who would even dare to oppose the “legalized bribes” that take place, would be giving him or
herself a “death sentence” as far as being ever to practice law in a courtroom ever again. In fact, he or she would probably find themselves brought before their State Bar Association on trumped up ethics violations and find themselves eventually disbarred.

Indeed, there are many types of ethical and moral violations that judges and attorneys (in the USA)partake in every day. Perhaps the worst of these violations is seen(but not limited to) Family Court and of Family Law practice. For those of you that read my article regarding the Movie “Divorce Corp.”, I do hope you were able to read that article ( In that movie(there are other film documentary's available as well), the issues describing events and tragedies of what occurs when lawyers and judges partake in unethical and immoral actions and behaviour often get away with, is exposed. As was mentioned in that film, and for the unknowing, it is extremely rare to ever see especially a judge censored or removed for unethical or immoral behavior. What's worse, judges have what is called “Judicial Immunity” when presiding over a case. That means, a judge could literally sentence you. or I, to one-hundred years in jail for a traffic violation if he or she felt like it and get away with it. Our only recourse if that occurred to us, would be to file a Habeas Corpus Petition or an appeal to a higher court to get that judges very bad and unethical court decision reversed. If you are
poor(like me and many other Americans), as they say, “good luck with that.” Being poor in America just about guarantee's that you will never see justice at all. There are however Judicial Accountability and Ethic's Boards in every State of the Union, however, just like Bar Associations that address “unethical issues” with attorneys, they are both likened to “the fox guarding the hen house.” It is highly doubtful that a Bar Association or Judicial Accountability/Ethics Committee will take any real and meaningful recourse against a lawyer or a judge. Don't get me wrong, on a few occasions, lawyers and judges have been punished for wrong doing, but those occasions of punishment are very, very rare. Clearly there must be some sort of “Citizen Review Panel's” to replace these Bar Associations and Judicial Ethics Committees so that there is full power to remove unethical Judges, lawyers, police(who are part of the Judicial Branch) as well as many Government agents and agencies also..

To install and maintain good judges, it would be important that all judges be elected. That would also be those judges all the way to the US Supreme Court. I am aware the US Constitution would need to be amended but I believe as perhaps you also, that without accountability, many Judges and attorneys have made their own “untouchable class” and become an elite class of rulers with no one to police them nor their bad and immoral behaviors on and off the bench or the courtroom. Therefore, the need to hold election of all judges every two years is paramount. With such a short time span in office, judges have a very limited time to do their jobs and thus minimize bad court decisions by them. Couple with the 2 year election cycle with some sort of Citizen Review Board(call it whatever you like, I could care less), judges as well as attorney's would have no choice but to stop “bad” and unethical and immoral behavior's especially inside the courtrooms. We must not forget, our Legislature's have the power to Impeach bad judges. They don't punish their own however but this is another tool to force our legislature to use when bad judges do bad and immoral things. Having wise and prudent judges and an ethical, competent attorney willing to fight for you and to represent you in a court of law, or in a legal case is not a unreasonable thing to expect. To often, as I shared earlier, poor folks get the short end of the stick and get stuck with either some incompetent lawyer, or a very over worked and overloaded “Public Defender” who in criminal matters will tell their client irregardless of guilt or innocence, “just cop to the plea deal.” That my friends, especially for someone who is innocent, is not justice. No way, no how.

Of course overloaded Public Defender's are not the only issue in matters of everyone getting fair and equitable justice. Over zealous prosecutors and District Attorney's who will go to any length to get a conviction, also are a major problem and need to be dealt with accordingly. We know there is an increase of these attorneys who allegedly work for “The People” who will lie, cheat, withhold evidence or even taint evidence to get that conviction. They don't care if what they do is unethical or illegal because just as I mentioned before, there is not one Government agency that will hold them accountable, not even the FBI or the US Attorney's Office. They are all laying in the same corrupted bed together. I could literally list hundreds and hundreds of pages of victims here in the USA of wrongful prosecution by DA's or Prosecutors. Were you aware that many Prosecutors and D.A's on the county level get huge amounts of money to even enforce political ideologies ? Yep ! Feminists have lobbied the Fed's for Billions(with a “B”) of dollars in the form of Federal Title IV, Chapter 666 , other Federal Title IV Funding and also Violence Against Women Act monies to purposely incarcerate men/fathers for criminal acts they have not even committed ? You bet ! The more that men/fathers that are locked up, the more money given to the Prosecutor and or District Attorney's Office, cops and others laying in that immoral and unethical bed of theirs bottom line here is that there is no excuse to knowingly prosecute and or convict an innocent man, nor a woman, but it happens every day here in America and little to nothing is being done to stop it. If it were your son, your daughter, your wife, husband or family member being wrongfully jailed or fined, wouldn't you be outraged and engaged in doing something about it ? I certainly hope so. There are innocent folks sitting in our jails and prisons right now, and there are also American judges, lawyers, DA's and prosecutors who knew the facts that the folks that were being prosecuted were innocent, but went forth with a bogus trial and put them in jail anyway.

Something must be done with our jury system as well. We can deal with unethical and immoral judges, attorney, cops and others who involve themselves in our legal system all day long but something must also be done about our jury system, especially Grand Jury's. In our US Constitution, anyone can call for a Grand Jury Investigation however Prosecutors and District Attorneys all across America have made only themselves inclusive in this process. That means that if you or I convened a Grand Jury, it would be meaningless and there would be no legal recourse to enforce our Grand Jury's decision. There is no police agency within the USA that would ever enforce a US Citizens only convened Grand Jury investigation/decision. Not only is blocking a lawfully convened Grand Jury's decision unconstitutional, it is also illegal for any police enforcement officer to not enforce the the Grand Jury's decision as well. On that note, let me inform you that we now have “professional Grand Jury's” all across the USA where Prosecutors and District Attorneys have hand picked certain US Citizens to make Grand Jury decisions on matters of guilt or . This means that the Prosecutor/D.A has the ability present or with hold evidence and is at the discretion of the Prosecutor or D.A. God help you if the D.A or Prosecutor brings your name up regarding any criminal investigation before his or her hand picked Grand Jury members, you will be indited on criminal charges, 100% guaranteed ! Immoral and unethical you say ? You bet ! You better get on the Judicial and Legal Reform band wagon before you're wrongfully indited and or convicted as well !

As I shared earlier in this article, I could write a series or volumes of books regarding the hows, whys and so on regarding the subject of “Judicial/Legal Reform.” In reality, I've only barely touched on the subject matter. There is so much work that needs to be done. And something needing to be “done” is not just a blog article identifying the issue. No, it's about getting not only our Legislative and Executive Branches of Government in order, but it is also about getting the equally corrupted Judiciary Branch of Government in order as well. I do hope and pray that you will join with me and others who take on the issues described in this article. It will take more than simply voting I'm afraid. You will actually need to begin with meeting with other like minded folks in your local and State areas to begin the process for getting initiatives for change on the Election Day ballot initiatives addressing “Judicial/Legal Reform.” Petitions to your county and State Legislatures need to be put together and signatures obviously gathered. There are other things that need to be done as well. Take the initiative and become a leader. Take this issue on and you be the one to lead the charge. There's no time to waste. Election Day approaches.

May God be your guide and your source of strength.

Pastor Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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  1. EXCELLENTLY written article. and well worth reading and sharing!