Thursday, January 2, 2014

If I Were America's Foreign Enemy, I'd Attack/Invade Here...

If I Were America's Foreign Enemy, I'd Attack/Invade Here...

The year 2014 is here and with the current evil attitude of most Americans, this nation is in more danger of being invaded and destroyed by foreign attack than ever before. The event in the past known as “9/11” was indeed a wake up call via God. That tragic event was specifically a call for all Americans to repent of their wicked behaviours before matters in our nation became worse, but here we are...worse. We are a very morally weak people and unfortunately, it does not appear many folks here in the US learned their lesson about embracing evil, so the consequences for that attitude will cost us all dearly. It was no accident that God Himself allowed this past attack referred to as “9/11” and I can tell you that soon, very soon, and unless there is a real and drastic turn-around of the attitudes as well as measurable better behaviour of many Americans, this nation will once again be attacked, perhaps even finally destroyed, never to return.

That being said, we now all know how vulnerable we all really are. If you are some how unaware, our enemies do in fact, know how vulnerable we all are as well. Our news media, opinions, and many blog articles about where we are as a people and nation is broadcast and circulated everywhere around the globe. Right now, as you are reading my article, there are world and military leaders that are watching American news outlets to see what are all our weaknesses are. They watch with their military analysts, taking notes about our cultural norms/attitudes, military and US, and State's Government actions and how the American populace react to our Government's violation of our rights. Our foreign (and domestic) enemies watch our every move. They also study us looking for weaknesses that they can manipulate and take advantage of so as to bring this nation down. 

Some of the recent news worthy items that our foreign enemies have been analyzing and looking to manipulate us, would be the many Connecticut residents who willingly agreed in allowing their State Government to violate their Constitutional rights . These easily manipulated (mostly) men stood in line to register their guns and gun magazines with the Government. Let me tell you this; nothing can please our nation's enemies more, than a willing and slave like mentality that is also amicable to being ruled over and destroyed without even a shot being fired. Militarily as well as historical proof shows that there is no need for a Foreign Government readying itself to invade another nation or militarily “prod” a nation for weaknesses when a nation already has weak and gullible people living in it. Of course Connecticut is not the only State or area in the USA that has those sort of “weak and gullible” citizens. These “types” are living all throughout the USA. With all that the US and it's State's Governments do to and immorally as well as unconstitutionally get away with against “We The People”, it is our our enemies who notice most and are salivating at the chance to take advantage of our weaknesses. Lack of appropriate response on the part of US Citizens to the tyranny against us and to our being harmed by it's own US and it's States Government's, is especially highly noted by our foreign enemies. They see and hear the “whining pissing and moaning” going on of the US Citizens, but they quickly also see also (currently) there is nothing tangible in response to what the US and it's State's Government do in violation of our God given rights. Many of our foreign enemies in fact proudly proclaim that many American's will be easily conquered and or destroyed because they have no stomach for war and have no stomach to fight against their own Government who abuses them at will. We are being compared to a dog being kicked and the dog only whimpers and pisses on it's self out of fear in response to being abused.

Those with the condition and mind set towards evil are the biggest target of our Foreign(and domestic) enemies. What I mean by evil, is that attitude of being easily manipulated into believing that what God calls good, to them, is actually evil or wrong. Areas in the US that are susceptible to this erroneous attitude are politically “blue” or “purple” in color. Democratic Party and “RINO” affiliated States are the most vulnerable to being invaded and or destroyed. Our enemies are keenly aware of the rapid increase of those Americans (especially in those States)who are mentally ill, booze it up, smoke dope, do drugs, engage in destroying their families and even themselves. These are all important sociological factors to be considered before an invasion and all politically “blue” and “purple” colored States will get hit first(that includes those in the “Live Free Or Die” State of New Hampshire who will die). Our foreign enemies are also already aware Barack Hussein Obama and his Government(including law enforcement) have weakened much of our own nation by
purposely assaulting and destroying our social infrastructure(including families) as well as our military also. Those who hate us and our nation are watching for our(We The People) responses to our own Government's tyrannical actions as I indicated earlier. With the re-election of Obama and recent election of Communists such as Bill Blasio, it is quite evident to those who hate us, just how weak, gullible as well as vulnerable(to be being destroyed) we as a nation really are.

Knowing the political and moral mind-set of a people is an important stuff to haters of America. If our enemies see that Obama(Hilary Clinton, Chris Christie) types are what American's want as their leaders, the easier it will be for our enemies to invade or destroy the USA. Since most weak and morally inept are populated cities filled with Obama type lovers, they will be the first to be attacked and or invaded. Indeed, they are the most easily convinced of being conquered and allowing themselves to be turned into slaves. These “stupid sheep” will quickly embrace their evil conqueror’s as hero's. That being said, many cities within the USA, both large and small are on the “easy and conquerable without resistance” list that our enemies keep. The first and primary city to be attacked and conquered will most likely be New York City. With a newly elected mayor there who is a self admitted Communist) , he and other US, State Government leaders who hate Jesus Christ of the Bible are our enemies fifth column agents. In fact, Mayor Blasio, even before being sworn into office was already busy working on making the invasion and destruction of this nation a very easy one for those who hate us. Next or at at soon proximately in relativity of time frame of being invaded and or destroyed will be Los Angeles, followed by the entire West Coast. There are many dope smokers there in those areas who love their “weed”, illegal aliens and Socialistic attitudes more than their freedom. Much like the Communists and so called Progressives in NYC in the North East, they have a delusional and drug induced belief that if “we would just stop harassing our enemies, our enemies would leave us alone”(heads up Libertarians). Foolish and unwise people that these types are, they will find their conquers' fearless and ruthless towards them. There will be no more “whining, pissing and moaning” granted to them. If they even whisper any sort of dissension or opposition towards those who conquered them, there will be a quick response so vicious, so ruthless, they will regret the day they were even born.

From the Northern area of America, our enemies will gather with their Islamic helpers already living throughout the States of Illinois, New York, Minnesota and Michigan. These States have high concentration of Jesus haters and Muslims who are planted here by foreign and our own Government for our purposeful destruction. On the West Coast of the U.S., it already holds many Progressive and Communist sympathizers which also hold many dope smokers. They will be visited by invaders and foreign armies that with the help of many Illegal Aliens from Mexico and the Asians who are living there now. China has thousands, perhaps up to one million spies scattered all throughout the( ) United States. Many of these Chinese spy’s are employed in our colleges and universities. They work on our US Government contracted military projects. They then send all that information back to their own Chinese Government and you can bet your bottom dollar that the Chinese Government knows more about what's going on in the USA than what most Americans do. These illegal aliens (That your Congress and President want to “legalize” here ) and spies will gladly aide our invading foreign enemies in killing us off. The West Coast and North East USA will be the easiest to conquer and destroy. In fact, I predict, all within one-week's time those areas will be lost to invading forces and done so with great ease.

From the South, the Mexican's drug cartels who have been trained by Islamists and the Chinese, will invade the entire South West portion of America. Cuban's along with the Russians will most likely invade the South and South east USA. Nothing remains “free” at that point in the USA but midland America, but States in the middle such as Colorado will not fight back, their “Femen” minds are too clogged with dope smoking. So, all in all, it certainly looks bleak for America, The devil and our nations' enemies will have an easy time invading and taking over America. Make no mistake about it, many American's have to this point chosen the path of their own destruction. They no longer serve God of the Bible and are morally bankrupt. They have willingly ignored God and will suffer their destruction because of it. While for yet for today, American's go about their daily lives doing what they often do, ignoring God and His Biblical principles, He is at the same time allowing our enemies to gain strength, plan and prepare for our nations' destruction. The time of that invasion/destruction draws very near. Are you ready ?

The plan you ask to rescue for America from invasion? Jesus said it, I repeat it; “repent or perish.”

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor


  1. If you get a chance, read "In Defense Of A Nation". You'll get a good picture of what the invasion will look like.


  3. There is no hope given today’s technology of secrecy for the effort nor do we want it secret.

    Concept of Operations:
    Phase 1 - Field millions, as many as ten million, patriots who will assemble in a non-violent, physically unarmed (Spiritually/Constitutionally armed), display of unswerving loyalty to the US Constitution and against the incumbent government, in Washington, D.C., with the mission to bring down the existing leadership. Go full-bore, no looking back, steadfast in the mission.

    Phase 2 - One million or more of the assembled 10 million must be prepared to stay in D.C. as long as it takes to see Obama, Biden, Reid, McConnell, Boehner, Pelosi, and Attorney General Holder removed from office. The senior republican in the US House of Representatives will become Speaker of the House and the US House of Representatives will elect a temporary President of the United States. The senior democrat leader in the US Senate will become the Majority Leader. The US Senate will elect a temporary Vice President of the United States.

    Phase 3 – Those with the principles of a West, Cruz, Lee, DeMint, Paul, Gov. Walker, Sessions, Gowdy, Jordan, Issa, will comprise a tribunal and assume positions of authority to convene investigations, recommend appropriate charges against politicians and government employees to the new U.S. Attorney General appointed by the new President. The U.S. Congress will execute appropriate legislation to convene new elections for positions vacated consistent with established constitutional requirements.

    Date of Operation: Friday May 16th 2014

    We are past the point of no return, thus must move forward with an effort to save our nation, as there is no other choice. We are asking, pleading with you, and any others that have resources, national voices, email lists, blogs, FB, Twitter, to call for a non-violent American Spring in Washington D.C. We must appeal to ten million and more American patriots to come and stay in Washington, D.C. to stop the White House and Congress from total destruction of the United States. It’s now or never. God help us.

    When some greedy, self-serving occupant of the White House or Congress, or elements outside America, is threatening our existence, our freedom, our liberty, our Constitution, our life resources, our America, then we fight back to destroy the threat and there is nothing immoral or illegal about it. When the government becomes lawless, then "we the people" no longer are obligated to follow the government......there is no law when government picks and chooses for political purposes or personal agenda. At this time the government is performing as a lawless entity......

    We see no reasonable, hopeful sign that indicates there are honorable, loyal, mature, critical thinking, experienced people in government that understands the chaos about to rain down on America, nor do they care....our only hope is that "we the people" call, organize, and draw a few million patriots to stay in D.C. for an "American Spring".

    It would be the catalyst to draw the line and bring to a conclusion a decision on the out of control government, one way or the other. America will rise up or surrender.........for me, I only go to my knees in the presence of God knees will not touch the surface as a result of some piss ant occupant of the White House or a corrupt legislator, or outside element...I will fall to my death standing if necessary.

  4. This has nothing try to do with wickedness, God or the likes. To pull the religious card on What's going on is rediculous! The sheople need to wake up and see that the elite are orchestrating all world events. Not God. Only we can change this

  5. LOL @ Kenn Brooks. Keep right on thinking that. You're a fool. It's GOD who rules over the kings of the earth. And it's God who puts thoughts into the minds of these 'elites' to bring His judgment when it pleases Him. Go read what happened with Pharoah.