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Movie Review Of The Film Documentary , “Divorce Corp.”

Movie Review Of The Film Documentary , “Divorce Corp.”

I am not in the habit of writing movie reviews. As a matter of fact, I cannot tell you the last time I went out to a movie house to watch a movie no less write a review of a film I've seen. It's been years since ever sitting in any movie theater anywhere. That being said, and as you might imagine, when I first heard that “Divorce Corp.” was going to be played at a nearby theater, I was thrilled at thought of actually viewing it. But also with some personal apprehension. I mean, just the word “divorce” brings up some pretty ugly thoughts not just for me, but for millions of other Americans(and others around the world as well)/ Just like me, seeing a movie like this in the very least could dredge up some very unpleasant memories for anyone. I kept that thought in the back of my mind as a matter of fact on the very day I drove by myself to the film. I did reach out to a few others around me before leaving to see if others were also attending, I never received a definite “yes” or confirmation from anyone, so I just went alone. So, on the way to the movie theater I knew I would be OK, but there was a concern for how others might react during or after viewing this movie. Lot's of folks, these days, especially those who never wanted to be divorced, or who pretty much “got screwed over” during the divorce process, still to this day(even after many years after a divorce)suffer forms of either Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or from Legal Abuse Syndrome. So who knew what might happen ? I needed to keep everything in perspective and also to be safe. That was the plan.

When I arrived at the movie theater, I noticed an armed local police officer outside the theater doors. I wasn't quite sure, but I suspected that him standing there, had something to do with the movie I was there to see. Once inside, I noticed another armed police officer and I had to ask him...“sir, excuse me, are there police presence usually here at this movie theater ?”, He answered me with a resounding “No.” That's all I needed to hear and confirm all I needed to know about my own concerns, specifically the safety of myself and others going to see this movie. Keeping everything in perspective, I proceeded to watch “Divorce Corp.” There were others in the theater viewing the movie with me.
The movie was indeed factual in it's presentation. Don't get me wrong, facts are important, but there were plenty about feelings and emotions as well in the movie. In fact, despite Feminists and their corrupted and evil attorney and judge friends passing around a false story on social websites like Facebook, that this movie “is harmful to women”, this film has what I term real horror stories and emotions of what women have suffered during a divorce as well as the men. As a matter of fact, and by my earnest calculation, women's issues and “horror stories” comprised just over 50% of the film. The intertwining of facts presented and the coupled with the horrible and many times illegal things that occurred to both men and women during a divorce and or Family Court hearings were all true as I shared earlier and I am indeed in firm belief that many of you will be able to relate to at least some of the “feelings, emotions” as well as the facts presented during this film.

After viewing this film in it's entirety, there was a question and answer period with the film's director, Mr. Joseph Sorge who was kind enough to be present during the film. As you can quite imagine, there were plenty of questions as well as how folks who just finished viewing it could relate to those who were 

wrongfully as well as illegally treated by attorneys, judges and others shown in the film. One man in the audience spoke up and shared with the Film Director(and all of us) that although he had already been divorced a number of years, he almost needed to get up and leave in the middle of the film because of all the things he remembered also suffering during his divorce. I myself shared a bit as well with Mr. Sorge. After he related about his own divorce, I shared with him my true stories about divorce, how it negatively impacted my children and also about the many Illegal Aliens in the USA who committed acts of Foreign Immigration Marriage Scams to get illegally into the USA( Thankfully, he was already aware of these Foreign Immigration Marriage Scams occurring. I also mentioned to Mr. Sorge the work of former (murdered)Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer and her (murdered)Film Director/Producer Bill Bowen. Mr. Sorge thankfully took interest in everything I and others presented to him. I was as well delighted to here from Joesph that he wants to start a national movement of sorts to get laws and policies changed to rid the evil and corruption in courtrooms all across America. I hope and pray he is successful.

I believe this film to be not only a great educational piece for those who are unaware and or afraid regarding tackling these issues of judicial, attorney and other forms of corruption, but a great tool for change in Family Law as well as “The American Judiciary”-period. I want to make it quite clear that, personally and despite what many who want to continue on the self-destruction and on the selfishness tract, I don't want to see folks getting a divorce “easier.” No, in fact, I want to make it much more difficult for married couples to get that divorce. The fact's presented in this movie however, show the gross violations of human as well as clear 
violations of US Constitutional rights of anyone inside Family Courts and other Courts that deal with divorce related issues. There is no excuse in God's Book for what many lawyers, judges and others do to purposely destroy an already fragile family. This movie clearly shows “who” agitates and who enables an already hurting family to do things that are even more harmful, even to the point of murder and death.

My advice is that everyone, yes everyone should see this film. The only person's I would exclude(WARNING !!!!) from seeing this film are those who suffer from some sort of mental health and or Spiritual health issues, that by viewing the film, would exacerbate their mental or spiritual health conditions to become worse and or act-out in a negative way. I would also highly NOT recommend seeing this film alone. Again, “Divorce Corp.” is a great film documentary and I firmly believe that utilizing this film to instruct politicians, cops, lawyers, judges, CPS Workers, court workers, Domestic Violence Program Workers, psychologists, Social Workers, Teachers, “pastors”, “clergy” and all others who “deal with” families and children, should in fact be mandated to view this film.

Finally, I want to share something encouraging that occurred to me at the movie theater and what I see as towards making and getting real hopeful positive change for families because of “Divorce Corp.” As I was exiting the film showing and walking to the lobby of the movie theater, I had the privilege of thanking those same two police officers(who I seen earlier) for being present in the theater lobby during the film showing. They were together at the time I seen them and both asked me, “how was the film ?” I responded to them, “It was very good, and I highly recommended that if you or others that you know had ever suffered through a divorce, they should definitely see the movie.” At that point, the film was playing once again and it was the last showing for the evening. They looked at me and then towards one-another, and one said to the other; “let's go sit in on the movie.” I'm glad they did. We who love God and Truth, need all the allies on this earth that we can get.

Again, I recommend (strongly) to go see and purchase a DVD copy of “Divorce Corp.” Use it to educate, even confront others who are purposely engaging in terrorizing families. Everyone should know the truth of what evil people do to hurt and suffering people, especially children.

Proverbs 17:15 “ He who justifies the wicked and he who condemns the righteous are both alike an abomination to the Lord.”

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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