Friday, January 10, 2014

Gatekeeper's A Corrupt Politician's Best Friend, But Your Worst Enemy

Gatekeeper's A Corrupt Politician's Best Friend, But Your Worst Enemy

Have you ever made the brave decision to make a telephone call, sign a petition or communicate with a an elected(or non-elected) Government Official here in the U.S, but never heard back from that Government leader ? Don't be surprised, it happens all the time. On a daily basis, thousands of Americans Citizens contact their elected, and non-elected representatives but rarely ever actually speak with or hear back from those same elected officials. Instead, if you do contact a Government leader’s office, you will most likely get stuck with speaking with an “intern” or an “aide” employed by that politician. It is often in these intern's and aide's (unwritten) job description to “weed-out” those who present issues that may bring light to what they deem as a controversial or politically harmful situation or problem to their “boss.” Most often if you communicate with one of these “aides” or “intern's” you will also get a polite “thank you for sharing your concern” and “I will be sure to let the 'Congressman', 'Senator', etc, know of your problem and someone from our office will contact you in the near future.” If you have ever experienced/heard what I just quoted during a conversation with a politician's “helper”, you know that they are often lying to you. Rarely do they ever inform the “Congressman”, “'Senator”, etc of your issue and just as rare will you get a response back addressing your issue that you presented in .any sort of helpful manner. These and Intern's you've had a “polite” conversation with and dealt with are actually “Gatekeeper's,” a corrupt politician's best friend, but your worst enemy.

I don't care what flavour of politics you believe in, whether Democratic, Republican, Independent, or other, it doesn't matter. All politicians employ Gatekeeper's. They are all and equally dangerous to you and your dilemma and or concern that you are living under. What I am sharing here is not just an “educational teaching moment” for those who may be a bit politically naive. What I am presenting here in this article is real national crisis issue that impacts every race, creed, color, gender, age and political belief system. I mention the word “crisis” because there are many “gatekeeper's” right now being used by especially politicians, and at this very moment you are reading this article, these same folks are purposely taking matters of national and international interest and sweeping them under the rug so to speak so that my and your Government Representative is kept in the dark. Please be aware also that when the political “poop hit's the fan”(as they when corruption has light shown on it), that Government Representative can plead ignorance and appear innocent of any wrong doing, or they can then at that moment of time, begin the process of spinning that “now that I(we) are aware, we will do everything we can about it.” Again, these people lie and play you for the fool.

There are many news items out there to choose from as far as an offering of proof and evidence of what I am sharing here( I often post links in my articles as proof of what I share anyway). The first that I am presenting, was an under reported news story of a US Military Veteran who had a “shoot-out” in December, 2013 with the police in Kentucky. This Vet blamed in part US “Senator Rand Paul's Office” for “not giving a damn” about him or other US Military Veteran's and their concerns with the Veterans Administration While more than 22 US Military Veterans commit suicide each and every day, I have to ask how many of these now dead Veterans also reached out to their local, state and or federal elected and non-elected leaders for help but encountered a gatekeeper as this Vet did also ? Now I know some of you reading this article may think I'm picking on only Rand Paul, but I will once again reiterate what I shared earlier in this article... “all politicians have Gatekeeper's” and their job is to keep their boss in ignorance over our Government enacted injustices towards us. In fact, I distinctly remember when Rand Paul complained of Richard Snowden's actions of sharing the NSA unconstitutional spying on innocent American's around the world by stating “I wish he would have come to me with his concerns first.” I am nearly one-hundred percent positive that Snowden never would have gotten past one of Senator Paul's Gatekeeper's to actually speak with the Senator. With the track record of what many gatekeeper's do, I am also quite confident that Senator Paul never would never have learned of what was illegally transpiring in the NSA anyway.

My own experience with speaking with the many Gatekeeper's in and at all level's of Government including on the Federal, State and local level's, have clearly shown everything I am sharing here in this article to be absolutely true. Just to give you one more example, when I traveled to Washington, DC nearly one year ago to speak with certain members of the US Congress regarding a death threat against me from a City of Batavia, NY cop and corrupted judges, lawyers and others who were protecting an Illegal Alien so they could all illegally collect Federal subsidies, I remember quite well going to Congressman Chris Collins' Office and I was not allowed ever to speak with the Congressman. Instead, a Gatekeeper who worked for Congressman Collins named Christopher M. Grant, took me out in a hallway, outside the Congressman's office, and spoke with me there. He said to me all the lying promises I shared earlier in this article that many Gatekeeper's make. I've also had to(probably just like you also) deal with lying Gatekeeper's who are employed by other politicians including the now defrocked, former Congressman Allen West. In fact, it was Allen West who wrote an advocacy letter on behalf of Michael Savage(who does NOT live in West's political representative district) to then Secretary of State Hilary Clinton(, but would not write a letter to the FBI on my behalf regarding the death threat from the City of Batavia, NY cop and judges, lawyers, others illegally taking bribes and kickbacks that I mentioned earlier. Now am I saying that then, Congressman West purposely did not write a letter for me ? Maybe not, but more than likely, it was one of his Gatekeeper's who kept my urgent request from even being known to the Congressman. I'll probably never know and it was Retired Colonel West who hired his Gatekeepers and put them in place.

In conclusion, ask yourself these important questions regarding the need to expose and remove all political Gatekeeper's...Who hires these Gatekeeper's and which politician do you really in your heart of heart's believe for one moment that every politician, whether on the political “left” or “right” is not really aware of their evil purpose and pursuits of these people ? When Obama states on television that he was not aware of so many national issues and problems within even his own Presidential Administration, he is not always lying? He has put in place and all around him Gatekeeper's to keep him purposely in the dark and ignorant. Yes, Obama lies often, but when he finds out about all the corrupt and evil things that his people do may very well be delayed to his personal knowledge as all other politicians also have it this way as well. Gatekeeper's are a useful tool for the corrupted and evil in power and in the days and times in which we live, it is no doubt that Gatekeeper's are an innocent Citizen's worst enemy and a barrier to us getting Godly justice..

Isaiah 10:1-2 “ Woe to those who make unjust laws, to those who issue oppressive decrees, to deprive the poor of their rights and withhold justice from the oppressed of my people, making widows their prey and robbing the fatherless.”

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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