Friday, March 29, 2013

“Standing Up And Doing The Word 'NO' “

“Standing Up And Doing The Word 'NO' “

It would appear that many Americans have lost the notion of just how powerful and equally important our words are coupled with action. Arguably, here in the USA--- I believe the word “No” to be the most powerful word in the English language. In fact, saying the word “No” to someone, anyone...depending on how the word is used in context, can arouse so many deep feelings in the person receiving and hearing “No.” There is no word completed with the following through of action that can result in such tremendous as well as devastating consequences to a person or organizations ego. If American's only knew just how powerful this word was and is. If only cultures and nations around the world also only knew how powerful this word is as well. The word “No” used in the right context and with the correct application by a majority, even a minority of people, can and does change whole countries including policies and attitudes. I repeat... there is no more powerful word then the word “No.”
Unfortunately, many American's have learned the power of expressing the word “No” but have increasingly used that word in the wrong context and for the wrong and unhelpful reasons. In fact, a great example of what I am expressing here is the fact that most Americans have responded saying “No”, to others when being asked to stand up and remove evil here in our nation. Equally important and the truth also be known, many Americans have also said “No” when there are opportunities standing right there before them to get up off their butt's and do something about all the evil that overwhelms our nation today. How horrible and tragic instead, most Americans do not seize the opportunity to remove evil through “No” in action, but do nothing instead but watch their “boob tube” and drink their beer. Sadly and unfortunately, while other nations and even our own government plots and takes actions to destroy us and our God given rights, poison our food, murder innocent men women and children, the majority of US Citizens when called upon to take a real and substantive stand against evil, just say “No” by doing nothing. It is the obvious mind set that these same folks who do nothing, believe that their American government has their best interest in mind. Crazy as it may sound, these same foolish people also believe that the US and it's State Government's are there to protect them or is actually there to help them. They are sadly mistaken and will be find themselves among the first to soon be slaughtered because of their idiotic belief system.

Speaking now to those who have simply been hesitant in using the word “No” in action against evil, what the heck are you waiting for ? I am pointing my question to all those “Oath Keepers”, “militias” and others who purport to be “defenders of freedom and the US Constitution.” How much longer do you wait in saying “No” in action while everyday the US Constitution is being increasingly raped and innocent American Citizens murdered ?You are telling everyone to“promise to uphold the US Constitution” but without action, words become meaningless. How much more evil and destruction of our US Constitution and nation do you wait until your “No” becomes “No” with action ? Personally, I don't see this nation rebounding because to many people are full of “hot air” when they say to the devil; “No.” Evidence and fact prove that this nation slides further and further into the pits of hell. Homosexuality, abortion, Islam, Communism, Feminism, and other sinful and evil issues plague our nation. Cannot people see the increasing negative consequences of saying “No” to evil without action ?Warnings from Godly Christian pastors and Christians are everywhere but very few are listening and responding in repentance. Surly, the word “No” in action against all forms of evil cannot be communicated, expressed in action-enough. 

Those who love God of the Bible and all those who are lover's of good now see their latest actions of petitions, grievances, protests and marches against evil especially government sponsored evil, have become useless, and impotent. There are no longer enough people in America who care. Apathy rules the hearts of many Americans. It is so very evident that if Christians and others had stood up and declared “No” to evil years ago, we wouldn't be in this horrible predicament today. As they say though,... "It is what it is"... Now all of must make a conscious decision to either say “No” and mean it or go along with the program of increasing evil. I pity those in the end who believe in their heart that they can some how hide or pretend to be on the side of evil just to get a long. My friends, if that is you, you are making a very bad mistake. In the end, at some point... you will have to make a decision of whom and what you believe and what you avoid today, will eventually need to deal with anyway.

Today is of the final days of standing up in action and saying “No” to evil and government sponsored terrorism against it's citizenry. What does this mean for you ? This means no more agreeing to and allowing to government sanctioned evil. For some of you, this will be very difficult as you will no longer be allowing your U.S issued Social Security Number, your state issued Driver's License and other government ID's and documents to be used for government profiteering and exploitation of evil. You may even like I, give up certain government issued licenses and go on in life to follow God and Natural Rights instead. Saying “No” to government and evil manipulation, control and other wicked acts should never be tolerated by anyone, doing so is how this nation got to be in such a demonic mess to begin with. Our government elected and non-elected leaders, courts, police and others are steadfastly engaged in matters which God calls wrong. My warning to all; If you “go along to get along”, you are doing yourself a disservice. Equally, if you believe that your decision to do nothing about evil makes no difference, you are wrong... you have in fact chosen the side of evil.

Indeed, utilizing the word “No” with action is powerful if used for the right and Biblical reasons. People can come up with many excuses in not using this word in action properly. I do hope and pray that everyone reading this article “gets it” now. There is no more wiggle room for folks to do nothing about the one-hundred percent removal of evil and standing up with the word “No.” You are responsible and you are required to act in concert with what God tells you to do and act. With that, I advise you to use the word “No” in action and in frequency every time evil raises it's ugly head.

Matthew 5:7 “But let your communication be, Yes, yes; No, no: for whatever is more than these comes of evil.

Rev Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor


  1. Thank you for this good simple true real and timeless scrutiny observation.

    We desperately need leaders whose moral composition and characters upon their arrival at becoming our leaders are strong in the good simple true and real way you have excellently explained in this brief thesis.

  2. I agree---There is some things in life worst than dying. To lower yourself to sewer type standards, sit back and say nothing is worst than doing nothing.
    GOD is watching this Nation very close as well as the world. Think about it--If you really think GOD is going to allow mankind to disrespect him, disobey him and than laugh in his face---Saying he is not alive or does not exist.
    The games people play----To play this type of game with GOD is betting your life on the outcome. Are you prepared to bet on the outcome-----NOT ME.