Saturday, March 16, 2013

“Beware Of The Republican's 'Big Tent' Fiasco”

“Beware Of The Republican's 'Big Tent' Fiasco”

I heard the phrase a few years ago. I cannot remember which national Republican Party member said it first, but it was definitely a Republican leader. Whomever it was, I believe it was first coined as a phrase in response to that political party's choice of Mitt Romney for their pick as the US Presidential bid. Somehow though, someone in that political party felt that they needed to gather as many votes as they could find, even from normally unlikely and unfriendly sources. As of late, especially after Romney losing the last race for President, the Republican's are now utilizing more frequently the terminology of; “we are a big tent party.”

Governor's Jindal of Louisiana and Christy of New Jersey use it now, and I even hear some Conservatives using the phrase. Karl Rove and other RINO's like him such as Chris Christie of New Jersey however seemingly utilizing that terminology the most. That's what's so frighting to me, when the RINO's use that terminology. Let's face it, “big tent” can mean many things to many people. As a matter fact, I'll bet you(if I was a betting man, which I'm not) if you put 10 different Republican Party members in a room and asked them individually what was meant by their Party's phrase; “big tent”, you'd probably get eight to to ten different answers. It's so vague but in all earnest, I believe it's meant to be that way. The RINO's use of “big tent” cannot have anything good for America meant by it's use.

I'm not one much for deceptive politics’s, never have been, never will be, that's just me. Others love it, roll around in it like pigs in mud. but for me anyway... I don't like the smell of it. About the whole Republican Party “big tent” thing; I know that I know, that I's all about the Republican Party leader's deception and certainly contains nothing good for America. The Bible states clearly; “let your yes be yes and your” I know what's coming from those blasted Republican RINO's and their leaders, they in reality are like men who are transvestites. You know; “men on the outside, but feel like women on the inside.” These Republican's want to trade in what's left of “God” in their political platform for such things as; “softening their political stances” on issues such as abortion, homosexuality(Newt Gingrich and Rob Portman are already proponents of homosexuality), illegal immigration and whatever else they think they can get away with to gather more votes, even if it means recruiting the devil himself. These evilists would compromise their own mother's lives if they thought they could garner more votes for the Republican Party. Isn't it bad enough that the Democratic Party openly hate God and mocks Him as well? Now we have the Republican's trying to slime their way in the hearts of Americans doing the same thing ?
History shows that God of the Bible judges such wicked nations as ours who compromise with Biblical morality and truth. Aren't we a wicked enough nation already ? and haven't we already seen enough tragedies in our nation because of it all yet ? Come on !?! Isn't Obama terrorizing you and I enough yet ? Don't you believe there was God's hand in allowing Obama to be first elected then re-elected once again ? No, look at's not only those “stupid Obama voters” that people keep talking about who are ruining our nation and world. Even with all the voter fraud that took place on Election Day, 2012, God still allowed Obama's re-election and so did the Republican Party by putting up (yet another) RINO-compromiser. When we now have so many RINO's in Congress and also putting them up for the Republican Party challengers for the Presidency, God is not pleased. How can He be ? Who do you think God was more pleased with on Election Day last time around ?... a Muslim-Communist, or a Mormon-RINO ? In God of the Bible's eyes, they are exactly the same. Thus, our nation goes on in suffering.

It appears many American's haven't figured it out yet that you can't keep “pissing“ God off(I don't normally use that phrase but it seems it's the only way some people will listen !). I know what the jesus butterfly believers will tell you but, unrepentant... they're going to hell too with the other unbelievers(read Matthew 7:21-23) as well, please don't listen to them. The Republican Party's “big tent” theory is in reality a reach over to that base of people who will compromise with God's Word and are ignorant of what God says He hates. Unfortunately these days, that's a lot of people here in America. It would seem there are still many folks remaining in our nation who haven't suffered enough yet to change their minds and hearts back to God. These people are still hearty foolish enough to believe every word(which many times are blatant, open lies) that spews from a politicians mouth... both Republican as well as Democratic Party's.

Sometimes when writing each week, I wish I could write more “flowery” and “happy tone-sounding” words to people on my blog articles. Personally, I'm tired of needing to always point out matters of how sick our nation and world has been becoming all in an effort to wake people up. I know...2Timothy 3:1-13 and all the rest of the Bible Scriptures that talk about how bad people's attitudes will get in the “end times”, but I am in real hope and prayer that there will be one last great revival before Jesus' return. I want to see marriages restored, minds and bodies healed, I want to see hearts totally surrendered to the risen Saviour Jesus Christ. The problem that stands in the way of all this however is the millions and millions of hardened hearts in America and around the world. Politics, religion, hatred, greed, unforgivness, adultery, homosexuality, abortion... these and many more sinful acts and or agreement with them prevent many from being whole and restored as they really wish. These types of sins growing, just plain stops me from sharing messages of those “happy-tone sounding” messages I wish to convey. The sad reality is, these days... only the false profits are spreading those kind of messages because we live in a time of spiritual upheaval and darkness.

The message of the day is what the Bible declares as true; “There is nothing new under the sun.” The devil's schemes never changes, he just gives those schemes a new name, The devil's tricks are always the same ol' ploy each and every time. Don't be fooled by the Republican Party's “big tent” message-that's my point here. It's a con job by the Republican leaders, and if those who belong in the Republican Party also continue to “compromise” God's word any more, we can all say goodbye to what was once known as “The United States Of America.” God will spare no one who compromises His Word, no one. Hope that's not you friend---hope that's not you.

James 4:4 "Adulterers and adulteresses! Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God? Whoever therefore wants to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God."

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor


  1. Although I may not agree with every word that came from this post, I do agree wholeheartedly that we have allowed evil to creep into our government for so long and on so many levels that God has distanced Himself from us as we continue down a path that we will not find Him in. We have chosen the well-traveled path that is filled with flattering words and promises that produces nothing by ill-feelings, distrust and hatred. Perhaps we should be taking the path that is less traveled by those with righteous attributes of love, loyalty, compassion, patience, faith, honor, wisdom and truth. Evil has spread itself to all corners of the world and has invaded the borders of our great land in boundless numbers. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? We don't but God does and if we would open our hearts and minds to Him and allow him to enlighten us with truth, wisdom and the ability to discern when evil is present in those we are looking to place in our government. He was willing back in 2008 and even before that, but we were past hearing and seeing what we should have. Yes, God has distanced Himself from us, but we distanced ourselves from Him first. So maybe, we need to circumvent our attention to Him so that He will no longer keep His back turned to us and hear our pleas for help to save our country.

  2. The writer is correct about "there is no difference between the RINO, the Republican Party and Democrats. Yes it is all true, and it is true because WE MADE IT TRUE! WE voted for it since Lyndon Johnson. WE said nothing from LBJ's war in Viet Nam to his "War of Poverty" that created the welfare state that has robbed the very will and spirit of 2 generations of Black and poor Whites and now Latinos. WE did it all! Greed was OUR Master and we loved it. The government? Who cares as long as it does not touch me, but if you touch me, why then I will scream and shout, and then be quiet because nothing happened. In the 2012 election only 2 Congressional seats (in the House none in the Senate) were changed--2!! Obama is the root of all evil? Congress is the root and Obama is merely fertilizing it. I have watched everything I marched for in the 60's-72 destroyed; I have watched as everything in Atlas Shrugged has become true in this country. I sometimes think that "Beware the man/woman/group who screams too loudly for Freedom"--for they will just scream and push you to the front to die. Beware of Talkers and not Doers. Be very Aware of those who would tell you what the Constitution says; because they KNOW you have no clue for you have no doubt never read it. Somebody said that God has distance Himself from us. I respectfully disagree, but understand the principle. God, the Holy Father of the Beloved Son Jesus Christ and His Breath the Holy Spirit HAS NEVER MOVED! It has always been US who have moved away from the Father. He is the same, He never changes. We have and we have loved it. And like pigs, we will push away anybody who wants my slop. This country, its morals, its laws, its present morality has given rise to Sodom asking if us, why not them?