Saturday, March 9, 2013

“Do You Have A- R.A.T.T. As A Neighbor Or In Your Family ?”

“Do You Have A- R.A.T.T. As A Neighbor Or In Your Family ?”

Do you know a R.A.T.T. ? Most likely you do. Just who are these R.A.T.T.'s. And what the heck do they want ? The short but simple answer to those two vitally important questions are; that they are not your friends, they are not your allies, they are not wanting you to do anything but to choose in either becoming just like them, or if not; to die. R.A.T.T.'s. may be your neighbor, in your family, perhaps even a “friend” on Facebook or on another other social media internet website. I'm referring to R.A.T.T's, those are; “Recognizable, Authenticated-Terrorist Threats.” The terminology of who R.A.T.T.'s really are again is fairly self explanatory. That is to say that people who voice opinion or violate in any form the US Constitution and or Godly principles of this nation is in the short, or in simplest of explanations, of what is a “Recognizable, Authenticated Terrosristic Threat” are. They're bottom line desire is to force you to drink their “kool-aid” and drag you down to hell with the rest of the country or as I shared earlier; to die.

The Next question you might want to ask is, how does one recognize a “R.A.T.T” “ Well, there are many examples. The simplest way in which to identify a Recognizable, Authenticated Terrorstic Threat is by listening to their own words, and or in viewing who they follow and or believe in. See that “Elect Obama” bumper sticker on that car ? Yep.... They're a R.A.T.T.(s) How about those anti 2nd Amendment folks ? Yepper, you bet !- more R.A.T.T.'s. How about those cops who hand out speeding tickets or protect those corrupt judges and lawyers-yep, more of the same ! The USA is full of Recognizable, Authenticated Terroristic Threats--- let's see, we else can add to the list ? Oh yes !... the Feminists, the Jesus haters, Socialists, Communists, Democrats, Liberals, the vast majority of politicians, lawyers, CPS workers, Domestic Violence Program workers, The Southern Poverty Law Center, ACLU also- the list goes on and on. Let's not forget our “friends” in the “media” as well There are many, many more R.A.T.T.'s just like them all across our land. Our American, and as a matter of fact, at every level and in all three branches of government whether on the Federal, State, county, or local level, there are many R.A.T.T.'s. Let it be known, these folks have decided to “drink the kool-aid” of evil or of “Obama”(same thing). Some may say I'm being a bit harsh here in identifying R.A.T.T.'s, but the bottom line and sad fact shows all of us that you cannot trust a people who hate God and the US Constitution. Once again, it's their goal to permanently remove you, exterminate you, kill you if you do not also drink their potion of abomination as they have already done.

To many American's are lost in their foolish pious religious or arrogant thinking to recognize how really bad this nation has been infested with R.A.T.T.'s. These type of people have given up not only every aspect of common sense but even worse; sold their very souls to wicked men and women, just like Obama, the Clinton's, Eric Holder and others. Like I said, to bad so many are like them. I wish to warn everyone however, don't just blame the so called “church and christians”...Recognizable, Authenticated-Terroristic Threats come in every human size, every race, both genders... both male and female alike and every political view known made to mankind. Most likely, you cannot tell a Recognizable, Authenticated Terrorist Threat simply by looking at her or him, you need to see what and who they follow/or believe. What you do need to know is that they will turn you over to the militant R.A.T.Ts for punishment or to kill you the drop of a dime.

The Christian Bible is not only a great guide in telling us how to deal with R.A.T.T.'s but as well identifies for us in plain language that R.A.T.T.'s such as we see today would appear at some point in history. I firmly believe with all the evidence and facts of how we see human behaviour, we are at that time. In fact, the Christian Bible comes with a warning us of this very present moment that we are seeing the beginning of what will only become worse...that in Luke 12:53, Jesus said that “the father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against her daughter in law, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.” You see, even R.A.T.T's are in families as I indicated earlier in my article here. Jesus recognized that one-day, there would be “R.A.T.T's" that would be involved in tearing apart families. It's not just judges and lawyers splitting up families for cash and sport, no... so called family members are doing it to their own flesh and blood as well. In response to even our own family members, friends and the like “ratting us out" for our faith, Jesus identified that some of us who are not R.A.T.T's but true followers of Him, would be actually captured and brought up before the evil R.A.T.T.'s and their leaders. Quoting the Bible once again, our response at that time when being dragged before these wicked men and women should be as what was written in Mark 13:11...“But when they shall lead you, deliver you up, take no thought beforehand what ye shall speak, neither do ye premeditate; but whatsoever shall be given you in that hour, that speak ye; for it it is not ye that speak, but the Holy Ghost.” Indeed for those that are caught, you will be given some pretty powerful words to speak at these evil R.A.T.T.'s I am quite confident the words spoken will cut right to the heart of the R.A.T.T.'s so that if the do not repent, God will leave them with no excuse for their wickedness of following anyone or anything but God. Here take note however, the people who are “Recognizable, Authenticated-Terrorist Threats” are on the prowl, seeking even today they can convert or kill. Be ready, you may be soon called up before “courts” to answer for your faith in Christ and suffer for it such as I and other Americans have already been forced to do.

Keeping the focus on the Good Book, Let's remember a few things here... This is a command and we should follow God's instructions to the “T” in it...just keep in mind and realize this; that despite what the emergent church, cults and nominal christians(note the small letter 'c') these days tell or teach you, use of wisdom must be utilized when dealing with R.A.T.T.'s. Jesus warned all of us in Matthew 7:6 when dealing with the enemy... “ Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast your pearls before swine. Lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again to tear you.” We can see much of that sort of casting of “pearls before swine” these days when for example; wicked people like Obama, the Clinton's and others give Muslims Billions of dollars of so called “foreign aide.” Foolish and reckless R.A.T.T.'s have little care for throwing pearls before swine. This is so probably because those “pearls” have no personal cost to them, or that their real desire is destroy everything good and Godly anyway. For sure, we know that R.A.T.T's, in any-case, have little desire to do anything beneficial for Godly or doing anything moral anyway. They are are often self-centered beings and quite opposite of what God calls “decent.” I can personally attest to what I am writing here as true because after returning from a visit in our nation's Capital approximately one month ago, I can tell you all that once again, Washington DC is full of Recognizable, Authenticated-Terroristic Threats. It is sad and most unfortunate that most American's throughout our nation cannot really see who these R.A.T.T's are. As a matter of fact, Most American's still believe the lies that permeate the airwaves that somehow, there somehow remains justice in our land, that the media tells us the truth with facts on the nightly news broadcasts and that our so called “elected representatives” vote in favor of what is in all of our best interest. So a conclusion must be drawn here and sadly stated, that most American's are R.A.T.T.'s themselves and may not even realize it. Because of their willful ignorance, they have become an enemy not only an enemy to themselves, but as well, the enemy that God warns us about in the Bible.

No religion(The Biblical God has nothing to do with religion) can save us from people who are “Recognizable, Authenticated-Terrorist Threats.” Nor can any government or political party or even single human being, can save us either from these type of horrendous evil-doer such as R.A.T.T.'s. The time is here, the time is now that the R.A.T.T.'s have arrived. A special additional note regarding the thought process of these R.A.T.T.'s; The so called “zombies” that the R.A.T.T.'s keep talking about and paying money to police to kill in “mock emergency response drills”, the reality and reflection of what R.A.T.T's look like on the inside are in fact those “zombies.” Rather than looking at themselves as who and what R.A.T.T.'s really are, these “Recognizable, Authenticated-Terrorist Threats” are in reality planning in using their police to kill all of us who follow Christ and love America's Constitutional freedoms. The “zombie attack drill” is their cover for their plans on how to kill all non-conformists towards their evil agenda. If what I am saying here was not true, why in February, 2013, did our American Government(Department of Homeland Security) purchase 1.6 Billion rounds of ammunition, 2,700 Armored Personnel Carries and 1000 machine guns for themselves ? Surely, the R.A.T.T.'s are on the move.

I do hope and pray you get and see my point. R.A.T.T.'s are real...they are not only from foreign shores as our own as our Recognizable, Authenticated-Terroristic Threat Government agents tell us. They are not only from nations such as Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, N. Korean, China and other nations that they indicate... no, they are also home grown evilists that teach in our schools, run our news agencies, run our government(s), and according to our Constitution, have no place or business living in, or being employed in our nation. I have warned all of you many times before; if you do not immediately remove evil, even forcibly and quickly, that evil left alone will fester... will only grow bigger and grow worse. Which, leads me to ask you this vitally important question; isn't it easier to remove a disease when it is first appears rather then waiting until the disease has grown and a person is on their death bed ? R.A.T.T.'s are everywhere in America right now. The Christian Church and pulpit have failed exponentially in not only identifying Recognizable, Authenticated-Terroristic Threats, but removing them as well. The Recognizable, Authenticated-Terrorist Threats themselves are multiplying like... well, yes... rats. This is the time when the resolve of every American man, women and child will be here-on-out challenged... even unto death. Men I specifically I position this question to you; will you “grow a pair” and stand up for what is right ? or will you fall by the way-side and become just another Recognizable, Authenticated-Terrorist Threat like your family member, or neighbor or someone else on your Facebook “friend” list that already has their name etched on the walls of hell ?

As always, God of the Bible never forces us to choose. So, choose wisely, yet very wisely my friend.

Rev. Paul Waldmiller~ Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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  1. Yes, Rev. There are classes of "citizens police" being graduated throughout America with regularity. See "Citizens Police: My New Neighbors and Yours" at

    One does not have to be a citizen police to help infringe on the rights of his fellow man. A wise man said, "All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."