Saturday, March 2, 2013

“ Big Head-Bill O'Reilly Is About To Be Deflated”

“ Big Head-Bill O'Reilly Is About To Be Deflated”

Poor Bill O'Reilly... his often times arrogant attitude is finally going to get him in trouble. No, when I state here “in trouble” I don not mean by any means that any “man" could do to him. No... what I am sharing here is in regards to what he along with a very long line of very foolish have done throughout history; specifically, that is openly calling God of the Bible a liar. Now Bill hasn't come right-out and called God a “liar”, utilizing that exact word, but he does claim that the Christian Bible is not to be taken literally. Mr. O'Reilly in fact states that the Bible is “allegorical” not literal Bill goes on in the article link I just posted here to state that the Bible actually also contradicts itself... ouch Bill, that's gonna hurt! Again, I really feel sorry for 'Ol Bill but He will learn the hard way I guess.

Let me explain...If you really aren't familiar with Bill O'Reilly, he is well known as a past news correspondent, current author and commentator. He has a television program usually aired on the Fox News Network where he comments on various topics. Many American's have either a love for him or real disdain and or even loathe him. Both Liberals and Conservatives in many ways have voiced opposition to Mr. O'Reilly's “moderate” view points and that has brought many of them also to oppose Bill's views even publicly. There are other various reasons for folks disliking of Mr. O'Reilly though. The largest complaint by far regarding Bill, is his arrogant attitude-plain and simple. Mr. O'Reilly comments on many subjects and if you don't agree with him, he does tend to get into a kind of mean spiritedness. In fact often times you are called a “pin head” by Bill if you do voice opposition to him. Yes, Bill can be correct in his facts and as a matter of fact he is correct more than half-the time I'd say judging by the times I have viewed and listened to him. Mr. O'Reilly's being correct on occasion or even wrong is not the root problem however---Bill's problem is his attitude about being correct (or even when he is wrong). Mr. O'Reilly makes a conscious attempt to degrade people who disagree with him. Hey ! There's nothing wrong about confronting evil but when Bill get's “high on his horse”, there's no knocking him down.... He's right, or else !

Being correct in any matter is a good thing. Most(but not all) American's want fact. Delivery of “facts” however can have a big impact on a person's perception also of the messenger, not just what is being presented as “fact.” Bill O'Reilly's problem often times is his “delivery” of facts and how he treats others. In the past years, Bill has been popularized with his attitude and treatment of others and as a matter of fact, has very high viewer ratings for treating others on his program poorly. That's all good right ? Well, not Bill proclaims on his Fox News program that his is a “no spin zone” program, but Bill is in fact is himself taking a huge step of hypocrisy by claiming in essence the Bible as it is written is not true. By proclaiming the Christian Bible as being “allegorical”, Mr. O'Reilly is doing exactly what he claims he will not allow any guest on his program engage in; “spinning.” He is in essence, calling God, a “pinhead.”

If only Bill's ego would let him see that he is wrong about his view of thee Bible(and other matters). If only he picked up the Christian Bible and read 2 Timothy 3:16 where it is read; “ All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction is righteousness.” I mean it's all so simple to read, is it now Bill ? Adam and Eve... Yes Bill... they really existed and so did every “character” in the Bible. If Bill was smart--- before engaging in writing his upcoming book; “Killing Jesus” Bill should have embarked on looking at all the newly discovered Biblical artifacts found in recent years. As Bill claims there are “new facts” about Jesus, Bill instead looked at the facts that show the words of the Bible are shown to be true. Mr. O'Reilly is treading on dangerous grounds right now. He ought to be extremely careful that he doesn't catch any number of curses and negative consequences mentioned in the Bible for his apostasy and or adding or taking away anything from the Bible(Revelation 22:18-19).

Interestingly perhaps I suppose, I believe, Mr. O'Reilly goes against the beliefs of his own Roman Catholic religious teachings when he spouts such things as the Bible being only allegorical, and not literal. Now, I'm not a “Roman Catholic” kinda guy. For me, I believe in the Bible, not human traditions, but Bill seems so full of himself, that he believes he can challenge anyone including even his own religious leaders. Sure, Bill is probably powerful enough to keep the Roman Catholic Church and their leaders off his back, but does he really think there is no consequence for challenging God and His Word ? Indeed, this is where all men(all people)---eventually go when they become to powerful, Bill O
Reilly also.... these type's get full of themselves and think they can question God and His Word and manipulate God's words to fit any way they want to without consequence. I have good news for Mr. O'Reilly, he can change course(repent) right now; he can read and pray through the Christian Bible with eyes not on his own beliefs and actually read for himself that God says what He means, and means what He says. Mr. O'Reilly can instead though go on in stepping in that land mine and take a chance in seeing what happens. I guarantee everyone one thing, including for Mr. Bill O'Reilly... no man(person) has ever challenged God or His Word without God showing up in ways many would not expect. Yep, I feel sorry for Ol' Bill if he doesn't repent. He's about to get a huge lesson on humility if he doesn't stop his foolish challenge to God and His Word.

Take cover everyone ! God's in control... Bill O'Reilly... You've just entered God's “no spin zone.”

Psalms 18:27 For you save a humble people, but the haughty eyes you bring down.
Rev. Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor


  1. Started to watch Mysteries of the Bible last night. Sat there and laughed as they found all of these scientific reasons for the plagues in Egypt. The locusts caused all of the firt born to die. Now if that isn't a good lie, I have no clue what is.

    Have a good one pastor.

  2. ..."Take cover everyone ! God's in control... Bill O'Reilly... You've just entered God's “no spin zone.”"


  3. Bill is usually right,...but he was wrong on Obama,....I have seen enough evidence to bring Obama's false records to be viewed in court
    Obama is clearly hiding much of his past.Trump offered Obama 5-10 Million for him to produce his college records and birth certificate,Obama could give the money to any charity he wants,....what does Obama do?,...laughs it off,makes a joke about it,...uuummmm?,.....anyone that has nothing to hide would produce these records

  4. People of science have for many years denounced many or most events in the Bible as being stories of Myth. Folks have found the ancient city of Sodom along with 4-5 cities that God destroyed around 3100-3200 BC. Some say an asteroid hit the earth and destroyed ancient animals that have lived on this planet for millions of years. Science always can find a way to explain a disaster that was caused by nature. (true)---One thing that science has failed to visit is the FACT that God controls all elements of nature, plus no power or authority on earth comes from man. All things that happens on earth first must go through Gods hands for approval.---There is no such things as luck, accidental or miracles in the eyes of God. All events are controlled by God.
    Man and woman mixes the sperm for a baby and God gives that baby a Soul---Is that an accident---NO---It is God at work.
    When God deems a baby as being a living soul, I would stay away from aborting such life. Jesus is the protector of all the innocent children and mankind will pay for their Evil deeds.
    Take the Holy Bible and place a blinder one on each side of the Bible and read it as though you are looking through a tunnel. Farmers did this to the plow animals to prevent them from being distracted by things that appear to them out of the corner or their eye or to the side.
    Read the Bible the same way---Why listen to man"s opinion or watch video tapes that has adopted a view they wish to share---(Their View) not Gods view. Jesus tells us when the time does come he will tell us of the mysteries within the Bible and when he will return----Focus on the Main Thing---Jesus---The Cross and the Blood, plus read Romans chapter 10 verse 9 and believe what you read and Jesus will save you. Not great deeds, tons of money, charities and all of the other good things you do to include obeying his laws.
    If you do not believe in Romans Chapter 10 Verse 9----Nothing else matters---The laws, the Bible, the Cross the Blood of Jesus does not mean one thing to mankind if you denounce the existence of Jesus Christ and what he did for us and the world.
    Did the dinosaur's walk the earth with Adam and Eve and mankind or have you decided with science---They existed millions of years ago along with some sort of caveman.
    If this is your stance, you are calling or making God a Liar. He tells us that all was created by him---ALL---animals and mankind.----Adam named each one and he had dominion over them. Animals prior to sin being brought into the world had no fear of man, they were to be used, cared for and loved as pets to include the earth itself.
    If you do not believe on the entire Bible as being Gods Word---The Trinity---Father--Son and Holy Spirit and the story of creation where he created all in 6 days and on the 7th day he rested. To mankind, one of Gods day is equal to 1000 of our years. I am not going to speculate whether he created using the 24 day or the 1000 year, day---He does not tell us exactly---I would say 24 hr. day.
    Carbon dating science is attempting to make GOD another Liar about his creation being billions or millions of year old.
    Will you take mans word, a history channel / discovery channel, a video from a so called prophet / man of God or will you place your blinders back onto the side of the Bible and read Gods Word---It is not Wrong--Corrupted, False or misleading----If it was all wrong---Than why have a God, Jesus a Bible or any hope for mankind.

    Myself---I will serve my Lord Jesus and the Holy Father in Heaven-----There is no Holy Father on Earth--just a man that has attempted to make himself God and mislead people to HELL.---God tells us he is the only Father and he is surely the only living God and mankind will be shown great Power and Authority.---There is no limit to his Power or what he can do-----He is God, he is Master of all---He can do anything and all things.

    1. big ol bill is a complete hypocrite. i have been hypocritical in the past, have been called out on it, and have been corrected and have changed my ways. bill is slippery, he has recently defended the president against turd blossom karl rove at the putin meeting. obama called putin a kid in the back of the class etc. oreilly thought this was great. rove thought it was bad for relations. there is always some smelly controlled opposition thing going on with this stuff. and ol bill just says that he is "fair" and unbiased. right. spoken like a true masonic jesuit. what is worse is he has these two mutant dinosuars on named dennis miller and adam corolla on to talk. i dont know who thinks these two are relevant. milller used to be funny. corolla is a boring former jimmy kimmel co host when they had the beer guzzling man show. about as neanderthalic as you can get on tv. but i dont have tv anymore. so i am trying to forget that.