Friday, April 5, 2013

“2 Prosecutors Dead, Dead Cops, Legislators And Teachers Arrested... I Warned You”

“2 Prosecutors Dead, Dead Cops, Legislators And Teachers Arrested... I Warned You”

In January 2011, I wrote an article regarding abusive police and others connected through government corruption with law enforcement backing. In that same article, I took the time to explain the dilemma of seeing how nationwide here in America, we were then seeing a marked increase in the amount of police brutality and police that also were abusing United States Citizen's Constitutional rights( of US Citizens. In no surprise at all to this date, I have found since writing that article, those issues of abuse and brutality have actually escalated, not de-escalated as I had hoped. What we now see in fact, because of an increase in what can only be described as a sinister and purposeful execution of a plan to terrorize American Citizens with physical intimidation and violence, the media is proving on a daily basis what I predicted just two short years ago in other also written articles, That is that we have become wilful subjects of secularization and government authority. To this point we also read reports of a backlash of sorts from those, who are not necessarily of evil wronging “good”, rather we are seeing that “back lash” via those who actually are enemies of all that is good. What I mean is this; evil is eating it's self and it is largely the violent convicted criminals who are doing the attacks on the corrupted government and it's agents like the prosecutors and the police.

Is anyone really shocked and surprised when we see the media reports I know some of you reading my article here may not on the onset agree with grouping corrupted prosecutors with cops, but let's look at the reality of the recent rash of a couple of prosecutors in Texas murdered shall we ? We don't here a lot about injustice in Texas, but it's a reality there as well. I'm not surprised at all about the shootings there and I feel quite confident that people like Randy Kelton from Cherokee County, TX who was falsely arrested and put in jail for months until the FBI and some Federal legislators got involved and got him out(, is probably not shocked either. In fact I have met many good and fine folks in the State of Texas who have been wrongly accused of things they have not participated in, even with oodles and oodles of proof but yet had their children snatched by Child Protective Services and then sold off as commodity to foster care and adoption agencies via Corrupted Judges and lawyers there as well. The “Great” State of Texas may not be all it seems to be, and if Texas, which has boasted of it's “freedom loving” attitudes including love for “God, guns and liberty” is not all it appears to be, then what of the rest of America ? Seems like America is rotting from the inside. Has America(Texas now included) all become a lie corroded because of the facade of justice ?

God does not tolerate such lies and abuses. So as two state prosecutors have been killed by also evil people, cop killing is also on the rise. Just yesterday, a police officer in Jackson, Mississippi( was murdered right in his own police station !. There has been a rash of police officers being killed including in courts all around the USA. Most of these killings are from dangerous(just as evil as the cops who are partaking in illegal activities) and of those who have committed crimes in the past. For sure, there are those however who are taking matters into their own hands because of the insidious and unconstitutional as well as, ungodly behavior of politicians, judges, lawyers, cops and others and murdering prosecutors and police, but I don't agree with this manner of taking matters into one's hands for vengeance. I have warned everyone however of---in my article of January, 2011, what evil consequences has “come home to roost” because of participating in wicked things like injustice. For those that may be unfamiliar of just what warning I am speaking is that Biblical warning I gave at the time; Deuteronomy 27:19 “ Cursed is the man who withholds justice from the alien, the fatherless or the widow: Then all the people shall say Amen.” Surely, the Bible shows us all who are entrusted to “serve and protect”, those that are allegedly to dispense “blind justice” and let non-guilty parties go free, have engaged instead in terrorizing good people for financial profit and for personal notoriety for “being tough on crime.” We repeatedly see all over our nation, people who are innocent--- that prosecutors, lawyers, judges, police and others, will put good and innocent people away in jail anyway. Take my advice, NO !, I take that back... take the advice of Brian Banks, If you are innocent of any crime you may be being accused of now or in the future; DON'T take a “plea deal”( If you do, you will regret it for the rest of your life !

That Biblical “curse” that I described and posted previously is taking shape and form all throughout American society. It is not just the cops and prosecutors being exposed and suffering negative consequences for negative actions. No, we only need to look at recent headlines from New York State. In fact, there are those N.Y. State Legislators(three up to this point) that have been arrested for engaging in illegal acts of bribery, graft and other illegal activities like them. Nothing escapes God's punishments, nothing (—city-councilman). No doubt that there will be more legislators and politicians to be arrested soon, but what of the scandal and illegal activities that still go on-on a daily basis all throughout New York State, Look at where this American society is at, If we cannot even trust our public school teachers with our children, who can we trust ?
County and local/city court rooms via corrupted judges, lawyers, cops, CPS, Domestic Violence programs, County Clerk's Offices, etc ?? The Biblical curse against those who partake in injustice is just beginning to take shape and take hold. Those that are engaged in matters of filling their coffers with cash while at the same time engaging in injustice are just now beginning to see their fruit of darkness coming forth. Apparently, not even our public school teachers are immune from taking part in illegal activities for cash, they also have sown to their own demise and destruction.

Prosecutors and cops killed, legislators and teachers arrested... evil is eating it's self, injustice is imploding ! Indeed as I also posted elsewhere in my same January, 2011 article, I quoted, Proverbs 28:5 which reads; “Evil men do not understand justice, but those who seek the LORD understand it fully.” I understand justice, I also understand the Biblical principles of blessings and curses. What many prosecutors, cops, politicians and others are now reaping is of their own making. In fact, soon, God may be visiting some very corrupted and evil judges, lawyers, cops, a Filipina Migration Marriage Scammer and as well, others who participate in injustice in Genesee County, NY( I will not need to lift a finger against these evil doers, as God Himself will continue to knock on their hearts to repent of their evil. If they choose not to repent and restore to all those(including to all the wrongly arrested and jailed from the African-American Community there), God will orchestrate something against them and it will not be pleasant. I do pray these evil people repent before something tragic does occur. It's not my call though---it's theirs.

God demands justice, he will not let His children cry out for justice forever. God will move on the behalf of those who suffer persecution and evil. Beware evil doers, you are marked and without repentance for your wrong doing, you are marked by God Himself. Repent before your world implodes upon you. Jesus is the answer, not evil. Make God's ways your ways.

Proverbs 29:7 The righteous care about justice for the poor, but the wicked have no such concern.

Rev Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor


  1. I just want to let you know that, on my website, Klacey's Castle, I was forced to remove the horrendous truths noted there in regards to all that Family Court, Child Protective Services, and others had done to Corey and I. Such a gag order, in violation of my right to freedom of speech was slapped on me by Judge Lori Christian. In this case, the truth really does hurt, I guess? He will be eighteen in one year, thank God, and, hopefully then, they won't be able to mess with either of us anymore.

  2. My nightmare stared in 1998. I fell pregnant with my now 1 year old son. The Father was twice arrested for Domestic Violence, against me. One of those occasions I was holding our then month old son in my arms. For 14 years this man has told my son horrible lies about me and my family, going as far as to tell him I only wanted him for the child support. Thing is, he never paid the child support! This creep went as far as to show mys on him mailing an envelope, which he told my son was child support. It never arrived! In October, 2014, we went to court. The Father was asking for custody. By this time, he had my son completely brainwashed, I was a bad mother, I hated him, I am an abuser. My son truly believes this. My son joined in with the father calling DCF and the police on many many occassins with false reports of abuse. All returned UNFOUNDED. But this constant negativity about me being pumped into my sons heart and head has done irrperable damage. It breaks my heart.

    During the custody hearing, the father had a counsellor appear via telephone. this was a counsellor that I had requested to help me and my sons relationship which was by this time very very difficult! This counsellor, informed the Court that I told her I had been diagnosed as Schizophrenic and that I refused to take the medication!! This was a TOTAL LIE! Not surprisingly, the Court, nor the Attorney for the Father, FIRST qualified this "expert witness" before she gave her so called "expert testimony". Is come to find that this "counsellor was NOT registered NOR Licensed as a counsellor in the state of Florida!! The Judge is so ignorant she even made reference to the counsellors testimony, adding "Why would the counsellor lie"... Arrrggghhh so Ignorant! I should say that I fired this counsellor after 3 months as it was obvious that she did not have the skills necessary to handle a case like mine, given all the abuse over the years. Infact, she did not even understand what "shared parental responsibility" was, she thought it was Custody!!

    Yet the Court chose to believe this idiot! Oh and let me not forget that after FOUR hours of testimony, I needed to use the bathroom. I was gone for no more than 5 minutes, However, during this time the Court called my then 14 year old son to give testimony, IN MY ABSENCE!!! Denying me the right to defend myself. I have no idea what was said. DIRTY POLITICS!! Yeah, this Judge is now going to run for FEDERAL judge. Just what we need another DIRTY Judge on the bench! NOT While I am still breathing!!

    I have not seen my son for over a year. I don't see it getting any better. The Court allowed my abuser, my sons abuser to continue the Parental Alienation, failed my son, and myself. I will never ever have any Faith in this good ole boy system. Especially Pasco County, Florida! Of course the father is white, and I am mixed. Any one of color in Pasco County knows that the Courts are bias.

    I am writing a book. I will EXPOSE the atrocities of the American Legal System, at the Expense of OUR children,