Thursday, January 24, 2013

“What Does Obama, The Clinton's, Lance Armstrong And Manti Te'o All have in Common ?"

“What Does Obama, The Clinton's, Lance Armstrong And Manti Te'o All have in Common ?

With all the attention of the latest news about all of those mentioned in the title of this article, you probably have guessed; “lying.” While the “jury” is still out about Manti Teo's imaginary girlfriend and whether he really believed she existed, well I'm not so sure we will ever really find out. I can tell you that beyond all these folks lying, America has a problem. I kind of touched on this subject matter in previous article entitled; “Lying, When Is It Ever Allowed ? “ ( There is the root issue however of lying and how well people lie these days that has yet to be identified. Indeed, many people in America and around the world have rejected Jesus Christ and the Bible and thus has created a vacuum or sorts. That “vacuum” is of lack of morality and has led to what can only be described as an American society and as well, a world problem with pathological liars everywhere.

As what my friend Bill Windsor, who is a documentary film producer and director of Lawless America(I've mentioned Bill in a few articles now) has sadly found by his work with some self-proclaimed “victims” of abuse, corruption and other horrible crimes... not everyone tells the truth. I don't know Bill well enough to say for sure, but I feel confident at this point, and after meeting him; it would seem Bill is much like me, he is willing to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. That attitude of openness to everyone and willingness to want to see the best in people has gotten me in trouble in the past. Bill has also seemingly suffered like I have because, well... people can and do lie and are just so convincing sometimes and we fall prey to those who appear to be sincere(yep...”looks can be deceiving). I don't think wanting to believe people's stories regarding personal or other matters on the onset is such a bad thing. I am however tired of getting “burned” by the liars.

I have seen people in my lifetime, and without a bat of the eye, a flinch in the face, or absolutely no crack or variance in their voice; tell some of the most outrageous of lies(and get away with it !). There are people with hearts so black that they have actually become expert liars. Now, I'm not talking about someone who is simply in denial or in the need for acceptance whether someone else is telling the truth, No---What I am sharing about are people who willfully, deceitful and make a conscious effort to destroy someone, or something. It can be a marriage partner, a co-worker, a friend, an associate, whomever. The bottom line is that there are actual people in this world who are lying their butt's off just so they may gain an upper hand and or destroy someone/persons or something.

Folks, it's getting mighty scary out there in relation in who we can trust and believe. As some of you have shared with me publicly as well as in private; the so called “Church” is not immune from bold-face liars as well. There are many wolves in the pulpits that if you were not knowledgeable of the Bible, you could really start believing many of their half-truths that they spew every Sunday morning. That's the thing as well... These are dangerous times, many Christians don't know their Bibles and they get caught up with these wolves quite easily(2Cor. 11:14). Sadly, it would seem in fact, that Christians who do get confronted with Biblical truth in regards too wrongly taught(usually feel good, touchy-feely, “mo' money” theologies) not only willing refuse to acknowledge error, they willingly protect the wolf who taught the willful error as well !

What can be said about “protecting” evil and enabling wicked acts by anyone in society; in or outside the Church ? I mean the Bible is full of “Do Not's” and “avoids” regarding keeping away from evil/wickedness and the like. I could also rattle off a couple dozen Bible Scriptures right here proving my point(s), but I won't. I will just state “for the record” that we as people who know better, must expose this gross sin and attitude that is so prevalent in our wold today. Obama, the Clinton's many people like them just lie and lie and the cannot and be allowed to influence us nor our families. It's like these type's have an auto pilot “lie button” switch on them somewhere. With a straight face these people lie and have no intention of stopping. The news media, whole segments of society, and others willingly enable such lies by not only not holding liars like them accountable, and what is even more sick is that these enablers know the lying occurs but actually encourage that twisted immoral act and want our children to act the same way!

What could we as a nation and a world ever do with so many liars and enabling of evil ? I mean we cannot incarcerate millions of liars can we ?. That would cost trillions of dollars and would take years and years of work to eradicate. Besides, you cannot legislate an evil heart. Haven't we learned that with our drug laws ? If people want to kill themselves, murder their minds, ruin their children's minds and ruin their own family relationships with drugs, we can make all the laws we want but that won't stop people. Should we just give in to sin and wickedness then allow “legalization” of drugs, and other harmful things like lying to also become “legal”? No... That would only enable sin and wickedness and God's judging hand would be even heavier upon us than it already is. The issue as all problems are; that what we suffer is a matter of the heart. Here's the issue in a nut shell...our world has many sick hearts and that needs mending. Only one person can mend a heart and His name is Jesus Christ of the Bible. Truth be known; If we focused on what the Bible said instead of self serving desires, we would already have dealt properly with these liars(probably as children)long ago and we wouldn't have this pervasive problem(s) plaguing our society and world as we now see it.

Healthy people don't need to lie, they don't need drugs or alcohol, they don't need to steal, kill, maim or murder. Healthy folks don't enable evil acts as well. In fact, healthy people know how to set healthy boundaries and say “no”(when the heck was the last time you heard that word in a healthy context ????). In our entitlement and relativistic driven societies, when was the last time you actually did hear a parent, a citizen or a government agent(like a judge or a cop) for that matter say “no” to evil and wicked behaviours? I am looking at the rems of video files sent to me with factual allegations that judges and cops(and others like them) have, and continue to partake in immoral and even illegal behavioir... all gone unchecked of course. There is little to no accountability for liars and evil doers in our world any longer including those who are supposedly people put in authority over us. In fact, for the most part, the majority of folks around us just keep voting in the same(type) of bad people who lie,cheat and steal on a regular basis, just as if there was nothing wrong with “lying, cheating or stealing.” What does that say about us ? Yes... I said “us” because many of “us” who grumble, complain but “we” do many of the same(or similar) things that those whom we complain about ! Like I said, “many are sick” but won't admit to it. The Bible calls that behaviour as being “hypocritical.”

There once a time when a man's word and a handshake on a promise was all that was needed in this world. That time however is long-gone. Many people today will shake your hand and promise you things that they never have any intention on keeping(anyone got a Filipina Migration Marriage Scammer in their life ?). We should have all along done what the Christian Bible teaches us, and that is to keep (force ourselves if necessary)ourselves and others in being accountable. Lying must be brought to a place once again where it is viewed as unacceptable behaviour and there must also be consequences for that bad behaviour. So, the days of looking the other way, or burying your head as what most supposed “Christians” do, is as it always has been; completely and Biblically speaking-unacceptable.

What is your intention in making sure that liars and those who willfully act in sinful and wicked acts like lying, especially for leaders of our government, media, and others who are influential among us are held accountable ? I hope and pray it is more than with typed or empty words or rhetoric. I also hope to see you standing or sitting at my side, whether on the streets or in the offices, but vividly in some form of action against those who need to be confronted of such pathologically and willful evil behaviours as lying.

Learn to say “No” in a healthy way and no longer tolerate lies.

Isn't that right Nenette ?

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor


  1. Well said! Yes, yes, yes! Well said!

  2. And then shall that Wicked be revealed "the wicked one," referring to the "man of sin," and called "the wicked one" because of the eminent depravity of the system of which he was to be the head; 2 Thessalonians 2:8

  3. A lot of the problems stem from self-proclaimed Christians misinterpreting what the Book says. It says To Be Witnesses, not to just talk about being a Christian. We have millions of Christians in name only people in the US. Some of them are in the pulpits proclaiming an overthrow of our Government because they simply don't like who is President. This goes contrary to Romans 1:13. Yet others try to force Christian Morals and beliefs on people who the Holy Spirit has simply not made ready for the ,message. There are a lot of things going on. There are a lot of messages that are devoid of reality. The best we can do, the only thing we rightfully can do, is be who God has ordained us to be.