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“ I Fear For America, There Is Only One Way To Victory”

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“ I Fear For America, There Is Only One Way To Victory”

I do... I absolutely fear for no only all American Citizen's I fear for the nation's very existence. I feel this way not because of some sort of trauma I have suffered nor just another tragedy in the news. No, I fear for Americans and the nation of the USA because of all what many American's call themselves and do what they do.

The simple fact is the majority of American's call themselves “Christians” yet purposely live outside the Bible and also what Jesus said how to live. Another fact is that America was founded on Biblical precepts yet God is barely mentioned in the lives or government here. Oh sure, there are general references to “god/God” but no substance to who the true God of the Bible. Many so called “Christians” stand idly by as evil takes hold of our families, churches(pulpits) and government. It is very difficult to find true Bible believing Christians anymore. Most American's seem content to accept ungodly behavior or refuse to call out those who openly violate God's Word even when the Bible clearly states over and over again to expose and remove that evil...both in ourselves and in our society.

The Jesus haters grow in this nation with little to no opposition as well. Our society is being bombarded with so much hatred of God without opposition from the so called “Church”, I'm afraid that America's complete collapse and existence is about to occur any day now. For sure God is merciful and God gives grace but people are blind as well as dumb if they think God's judgment has not already begun because of decades of Americans violating God's Biblical precepts.. One only needs to look at the weather, the destructed marriages, how American's generally treat one-another, murdered children through abortions, gang and school shootings... all to see what I see. If that wasn't enough, evilists rule our nation in taking every step possible to finish off God and remove Him totally from our society instituting instead their; “daddy government” and secular-demonic rules over our lives.

The majority of Americans voted for evil this last election cycle so here we are. We as a nation have allowed our own fate. The military and police in America are largely in favor of evil ruling over us because “evil” gives them a paycheck to lord wickedness over us. Evil is practicing every day how they will take away all your God given and Natural Rights during the soon deceleration of Martial Law here in America. Sure, there will be sporadic groups fighting back against those who participate in evil but in the end---because God is not at the head of the “rebellion against tyranny”, those who partake in resisting“daddy government” will be in the end-crushed. Again, this is due to God of the Bible not being at the fore front and heart of the American's who seek justice. Even against great odds against them, the Continental US Army fought and won against the mighty British Army and Hessian Mercenaries because they knew to put God of the Bible first and rely on the Lord as their strength.

American's are quite conditioned(and have been for years) to do whatever they want or feel like evil and then whine only when evils consequences occur for evil behaviour. If anyone thinks or believes that there will be a cohesiveness in regards to American's jumping up and fighting back when “daddy government” finally takes over every segment of American society; those who believe that lie, are simply. sadly mistaken. Come on, let's be realistic we American's can't even stay committed to our marriage vows, families or jobs no less being committed to rescuing our nation and US Constitution in distress. American's and the USA culture is entirely fractured, it is impossible to see groups with such widely held beliefs come together to get our nation back. Hardly any anyone gets along any more in America. Don't believe me ?? Just log on to any social website and watch all the hatred, name calling, threats and just plain crazy things people believe and say to one-another. After reading and seeing all what so many American's say and do to one another, what fleshly man or woman, without lying to someone, who will be able to make so many splinter groups, organizations agree with one another in one voice and one action without God as the head ? It will never happen.

Let's be honest and real here some more... I am just like you; we are but men and women. We are but of flesh and most American's are to complacent in watching their Superbowl, sports, TV, music, video games, party's, getting drunk or only find that they are good at nothing but whining and complaining. The best most American's can do is giving “the finger” and complaining when adversity strikes. We react, we do not act. We have no good strategy, we have no good plan and the only plan is plainly and historically proven true only in the Bible. gain even with tears, many live as the enemies of Christ. Their destiny is destruction, their god is their stomach, and their glory is their shame. We American's resemble Philippians 3:19 'Whose end is destruction, whose god is their belly, and whose glory is their shame, who mind earthly things.”

Our American Fore Father's were in some ways very different also in their attitude. In fact, there were some serious feuds between them but the vast majority of them found that the only thing that could and would unify them was Jesus Christ and the Bible. Personal Christian denominational, and Atheist or other beliefs were put aside so that this Republic could be unified. As fragile as it was at that time, personal feelings were set aside for Biblical Truth. I know many American's who hate God will deny this historical truth no matter how many US Founding Father quotes I post here so I won't bother. However, there is more truth in what I just shared then what most will admit--- which is really my main point of this article... many American's hate God and this nation is about to tip over without getting back up. It's so very evident. Maybe you're saying “but Pastor, I love Jesus.” OK, That may very well may be true for some, but for many American's Jesus is asking... “Why do you call me Lord, Lord but do not do what I say ?”~ Jesus(Luke 6:46).

This nation will go down to hell without the true unifying “glue” that is Jesus Christ. He said it, not me... “ I tell you, No; except you repent, you shall all likewise perish.” Luke 13:3 also declares all of us to pick and choose. This once great Republic(which is you and I) must choose today. Not tomorrow, because tomorrow may be to late. God will not force you nor will I what and whom to choose but also remember, there are consequences. Is God and the majority of our Founding Father's in what they believed also true or is God and those American Founding Fathers all just a lie ? You must decide.

2 Chronicles 7:14 “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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