Friday, August 17, 2012

“ When Is Lying Ever Allowed ? ”

                                                         “ When Is Lying Ever Allowed ? ”

No doubt for many centuries now, men and women have been looking for the answer to that very question---- “When Is Lying Ever Allowed ?” Whether out of fear, taking advantage of someone, hatred, scamming someone, taking revenge, or for any myriad of  reasons, people have been looking to justify and make any excuse possible for making not having to tell the truth whether in part, or in whole.  My experience as a Bible believing Christian and pastor as well as after reading the “Good Book” itself ,over and over r the same 20-plus years, I can tell you that not once does the Bible ever speak to us in justifying lying. In fact, right away Numbers 23;19 comes to mind where the Bible tells us the very nature of God is “truth” and that “ God is not a man, that he should lie...”  The Word of  God in which most people my age or older, were taught not to lie from the teaching of the 9th Commandment of the Ten Commandments. Do you remember or know what God states in that Commandment? Well whether you remember, are aware or not, here it is for you; “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.”  I am keenly aware that some of you reading this article may not believe or follow any of the Ten Commandments, but I want to make it quite clear that the not believing or desire in following the 10 Commandments does not negate the great impact they have had and still have upon most Western nations today. In fact, as folks may make their way looking to wiggle out of following any one of the Commandments, we can also find perhaps some of the largest culprits of “wiggling” from following God, and she/he is like the “lawyer” of yester-year and even that of modern times. All one needs to do to see this attitude from past to even to present is in reading Luke 10:29, we can read that it was a lawyer “.... wanting to justify himself, said to Jesus, 'And who is my neighbor? “ Looking at people's hearts today as well as our government and judicial system, nothing hearts and minds still look for reason and excuse to lie whenever possible. Indeed, even from the time before Jesus, nothing has changed, the lawyers, judges and the whole host of government and police agencies that support have in all sorts of excuses in their making and justifying lies.

Jennie Basal(Waldmiller) Filipina Migration
Marriage Scammer.

                                                                                              Donna Haslinger-Lying

We are all aware, I am sure that matters of lying goes on everyday in court rooms and as well in hearts all across our nation. Staying focused on the professionals who engage in lying as part of their we just to see how two opposing lawyers in a court room operate. They both tell their side of their story, but neither story matches with the other- how can this be ? Most people have come to accept that when a lawyer lies in court, that is justifiable because she/he is representing their client. Likewise, judges may make awful and prejudicial rulings against anyone they want at anytime. There is no recourse against this sort of lie other than to go to a higher court on appeal and hope to get the bad judges prejudicial ruling overturned. Nothing “bad” will ever happen to the judge for she/he has absolute immunity when ruling from the bench. Judges lie all the time, especially in Family Courts despite their being a code of conduct for judges(lawyers also) but because of the attitude of their sticking together in their “Ol' boy's club” attitude amongst those in the local and or state Bar Association, very, very times will you ever hear of a judge or lawyer getting in trouble for lying. Matters and decisions of the law are always justified in the courtroom, even to the degree of lying.

Corrupt Genesee County, NY Judge Robert Noonan

Of course if lawyers and judges can “legally” lie, so can those who protect the judges and lawyers in and outside the courtroom; that is, the police. The Supreme Court of The United States of America has repeatedly made in it's decisions that the police may lie to you at any extent in getting or manipulating a person to admit guilt in a crime. Despite Perjury Laws that prevent people in making false statements to police, testifying under oath in the courtroom, police are allowed to lie to you at anytime if they have reasonable suspicion that you have been involved in the act of committing a crime. Apparently...police, judges and lawyers are all exempt through immunity from what the rest of our society is not allowed to practice.

Corrupt Erie County, NY Judge Tracey Bannister

Of course lawyers and judges are obviously not only the only group of people who justify lying; religious people lie also. Perhaps you are familiar with the word “Taqiyya” where by both Shi'a and Sunni Muslims utilize their teachings from their Qur’an to lie to others either for reason for protection or to take advantage of an “infidel”(non Muslim believer). If you haven't noticed, there is absolutely no shortage of Islamists in our nation and their numbers are growing daily here in America. Even Mormons/latter Day Saints are allowed to lie in their religion in which they apparently call “Lying For The lord” . There have been also Roman Catholic theologians who have justified lying in the past also Seems to me, an awful lot of religious people justify lying. I'm glad I'm not religious, Jesus of the Bible declared lying wrong and as a matter of fact, it was my Jesus of the Bible who called out the Jewish religious leaders of his time in John 8:44 saying; “ You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father the devil, and the desires your father you want to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it.

Corrupt Genesee County, NY D.A. Larry Freedman

                                                               Julie Falvey-lying lawyer  
Indeed, people will lie for any reason really. Inevitably, most people lie to gain control over someone or something. In America and all across the world really, many people have wrongfully accepted lying as an acceptable practice. Barack Obama lies, Mitt Romney lies, the vast majority of politicians lie whether through an out right lie or through omission ( Interestingly I see that although the vast majority of the electorate are aware that these politicians lie, hose very same people will still vote for the lying politicians anyway ! Think about that for a minute would you?... What can be said about any culture or people group where people knowingly vote to elect liars ? So many people these days lie to one another, it has become and epidemic and so many people these days lie as becoming natural to them just as eating a meal or like riding a bicycle. In fact, so many people purposely lie these days, it is difficult to know when people are telling the truth.

I have people contact me all the time for one reason or another but, what I am learning about the great degree of lying occurring in our world is that these days I need to be very cautious when communicating with so many of people because until I really get to know them, I never know if what they are sharing with me is truth. There are so many people these days with spiritual, mental health, emotional issues and or devious motives it is getting more and more difficult to know whom to trust. Perhaps the most watched for lie that I look for are those who tell half-truths, that is to say that people will not tell an entire lie but tell me or someone else truth mixed with a lie. In other words, truth and lies are mixed, and to me, that is the most dangerous sort of lie because truth is enmeshed with a lie as well. The Bible warns all of us to be aware of such half-truths in 2Corinthians 11:14 “and for no wonder, even satan disguises himself as an angel of light.” The devil is always active in people and half-truths are the lies he uses the most to do his dirty work.

As I have been already victimized by a Filipina Migration Marriage Scammer who used already corrupted judges, lawyers to help defraud me and even to use a City of Batavia, NY cop to threaten to murder me and deny and violate my Natural, God given and US Constitutional rights as a Bible believing Christian the lesson here hopefully learned for all in this article is this; we ought not ever to lie ( )
 . There is never a time lying is allowed by God of the Bible. Those who do engage in lying need to repent to Jesus for their act. Being there is no excuse for lying and those who are put in charge of leadership of any nation should be the first to repent to set a Godly example for the rest. I do as the Bible so declares, that If those leaders who engage in lying or any other ungodly act will not repent, they should simply be removed. There is no place in any society for unrepentant liars or for any other unrepentant sinister act as a matter of fact. Let's all get our hearts right before Almighty God, not just in the area of lying.

Pastor Paul Waldmiller ~ Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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  1. Psalm 141
    2 Let my prayer be like incense set before you,
    my uplifted hands like an evening sacrifice.
    3 Set a guard, Adonai, over my mouth;
    keep watch at the door of my lips.
    4 Don’t let my heart turn to anything evil
    or allow me to act wickedly
    with men who are evildoers;
    keep me from eating their delicacies. Amen Amen

  2. I am of the Latter Day saint Faith, and NO WHERE does the church advocate, or remonstrate, or accept it members lying for ANY reason.....that wiki page was NOT written by the church or it's leaders, but by those who THINK they know what they speak, but have no idea.....the position of the Church is simple: To do ALL things as Christ did....and Christ never lied!

  3. ‎1 Do not worship any other gods-not a part of most western law, actually most western law opposes this idiotic command.
    2. do not make any idols- sorry again most western law allows for this and is against such a command, for sake of fr
    3. do not misuse the name of god- again freedom of speech opposes this commandment
    4. keep the sabbath holy- western law is for freedom, so it does not respect the sabbath
    5. honor your mother and father- alright advice)for the most part), but perfectly legal to disown your parents in situations that call for it.
    6. do not murder- yes it is a law and this type of law predates the bible not commit adultery- good advice and illegal in some areas.
    8. Do not steal- a law that predates the bible not lie- not a law enforced by any western government outside of courtrooms and police stations
    10. do not covet- certainly not a law, actually quite poor advice people who covet, strive to achieve more

    sorry you were wrong.

    1. Except the 10 commandments were all part of western law until recently, when we decided we are smarter than God.

  4. It seems that the language has confused everyone pretty thoroughly. Bearing false witness against another relates directly to motive and action. When Joshua sent 2 young men to spy out Jericho, there were two issues of great importance which could cause conflict if we do not realize that it is better to be led by the Spirit than imprisoned by the letter. First, Rahab, who protected the spies was a harlot, second, she lied to protect them. She did not bear false witness against the men of God, but she did lie to protect them. If we look at the genealogy of Jesus, we find that Rahab is in his lineage. She was led by the Spirit of God to do as she did, anyone want to judge her now? IICor3 "Who also hath made us able ministers of the new testament; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life."
    Read Richard Wurmbrand in Tortured for Christ and understand how he saw the prohibition against lying used by the authorities to betray believers.
    Such foolishness!!!!
    And for those who cannot understand the distinction between murder which the commandment addresses and killing which it does not, again wake up!!

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