Friday, January 11, 2013

“Why Is Evil Pushing, And Good Buckling Under ? “

“Why Is Evil Pushing, And Good Buckling Under ? “

I have to wonder what and why the reason for the lack of good men and women of God are lacking courage these days ? I have come to the conclusion after seeing so much evil in the world that what Jesus said in Matthew 7:22 that “many” would not be allowed in heaven is a reality-especially for this generation on earth. No doubt there are “many” who talk a good game when speaking of Godly things, taking actions of righteous justice, helping the suffering.... but rare is it today to see good and Godly people rise up against evil and the things that evil people say and do....

To shore up my comments here...let's look at some recent events, that just in the past few years, all of us should take notice and truly evaluate where we stand with Jesus of the Bible and in fighting back against evil...

*Unions... Labor unions at one point in our nation's history were necessary against evil men who owned corporations. Those corporate owners at that time which exploited workers...especially children for cash. Because of labor unions, child labor laws came into effect and existence as well as a “minimum wage”was founded for all workers. Those things were good but today, many unions represent matters of evil, especially in the political world. Unions often side with Communist and Socialist dogma and have themselves turned into the “greedy monsters” that once was labeled only towards corporate owners and managers. In today's world-wide economy, many are suffering including corporations. Why on God's green earth would any labor union go and protest and or strike against any company thus purposely putting them out of business ? Got a Twinkie anyone ? Who is standing up against these labor unions and telling them to use common sense ? There should be flocks of people (yes, I said the word “flocks”) who are engaging these labor unions out in the street and right there at their own “labor halls”, telling them that they need to stop harassing businesses for money they don't have. If you want a job-work. If you want to live out on the street, go on a labor strike at your job.

*Media... The vast majority of media today is pro-Communist. Let's face the reality here. It's not just Piers Morgan. There is a major campaign by most of the media to purposely turn this nation upside down and impregnate the people of this country with lies of the devil. While Al Sharpton with his recent idiotic rants on MSNBC regarding (any subject matter he opens his mouth to) gun confiscation is just the tip of the iceberg as far as identifying who in the American media hates the United States and our Christian beliefs. For those of you who view and are fans of Fox News or get the major portion of your news information from the “catholic lawyer channel”, beware. Much of what you see on Fox is of entertainment value only. Not only that, you will get a distorted view of what is really going on in the world from them. They are just like all the other “news organizations” in that they are ratings driven, not truth driven. Why is any news agency or news reporter/anchor allowed to state half-truths or no truth at all in their reporting anyway? Most folks don't bother to call or write the producers of these news programs--- calling them out for their agenda in making entertainment and not reporting facts nor truth. In fact most of these so called reporters and news anchors hide behind their masks as “commentators” not as those who give the facts of the news worthy items. No American should be allowing half truths or tainted news stories to be aired-ever. You do have a choice---turn that crap off and write the producers that you turned their programming off.

*Obama and Congress... Here we see a very tiny portion of the populace but with 99.9% of the power. Without anyone stopping them, Obama and Congress does what ever they want, how they want...whenever they want. Unfortunately most of what Obama and Congress does are purposeful acts of evil. Let me ask you something--- When was the last time you muttered something like “You can't fight city hall” and other lies like it ? What of “Fast and Furious” ?--- where Eric Holder and others had direct knowledge and participation in this scandal, leading to a US Border Agent's death. Those who allowed by Congress and Obama to remain without being incarcerated for their crimes yet today remain free... why ? Where is the outrage ? How about the Benghazi scandal... Why is Obama, Hilary Clinton and others not in jail ?...and what of the many members of the US Congress that lie over and over and over again to the American people ? For sure Obama and his “team” are the most evil and corrupt politician’s ever recorded. Likewise, John Boehner(and all the RINO's), Barbara Boxer, Dianee Feinstein, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi should have all been jailed long ago along with many of the other corrupted members of our legislative branch of government yet they remain free... why ?

You aware that Corporate America owns the majority of our government, right ? Billions of dollars flow through the hands of our so called “elected officials” via corporate special interests groups and lobbyists every year. The reality is that if you stand for evil, and or or have enough cash... you can easily have practically any Congress member introduce and get passed any legislative bill you desire. Don't believe me ? Why did “Obama care” get passed and Planned Parenthood receive yet another year of tax payer funding ? These are just two of the hundreds and thousands of evil bills passed through Congress. So... Why aren't citizens of this nation mobilizing to take back their government and eliminate these evils ?... You know...“by the people, for the people” ? How could it possibly be that Obama was re-elected ? There should have been a “march on DC” with millions of very angry Americans a long time ago in throwing out all these dirty rascals a long time ago.

*Judiciary Corruption.... Can I say “holy crap !” ? This is one of the most corrupt and evil segments of our American(and world-wide) Society. If there is one segment that will bring God's damnation of America, this is it !.....I cannot emphasize how evil our judiciary is here in the USA. Evil judges, lawyers, cops, court workers and others employed in and or through the judiciary system in America is overflowing and oozing with graft and corruption. Judges taking bribes, violating their own “laws” freely and without check... lawyers who purposely lie, cheat and steal as well do anything they want without consequence for their evil. Police ? Wow ! Cops beating up and or incarcerating innocent citizens are posted up on YouTube, take a good look. For me---

As my friend Bill Windsor, who is continuing to film those who have suffered from judicial corruption has seen and shown many times already with his YouTube video posts, evil is sadly alive and well in our judiciary and government's. Just why are people allowing themselves to have their children, families, homes and property purposely stolen, abused or destroyed without retribution for real Biblical justice ? Does not God in the Bible say in Isaiah 10:1-2 Woe to those who make unjust laws, to those who issue oppressive decrees, to deprive the poor of their rights and withhold justice from the oppressed of my people, making widows their prey and robbing the fatherless. “ ? Does not God Himself demand we take justice. Does not the “Chucrh” know the difference between justice and vengeance ? I'm afraid most American “christians” are “jesus butterfly believers”.... Not Biblical Jesus believers.

Throughout this article, I have just barely touched on how the issues of evil knocking down “good” without “good” responding properly or at all, is plaguing America. In all honesty, I am disgusted at especially the so called “Church” which hides and cowers under the church pews and pulpit rather than standing and responding for what is right before a Biblical God. The “Church” should be ashamed of it's self for not taking a righteous stand against evil. Right now, the “world” is out shinning the “Church” in the area of pushing back evil. That is exactly why Jesus said “many” in Matthew 7:22 wouldn’t get in heaven.

There isn't much time left. America is about to cease to exist unless.... yes....unless, especially the “Church” starts to take it's place in a Biblical stand and push back against evil(Ephesians 5:11, James 2:17-20. So...If you seen a woman being raped, would you stand there and just pray only or would you take action to stop the rapist and save that poor woman ? If you answered that question replying that you would rescue the woman... praise the Lord ! Now, your children, your family, your neighbors and nation are all being raped ! Go and stop the evil ! In Jesus name stop the evil and remove it before it's to late for you and everyone else. For those who stand by and do nothing...God will judge you for your inaction and in doing nothing and I will be there to help point you out !

Proverbs 24:11-12 11 if you hold back from rescuing those taken away to death, those who go staggering to the slaughter; 12 if you say, “Look, we did not know this”—does not he who weighs the heart perceive it? Does not he who keeps watch over your soul know it? And will he not repay all according to their deeds?

Black Robe Regiment Pastor-Pastor Paul Waldmiller

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