Friday, January 4, 2013

“Obama And Those Who Sow To The Flesh”

“Obama And Those Who Sow To The Flesh”

You may or not recognize the flesh sowers. To help you along a little.... let's just say that these are the people who often tell others things they like to hear but there's an evil motive behind their sowing. At work, maybe you call some of these flesh sowers; “brown noser”or “suck-ups.” Perhaps it's someone you know that is always trying to “stroke” you for something they want. Come on--- you all know what and who I'm talking about here. Obama is a flesh sewer, he knows just how to make people feel empowered using words that will not inspire people to do good, his intention is just like the “suck up's” who manipulate their already twisted hearts into doing something awful. In fact, it was Obama, during the 2012 Presidential Election you heard him say things like “get revenge” and also told his supporters how much he “loves America.” He went on however to distort truth in many ways only to purposely bring divisions between genders, classes and race's across our nation.

Likewise the religious these days also sow to the flesh... you know them also. Those are the “prosperity gospel” preachers you see on TV or just up the road from you with their “mega churches.” You can hear them right ? With their phrases like “God give me mo' money !” or --- “sew a seed of $285.17 and God will bless you a hundred times over, he'll make you rich beyond what you can ever imagine.”Oh, these are also the kind of so called “pastors” who try to make you believe they are super religious also. They are “jesusfied” with their 11th, 12th and 13th commandments. You knew according to them, there are thirteen commandments right ? No ? Well they sure do act that way. Here look at what they believe according to the flesh(Jesus said you shall know them by their fruit). I'm sure you have met some of them some where in life if not already seen them on your television sets....

11th Commandment “Thou shall answer every problem only with prayer. They will insist there is no action required in ridding evil or or in doing right beyond prayer. They say things like “Let God take care of it sister.” They have also been known to say things like; “Just pray and let God handle it.” This unbiblical attitudes goes against what the Bible teaches in Ephesians 5:11 and James 2:17-20.

12th Commandment “As a pastor, we never speak. We stay silent when we hear something we don't agree with, we let the Holy Spirit speak to people.” What a load of crap. Hosea 6, again Ephesians 5:11 and James 4:17 straightens out that lie from hell.

13th Commandment, much like the 12th so called commandment... “Thou shall never speak ill will of another pastor no matter what they may say or do.” Ugh ! Jesus said Himself to beware of ravenous wolves ! How will “sheep” know who belongs to the devil unless the pulpit warns the sheep ! Romans 16:17-18 and Matthew 7:15.

I remember some years ago a so called pastor(who I found our later was a documented peadophile) would usually greet me with words like “Oh great man of God, how are you today.” I would cringe inside every time he greeted me. God's Spirit inside me knew just who this man belonged to and how he was trying to appeal to my flesh. Praise the Lord I did not fall for his antics and later separated myself from him and exposed him to others.

Pastors, politicians, news casters(yes, even Fox News), matter who it is, those that follow the flesh rather than Gospel truth, are dangerous. Dangerous you may be asking ? Yes.... dangerous ! They are such because they react to, report on behalf of, and then follow or get others to follow half-truths and lies rather than whole truth. Sadly and unfortunately, there are many such people in our world today who are easy prey of the devil and his scheme of flesh sowing. Because of increasing matters such as unforgiveness, hatred, bitterness, malice, unresolved grief and trauma all around us, these people have become easy targets for those who can and will often take advantage of them and manipulate them in doing evil. We can see the evidence of those most often who have sown to the flesh and how they sold their souls even for a couple of dollars. Just take a look at your local news some time for example, that's all it takes to see what I mean. For me personally, I've seen with my own eyes flesh sewers manipulate others all around the world... In the Philippines for example, I have seen some people there jump from one religious belief to another all depending on who is giving them the “better deal”(more cash or goods.) Like wise, look at all the people in America who voted for Obama for the simple price of a so called “free” cell phone or a few words like “revenge” or “ make them pay their fair share.” Also just like Obama, most politicians, lawyers, cops, news reporters and others engaged in “public service” have also become very good at sowing to the flesh and sadly, people believe such garbage and lies from them. Heck, In fact, you could probably refer to these types of people enlisted in our government and the news agencies as “professional flesh sowers.”

People aren't crazy these days, people are just plain and simply...dangerous. Who would think that they would sell their/our own children, families, country....even their very own souls for cash ?.... Wow ! No matter where we go it seems, people are doing it... they are allowing themselves to be suckered in to matters that do not involve truth but rather those things that for a moment anyway, makes them feel good and they don't care whom it hurts, or who it destroys.

The Christian Bible is clear. In Galatians 6:8 it states; “ For he that sows to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption, but he that sows to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap everlasting life.” To many people these days play political, religious, legal and other like minded dangerous games. If you yourself have concern as to how to recognize such people involved in fleshly things...there is but only one way to recognize who these people are and that's through having a real and personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. We are in the last days and there are wolves like flesh sowers are everywhere. They will gladly try to trick you into following evil and live according to the flesh of sin. Don't be fooled folks, get to know who these ill intentioned people are. Once you find them, pray for them and make sure you tell them the truth. Until they repent of their evil actions however, warn them of their impending destruction from God's judgment, then go on to warn others of just what evil these flesh sowers are promoting to others as well.

My Biblical advice to you.

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor


  1. Sadly the world is eat up with them my brother, and they are multiplying. I see once sane folks, taking a bow to 'well everybody else is'......I will give up the ghost first!

  2. Pastor Waldmiller, Thank you for this wonderful reminder of truths about sowing to the flesh. I particularly enjoyed and agreed with you about the 11th, 12th and 13th commandments! I can't quote the Chapter or Verse, but I know that the Bible says to have nothing to do with those who practice evil (or darkness) but rather EXPOSE them. To witness evil and not make any effort to expose it or sound an alarm to others about it makes one an accomplice, in a sense. I have a strong gift of discernment, and you certainly do as well. I have felt a strong "nudging" since the campaign of 2008 to warn everyone I knew that this man running for President is phoney. The terms he used during that campaign like "redistribution of wealth," and many others (Rev. Jeremiah Wright is another) sounded alarms in my mind and spirit. Obama has lied by saying that he's a Christian. Again, thanks for this... I want to subscribe to your blog. If I can't figure out how to do it, I'll be back in touch.