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“ Do You Know The Difference Between Justice And Vengeance ?, You Better !”

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“ Do You Know The Difference Between Justice And Vengeance ?, You Better !”

Because of the rapidly increasing hostility towards the U.S Constitution and actions of physical assaults towards fellow American citizens by those who hold authority in and through our governments, We know hear more than echos and in plan of stopping practically every action conceivable stopping such illegal abuses of our God given and Natural Rights. Now, there is nothing wrong with voicing one's opinion when it comes to expressing one's view regarding removal of evil and those who break such God given and Natural Rights. However, lack of knowledge and or allowing emotions to rule our words and actions can be quite problematic.

The worst thing we can do as a people, and as a nation is to allow such things as chaos and anarchy to enter in when there is already evil festering. What I mean is, that we should not allow anyone to remove evil in any such fashion as they feel appropriate. We are a nation of laws and have a Constitution in which we can clearly see works for us. IF we are willing to follow the Constitution of the USA, and as God has ordained, we may have our nation back. Let me say this; just because there are many current government officials, government employees(in all three branches of govt.) or those who have influence over our government through receivership of government loans, grants and the like, does not mean we can just take “the law” into our own hands. As my father taught me at a very young age; “Two wrongs don't make a right.”

As many(not all) of our American Founding Fathers were Bible believing Christians, they knew right where to get not only their source of personal strength, insight but as well, also for the very foundation of our United States Constitution( and laws of the land. We need to pay close attention to what our Founding Father's laid out for us as it's original intent for “We The People.” What the Father's of our nation found, was that as I expressed earlier in this article; that we should not be a people engaged in chaos, anarchy and I also will mention here that we should not also be a people not engaged in evil acts on any level. In fact, “We The People” separated from King George III of England in 1776 because of his(their) tyrannical, oppressive and evil actions. I get a “kick” out of so called “christians”(note the lower case letter “c”) today who say that our American Fore Fathers were “rebellious” and we never should have rebelled against King George the 3rd. Many of these so called “christians” today are the same one's cowering in their church pews and behind their pulpits calling their “sheep” to only pray and or just lay there or to do nothing about removal of evil. We all know(well, at least we all should know, there are the willfully ignorant out there unfortunately) that the attitude of these “christians” are quite unscriptual and show themselves to be quite cowardly and opposite of what the Christian Bible has called all of us to be.

Now, keeping with the theme and title of this article, we must know the difference between what is vengeance and what is justice. For sure, God is interested in justice and He is also interested in vengeance. For His people however, vengeance is something in totally avoiding and not in taking part in. We can plainly see that in Romans 12:19, the Word says that vengeance is God's business, not ours. Vengeance involves chaos, it involves anarchy and if partook in, would make anyone of us just as guilty as the person who acted against the U.S. Constitution as well. We can clearly see what vengeance looks like in our nation; Remember the riots in L.A. When Rodney King was beaten by the mostly Caucasian police ?( The actions of those who were supposedly in support of a victim, went and looted stores, stealing items, burned down minority owned businesses and cost billions of dollars in damages. Now those actions were acts of vengeance and is nothing but acts also of chaos and anarchism. This is also vengeance in it's purist form... there was no gathering for justice for Rodney King, only actions to get something for free and hurt any innocent bystander who was unfortunately in the way of those participating in acts of the “vengeance for Rodney King.”. The source of Rodney King's Constitutional rights were not attacked during much and mostly during those riots, but instead, many innocent people, businesses and others were instead destroyed. Indeed this is exactly why God says not to take vengeance.

God has His perfect ways... He has given us a clear path utilizing a document with the Christian Bible at it's foundation. Again; the U.S Constitution is our guide. God says it many times in the Bible about His caring about justice. Just one of many Bible Scriptures quoted here... In Isaiah 1:17, God Himself declares; “ Learn to do right ! Seek Justice, encourage the oppressed. Defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow.” I don't see how much clearer it can be what we are to do as far we as a nation must seek and gain righteous justice. There are clear ways that our nation has set up laws to provide for justice and if those that are supposed to provide justice for us fail at doing their job, they must be removed. God demands it, He demands justice. God however is a God of “order, not confusion, He is a god of peace...” 1 Corinthians 14:33

Were you aware that even the Bible believing church is supposed to have it's own built in justice system outside the pagan's ? Indeed, We as Christians are warned in the Bible not to sue one-another as well. To my knowledge, there is not one bible believing church that sets up it's own court with biblical justice being dispensed. This is not only sad, this is unscriptual. Our Founding Father's built our nation's foundational laws as such upon Biblical principles( and we as a people have gone astray by allowing evil to settle in rather than the rule of law. Evil men and women this day “rule the roost.” One can not define evil other than what it is. No matter what talking heads will say on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS FOX News or the like. Evil is evil and that is what we have in current form of leadership in government and as well, many in the hearts of people in our nation today. If what I was declaring was not true, this nation would not be suffering(at it's own device and making) the murderous tirades or “mad men” as of late.

In our nation, our leaders(in all three branches of government and on every level) who partake in evil are currently allowed to go unchecked and continue in their damage upon all of us. For sure there are those who may be planning some sort of maneuver or plan to remove them but let me ask this important question of them... is what you are planning vengeance or is it justice based? We have a Constitution whereby men may be appointed to Grand Jury's, laws allowing men that may be hired as law enforcement, jailers outside of corrupt institutions and persons and the like. Why would anyone allow more chaos in our nation by partaking in an action(vengeance) that would perhaps feel good for the moment but in the end, allow more evil and bring to our nation more chaos and possibly anarchy in the end all of our destruction ?

For sure God has a plan. His plan for America and every nation is for good. Indeed and once again, I acknowledge that all evil must be removed( However, let us not do so with vengeance on our lips, hearts or ways, for that is God's job. Instead, let us remove evil in an orderly, Godly-lawfully fashion. In so that we may see God's hand in bringing restoration to our land and not in it's further destruction, which is the current course in which we are headed.

Remember, God has a plan !

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~ Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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  1. Amen! You are quite correct. The more I study Law, real Law, the more I see God's Law in the root of man's law. The problem is that it has been corrupted by man's law and We the People are living in deception of this. The Bible is quite clear on being double minded and this includes supporting a 'system' which operates outside of the Law. I am with a group who wants to teach People the truth in Law, and it does refer back to God's Law as you learn in depth. My prayer is that God bring His truth, light and justice to His children and we realize That His ways are truly the best ways for all of His creation. God bless ya'll!