Friday, August 24, 2012

“Are Organizations Like The Southern Poverty Law Center, Terrorist Organizations?”

            “Are Organizations Like The Southern Poverty Law Center, Terrorist Organizations?”

With the recent shootings including today's shooting near the Empire State building in New York City and of course also the shooting at the Family Research Council in Washington, DC, one might wonder what in the world is going on in our world regarding all this increased violence in our society. Well, those who are spiritually aware of our “societal temperature” sure do understand where our world is at and soon heading. Christian prophets as a matter of fact have been warning nations, including our very own USA for years now of the impending disasters (we now suffer)f people did not stop entertaining and compromising with evil at every turn in their lives... but guess what, that day the prophets warned us about regarding leaving God's spiritual best is indeed here now and sadly, many can't or won't see it.

That's just it, many people don't understand spirituality and the Bible in America any more. Many people have their own concept of good and evil and then run with it, and run they do... unfortunately it's often in the wrong direction and chaos and disaster often ensues. Even Rush Limbaugh who is usually well equipped with an opinion as to how to deal with those whom he disagrees with, recently spouted off on his daily radio program the other day that he was at a loss when speaking about “what do we do with people who vote for Obama ?” I have news for Mr. Limbaugh and others like him who are at a loss for what to do with people who seem dim witted; our society is not just suffering from some sort of temporary “lapse” in good judgment like those voting for Obama... People have seemingly lost all common sense and reason and are now growing in number daily and not only themselves rapidly deteriorating in mind and the ability to reason, they are (maybe without knowledge ???) contributing to the overall destruction of the world around them without a care on who they take down with them.

Pop psychologists and “Dr. Phil” types clamor about the ever growing and increase of mental health issues people are suffering from and of course even there, these folks cannot be counted on for definite answer as to why people are “losing their minds”, but most of them in fact simply just look to “Big Pharma” for more “happy” pills to prescribe to people with rather than getting to the core issue of why people suffer. Gee, if only God were be allowed in our nation again and recognized as the one to go to when there was a need....but oh no, we don't want that,(sarcasm) no... we don't want to hurt people's feelings like the the politically correct, the Atheists or even the homosexuals-that might offend them. We have to remain politically correct and leave God out of the conversation. After all “God is only a figment of our imagination” and God has nothing to do with common sense and our county Right ? Well, that's how many of our nations leaders, psychologists, teachers, and others profess and believe and looks like God hating is the number one to do if you want to be in the “in-crowd.”

The war against God is real and it's negative fruits are here as evidenced by the increase in shootings and attacks especially against Christians and others. Indeed, there is a real war, the war against God and the Bible and organizations like the American Civil Liberties Organization, The Southern Poverty Center and others like them who “pump up” those who are already filled with sinfulness and hate towards Jesus as well as all, and everything the United States and most of Western Civilization was built on; that is Christianity. The more Christians want to talk or share about Jesus the more action hate and those that enable terrorizing groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center provide. It's not just Biblical Christians that should be concerned about there safety with all these increase in shootings, it's other groups like “militias, patriots and conservative groups” that should be concerned. If you look at the the SPLC's website, you can clearly see that they are lumping true hate groups such as White supremacists, Black Liberation Groups, Neo-Nazi Groups and others along with Christians and those of follow the US Constitution. There is an absolute purposeful hate agenda against Christians and good people who love the USA all grouped together with real haters without provocation on the part of Christians by the Southern Poverty Law Center's website. Websites like this is where those who love evil and sin obviously gain there wrong minded justification to act out in violent ways against Christians and good people of our nation. Hate has played the game of “blame the victim” and now victims are being shot at and murdered.

The SPLC has no reason to hate Jesus of the Bible, and those like them who spread hate against Biblical Christians have no factual justification to hate on persons like me or you(?). The Christian Bible is rooted in love, but there is of course consequences for hating God and living a foolish lifestyle but the “messenger” should not be blamed for truth telling as to consequences for living like hell I nor other Biblical Christians should be shot at or murdered for telling the truth. We are not to blame for the violent society we live in. The answer that people are looking for as to why these shootings occur and are now rapidly growing can be firmly placed on the Jesus haters themselves and not on whom those haters seem to blame-us Biblical Christians. We as a society need to understand that those who often cry “foul” these days are the actual instigators of the trouble that they claim
to be victimized by.

Please don't look to political parties like the Republican Party that is allegedly the “guardian”' of our liberty and freedoms in America for help in this issue of the SPLC, ACLU and other groups like them enabling terrorizing of good moral Americans. Instead, look to Jesus of the Bible.... because terrorizing and Jesus hating apparently will not end anytime soon. Groups like the SPLC and the ACLU are only going to continue in enabling evil people to hate and take violent action against good, decent and moral Americans as more and more Americans refuse to repent and make things right before God in our nation. Wicked people have no desire in stopping the evil nor the hate, their task is to divide and sew destruction so that wickedness may abound even more and that means obviously by some rhetortic and action seen as of late, killing Christians to silence Biblical truth is also on their agenda . The truth is, these people are seemingly willing to take whatever action necessary to get them and all of us, to that destructed end. The question for you who love God and our nation however is; will you let them ?

May God have mercy on the souls who forget God's justice and His ways.

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~ Black Robe Regiment Pastor

**** Reminder, be sure to get your Voting Poll Guardian Groups together very soon !


  1. [Bravo, Black Robe. You may enjoy this web bit I came across.]

    Jewish "Codes" Behind the DC Shooting

    If something is unnatural or anti-American or anti-Christian, the Southern Poverty Law Center is drawn to it like flies to something smelly. Which is why the SPLC hates the Family Research Council which is pro-traditional family, pro-America, and pro-Christ.
    After the shooting at FRC headquarters, which could have been a massacre, FRC president Tony Perkins stated that the SPLC has "been reckless in labeling organizations hate groups because they disagree with them on public policy."
    The SPLC calls the FRC a "hate" group because it follows Christ who said to His followers "Love your enemies" (Matt. 5:44).
    By way of contrast, heavily Jewish SPLC follows the ages-old Talmud which HATES science, females, children (homosexual sex with children is okay!), all Gentiles, Jesus (who was born a "bastard" - Jewish Encyclopedia), and all Christians! For sources Google or Yahoo "The Earliest Hate Criminals," "The Talmud and double standards" (July 3, 2012), and "Talmud" (Wikipedia).
    Be sure to Google "Zionist Watch" (5/26/2007) which called SPLC founder Morris Dees "a Jewish radical leftist pervert...sexual deviant...flagrant adulterer...[and] alleged child molester," also Google "The Anti-Chick-fil-A Jihad" and "Mikey Weinstein, Jesus-Basher."
    As you can tell, the SPLC (which is chummy with fellow schmucks including the ADL and ACLU) is a "love" group!
    BTW, the one five-letter name starting with "J" that SPLC etc. hate (no, not James or Julia) warned in Matt. 24:9 that in the end times "ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake." (I wonder how soon the SPLC will work for the banning of the Bible, the one book that America's greatest leaders highly exalted - Google "Dangerous Radicals of the Religious Right.")
    While the SPLC and think-alikes are busy back-stabbing evangelicals (viewed as Israel's best friends), the same schmucks are creating a huge backlash that will bring about the predicted end-time slaughter of two-thirds of Jewry and Jerusalem's devastation (Zech. 13 & 14). By doing all it can to help fulfill the Bible's predictions, the pervs at the you-know-what are actually making the Bible even more believable!

  2. My Question is will you Die for Jesus? remember he died for you. Im willing to give my life for Jesus and probably will have to do so..remember when you talk about Jesus the Devil is be sure of what you say because the Devil will use it against you..ALL PRAISE AND GLORY TO GOD!

    1. A-Men Wayne,....and may God Bless you,...I believe time is short. The day of the rapture is soon to come. The Bible is telling us everyday, people need to go back to the Holy Bible and get direction before it is to late. I too am aware that my earthly body may come to end for my belife in God, and Christ Jesus, so be it, because I'll be back with all my brothers and sisters in Christ. Like Billy Graham said "I've read the Bible, it's all going to turn out alright".

  3. The reality is that this battle is one between large gov't and small government; between individualism and collectivism; and between good and evil!

    The Southern Poverty Law Center has turned into an enforcement arm of the DHS and the Open Borders DC crowd; and thereby an arm of the WORLD-Wide Communis Party! It is a very corrupt, and politically-motivated organization, which has no compunction concerning bribery, extortion, and plain deceit in order to accomplish the maarching orders given by it's UN/Communist masters!

    The questions that each reader needs to ask himself, is very simple. Do you stand for Biblical Righteousness, the US Constitution, States Rights vs Federal domination, the rights of indivdual self-determination, and an individual's right to adequate self-defense? If so, then these bad guys need to be opposed at all levels, and by all means available!

    However, if you do not support the above platforms, you might want to check yourself, re-read God's Word, and seek His voice concerning these matters! Either our Founding Fathers were wrong, or they weren't! They were either raadical revolutionaries who un-biblically used force to stop the British abuses of the citizenry, or they acted appropriately! There is NO GRAY AREA in these matters.

    So, I suggest everyone make their own concious decision as to where you stand on these issues now, because there will be a time very soon, where that decision will be forced upon you, and it would be prudent to have taken the opportunity to think things through ahead of time, rther than make a knee-jerk reaction!

    In the Spirit of AMERICAN Liberty,
    Sic semper Tyrannus!