Friday, August 10, 2012

“Exposing And Dragging Evil Into The Light”

“Exposing And Dragging Evil Into The Light”

As a sort of supplement to last week's blog article regarding taking a righteous stand against evil, I wish to continue this week in sharing in the all important matter of exposing evil by pointing to and if necessary, dragging evil to the light. I have shared in numerous previous articles that the Bible is quite clear that we as Christians should expose evil and have nothing at all to do with evil. A simple and quick read of Ephesians 5:11 proves this correct, but what I quickly wish to do is get to my point and a very important question to all of you; What does the Church need to do when those engaged in evil utterly and in all determination, refuse to repent and change from their wicked ways ?

The simplistic answer to this question can be found in Matthew 5:13-16 where Jesus describes that it is the position of Bible believing Christians to be, that is to act as the “light” in every opportune moment, and that is for us to show what is right before God and never to lose that “light” before others for if we do lose our “light” we will be useless as those who know not God and be thrown away as those who are in the world. Here, we read Matthew 5:13-16 which clearly states.... “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again ? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men. 'You are the light of the world. A city on a hill can not be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on a stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your father in heaven.”

There are some religious folks out there who will tell you that “good deeds” only encompasses
that of giving away food to the hungry, to give used clothes to the needy or perhaps any number of deeds that looks and appears charitable, and I whole heartily agree that those are indeed Biblical “good deeds” but those are only partial act of the Biblical meaning of “good deeds” and the reality is that those previously mentioned acts are only touchy, feely, nice-nice things that has limited Biblical fruit. When Jesus spoke of “good deeds” He was also speaking of those matters that Christians through their “light” also shinned upon the darkness, that is---those involved in evil, in being shown, even forced in seeing the error of their ways will in the end hopefully repent. Oh now, before you start getting all hot under your religious collar about me mentioning forcing evil to be in the light, as yourself; isn't that what we are already doing with those who engage in rape, burglary, murder and other crimes? Indeed, we do not(well except for Obama, Eric Holder, Goldman Sachs and others who are apparently above the law) allow those who harm others walk around freely do we ? We bring them before fair and impartial judges(cough) do we not ? And if found guilty, those criminals who engaged in darkness are put in jail by the “light” correct ? Here is a sad truth about the “Church”---It is so sad that so many in the world can plainly see that many Christians these days do not like talking about, nor do many pastors also enjoy preaching about or engage in “shinning light on darkness” as it is a very “uncomfortable” and “not so politically correct” to expose wrong doing from within the confines of the church walls any more. Most Christians rather talk about and hear a sermon more in tune with jesus butterfly beliefs, that is to just stick with the “nice-nice” and comfortable portions of the Bible rather than have to acknowledge the Bible wants Christians to expose the wiles of the devil out there in the world irregardless if people are dying and going to hell over it.

It is so sad that so many people who call themselves “Christians” leave it up to the world to try to “be the light” in their own unbiblical way in exposing wrong and evil doing. Why is not the Church of Jesus Christ not engaged in exposing evil and at the same time assisting those who have been wronged in coming to know Jesus also? We can see plainly on the network news every night that millions of Americans and folks around the world need assistance beyond a hot meal, a warm blanket and a tout of Christian exclaiming“ Jesus loves you.” Indeed, there are millions of Americans and others around the world who would come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour if only Biblical Christians would get out of their safety zones and go out and stand for righteousness on behalf of the oppressed in the world. There are millions of unsaved Americans who are instead of having a Biblical Christians helping them fight for righteousness and justice, are simply being ignored and thus the opportunity to gain a soul in heaven is being washed away by the devil who often uses alcoholism, drug addiction, divorce, suicide and even murder to blind people to fact that Jesus Christ is the answer and that He has a wonderful plan for their lives if only they would live life God's way.

Indeed the world is tired of being enslaved to injustice of the corrupted and the terroristic governments that enable those corrupted people. Those people who have been enslaved for sometimes generations are now rising up to meet their oppressors but the Church is no where to be found in helping stear those who are oppressed into the right and Biblical direction. Oh sure, there are the religious and the devil's cheap imitation of godly leadership by those such as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and many others like them, but very, very few are the “real McCoy's”, that is those who stand for Jesus Christ of the Bible and make salvation through Jesus Christ paramount and above all in seeing people helped and rescued.

The world as I said has finally risen against ungodly and wicked behaviour of governments and it is people like William Windsor who's Lawless America film documentary is in the works and only after a few moths of being filmed, there is already talk of a nation wide weekly television program possibly produced and aired. Where are the Bible believing churches in banding together in their own film or work in victims of injustice; helping people getting to know Jesus Christ and also in getting Godly justice ? I don't see any Christian film makers our there or churches nor Christian denominations saying to people like William Windsor; “Hey Bill, how can we be a part of what you are doing ?, we also want people to get justice but we also want to love on them and want everyone even those who do evil, to repent then get to know Jesus in their hearts, so they don't hurt people anymore.” Nope the Church is again AWOL on this thing called “injustice” and looks like many Christians lost their “saltiness in the world.”

Another recent lost opportunity Biblical Christians lost out on in their “saltiness” in regards to the area of exposing injustice and where the world in fact had to do the job of the Churches in exposing unrighteousness, was also been projected on a film. This particular film project was just released recently and although there are some well meaning mentions of religion in the film, but one cannot help notice that Jesus and the Bible are missing from the film's contents. The film shares about what many people struggle with in and outside the Church and that is the issue of divorce and the evil US and State's use of Federal Title IVD, Chapter 666(I kid you not !!! 666 !) funds. As millions of Americans go through divorce each year, the Biblical Church largely stands on the side-lines doing little to nothing to stop this scheme from the devil even from within the confines of the church building walls. The guilty verdict is all ready out on divorce but the guilty verdict is not upon all the Christian men and women who didn't ask for a divorce, no the guilty verdict is upon the churches that treat those same divorced Christians like a disease ridden parasite. Oh yes, I'm sure a few church folks prayed for the person suffering through an unwanted divorce, but why didn't the entire church congregation get up off their fat pew potato butt's and march down to that court house whip out some “saltiness” and give that rebellious spouse seeking a divorce, the attorneys and the judges(as well as those cops guarding the court house) a good tongue lashing or two ? The end result of the church NOT partaking in helping poor souls getting justice is plainly seen in the statistics that show the divorce rate in the Christian church higher than in the world. I want to encourage everyone, Christian or not, to view this film documentary entitled; Support? System Down which can be viewed for free for a brief time at .

These days, social websites are filled with an increasingly hostile and very angry populace and the Church is missing in helping to bring the Biblical answers to people in desperate need to expose evil. The world's governments in response are preparing against people by hiring more police who are now using military grade weapons, APC's, and tanks to harm and kill the angry populace who have had enough. Even with armed government insurgents growing, the Church remains largely apathetic even to the pastors in the USA are wrongly and increasingly incarcerated also. Most of the Church does little to demand justice for anyone, even their own. I think in particular Sheriff Arpaio in the State of Arizona who many Americans say they love and admire, and who has gone way out of his way to ensure what he calls “Constitutional integrity” regarding Barack Obama's illegal activities but yet he has a Biblical pastor sitting right in his own jail and that pastor being held unconstitutionally also. The reality is “Sheriff Joe” is just like so many Americans in many ways even the so called “Christian Church.” All pick and choose convenient times to stand up for what is right and always only for their own benefit. This is what happens when the world dictates what “light” is; this sort of imitation of Natural Law is distorted and certainly unbiblical in nature.

The world is wasting away towards evil and the opportunities for the Church to be “salty” in exposing evil and showing what evil looks like under “the light”, are wasting away. To the “Church” I say; this is not the time to have your head up in the clouds, standing around praying or worshiping all day. Jesus' earthly ministry was spent not only in times of worship and prayer with the Father, He also spent a great amount of time being “salty” to a sick, depraved world that was deeply oppressed by earthly and religious rulers a like.
The Church better put the light on evil so all will see what it truly looks like, time is short.

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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  1. Great site so true

  2. We need more Pastors to speak against this "going along to get along" attitude of Christians from the pulpit! We are to be "inn" (no, I used the correct spelling!) the world, NOT "of" the world!