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“Of Bullying, Don't Blame The Bible...”

Of Bullying, Don't Blame The Bible...”

This week, I wish to discuss a recent news headlines that was spread across the world. It is a story of how a young boy from the Buffalo, NY area named Jamey Rodemeyer, committed suicide over his seemingly self admitted struggle with a “gay” lifestyle. He apparently left his feelings made known and his being “bullied” by others was recorded on a video that he posted on YouTube shortly before his death. Jamey stated that others who he identified and deemed as “bullies” in his school had called him names and also told him among other things; that “All gays go to hell.” I will lay the true blame for this tragic and sad event and pray that everyone who reads this article will soon understand the critical point in which our once great nation stands before God. The suicide of this young boy is both as I shared already; a sad commentary and true reflection of who and what many Americans have become. We are in a very dangerous place socially in America and we most definitely are actualizing and reaping the negative consequences for our horrible ungodly attitudes.

America has replaced God of the Bible with all sorts of lies, half truths not only in many so called “churches” but also perpetuated and propagated by non-christians everywhere. For several generations now, Christians(who are supposed to “know better”) have granted their children to attend public schools where the children are exposed to such ungodly teachings as the Theory of Evolution, sex education(even in kindergarten !), celebration of Halloween, pagan holidays and other deeply offensive matters before God. Yes indeed, whole generations have been exposed to the lie that we some how come from monkeys and or slime, children having sex is inevitable so “just be sure to wear a condom”, witchcraft, homosexuality, devil worship, Islam, the Easter Bunny and other purposeful misguided items have been sold as “truth” in public schools and brought about the common American teenager's response from a their liberal teacher's constant drilled mantra to her(his) students; “do what feels right”(as long as it has nothing to do with Christianity or your parents). Relativism rules over parent's rights or obligations in the USA all because we parents allow it.

In regards to Relativism rather than Biblical Truth being taught and accepted not only in schools but society also, this attitude has opened the door for allowing the lie that living a homosexual or any sinful lifestyle for that matter, is acceptable. This is far from God's Biblical truth and so is what other students in Jamey's school told him; that “all gays go to hell.” While it is true that homosexuality is a sin and unacceptable to God according to the Bible, students or anyone for that matter who blurts out to a child in a way “All gays go to hell “ is also in not right standing with God nor the Bible also. Above all else, the Bible says in 1 Corinthians 16:14; “Let all that you do be done in love.” All indications are that there was no love in the statements made from the students that condemned Jamey for his sinful lifestyle. There was no call for repentance to Christ Jesus, there was only condemnation for Jamey. How can anyone escape hell if what is sin is not known to a sinner as sin, then also the need for Jesus as saviour to then turn from a sinful lifestyle and place that sin upon the cross of Christ? Children especially need love. In no way am I saying that this child's gay lifestyle was some how less sinful than an adult's sinful actions but please remember, Jamey was only a young child. Children are very impressionable and need Godly and right instruction. Immerse a child in wickedness and ungodliness, enable a child in evil behavior,in doing so, don't expect that child to do well towards Godly behavior. The Bible in Proverbs 22:6 states clearly that parents should “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it” Wasn't Jamey Rodemeyer's sinful homosexual lifestyle not only a reflection of bad teaching in public schools, pagan ideology but also of his parents failure to guide and teach him that homosexuality is sinful and a shameful act before God ? What parent accepts sinful behavior of their children and does not reap a broken heart later ?

There are most definitely more to blame here for Jayme's suicide beyond Jamey's parents and classmates. Let's look now at the “Gay Community” that Jayme reached out to for help. By Jamey's own words in his Youtube video, he speaks of individuals that supported him emotionally in his “gay 
lifestyle; that homosexuality was normal, acceptable and that he was somehow “born this way.” How is that we parents, Christians and good people here in America allow homosexuals to propagate such lies among themselves, and get a hold of our young children's music, Internet, media and minds ? Why is it that Americans have come to accept this sickening behavior as “normal” and letting others outside us who know good from evil dictate what is right for our kids and nation ?

Next group of individuals that contributed to Jamey Rodemeyer's death is the “main stream” media. Oh they make me just as ill as this young boy's, student peers that called Jamey names without the benefit of repentance and restoration to Christ. When the whole issue of Jayme's suicide came about, the news media by and large made inappropriate and editorial introductions of the news that Jamey's committed suicide. Many a broadcaster on TV introduced the “bullying story” that homosexuality should have been an “accepted”,“acceptable”, “celebrated” and “tolerated lifestyle.” I have said it before and state it again here folks, the “main stream” media is an advocate of devilish things for the most part and wishes to have no part of God or Biblical things. You take a high risk when viewing or reading their “news” items. The “news people” are not interested in Biblical truth, only higher ratings so they can make more big bucks for commercial air time. So beware of the “main stream” media's influence on your children, family, home and our nation. If they can push a demonic agenda while making money doing it, they will. That's their bottom line. They are not interested in Jamey's suicide, just making money from his tragic death.

There is one last group clearly to blame for Jamey's death. In fact, the largest portion of blame for this poor child's death, belongs to the “Church.” Yes, the so called “Church.” Some of you are going to get angry at me again for blaming the “Church” but while many churches in America are off turning a blind eye to sin, trying to “build numbers up” in their churches by compromising with the Word Of God, ignoring the Biblical responsibility of teaching parents the Biblical principles laid out in Titus Chapter 2(yes, your homework assignment if you are unaware of what it speaks) and teaching “other gospels, children like Jamey Rodemeyer and his parents go through life doing horrible things without the corrective and loving supportive help of Christians. In fact, most Christian do little to nothing about “bullying”, “homosexuality” or helping those in sin understanding God's best for their lives through Jesus. Too many are busy in their own little agendas outside God's perfect will to do what is right(OK, now look up Luke 9:23).

Folks I am not sure if you are aware, but before Jamey Rodemeyer committed suicide, he reached out to popular(with some people) music singer named “Lady Gaga.” Lady Gaga payed close attention to Jayme and his words and “bullying dilemma.” Like the homosexuality community in Jayme's area, she took time out of her day to reach back out to this little boy. The problem is however, Lady Gaga only enabled Jamey's homosexual and sinful lifestyle. After news of Jamey's suicide, from a music show she was performing in, she publicly called Jamey Rodemeyer a “hero” from the stage. Later, she even went so far as to the White House to talk about Jamey Rodemeyer and advocate for homosexuality and press for “anti-bullying” legislation.

Like Lady Gaga, another voice has sprung up against so called “bullying.” That voice is none other than Senator Reid and President Obama's “right hand man;” Senator Charles Schumer of New York. I will warn all Christians and good Americans right here and right now, you better believe Mr. Schumer will use “bullying” to further destroy our first amendment rights to free speech and religion. He will 
make sure that his continued agenda to silence as many Christians preaching, speaking or sharing the consequences regarding sinful acts, be denied by law. Senator Schumer is already looking for several co-sponsors for an “anti-bullying bill” that will include arrests for “hate speech.” I know, that I know, that I know that will Schumer will somehow coincide “anti-bullying” with Christian proselytizing. Get ready my friends, evil is about to take another bite out of the Body Of Christ. One word that “homosexuality is a sin”, you will be locked up by the police faster than hungry ants running at Aunt Sally's dropped sweet apple pie.

Lastly, what I am about to share, took much prayer because of my own on-going dilemmas with evil minded people. Most of you are aware of my dealing with a cop who threatened to murder me a few years ago plus a Filipina Migration Scammer and corrupt courts here in the USA that I am focusing on however, I wish to make myself available to Bible believing pastors and or churches, groups who need help in understanding the Biblical precepts of speaking Truth verses condemnation. I want all to understand the difference between Biblical Truth and bullying, Biblical Truth and sarcasm and so on. I want to help children, parents and churches everywhere and will utilize not only my knowledge of the Bible, but as an experienced counselor, and trained professional regarding family related issues.
If you wish to contact me to invite me to your church or group for help, please do so at

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~"Black Robe Regiment Pastor"

 “[Why] should not the Bible regain the place it once held as a school book? Its morals are pure, its examples captivating and noble. The reverence for the Sacred Book that is thus early impressed lasts long; and probably if not impressed in infancy, never takes firm hold of the mind."~ Fisher Ames (author of the final wording for the First Amendment )

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