Friday, July 27, 2012

“ Christian Patriot Help Needed; Voting Poll Guardians ”

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“ Christian Patriot Help Needed; Voting Poll Guardians

Election 2012 at the voting booths for most of America is on November 6th of this year. We have seen in 2010 what disruptive behavior can bring to any election with the two of the “New Black Panther Party “ members engaging in terrorist behavior and later literally getting away with the criminal act of voter intimidation. This should never have been allowed in the first place by the police and with US Attorney General Eric Holder and his group of lawyers themselves acting as terrorists, one can only assume with Obama running for re-election, all sorts of chaos and illegal activities by the man sitting in the White House along with their entourage of paid SS mercenary types will once again bring more chaos and problems before and during the election this year. We must be diligent and prepared !

As I asked all of you in my latest Blog article, this nation and those interested in liberty must be willing to take sacrificial action. We must be alert as citizens, we cannot take any of our Constitutional rights for granted anymore. To only whine, complain and angrily throw empty beer cans at our television sets will do absolutely nothing in helping gain our nation back. Anyone can complain but a real patriot recognizes a call of God to stand up to evil when he hears it so the call is going out today; right now for hundreds of thousands of what I am calling “ Voting Poll Guardians.” This is purely a volunteer position. Your pay and reward for taking this position-is your continued liberty(or what's left of it).

The purpose of the Voting Poll Guardian is to ensure that if there are illegal activities at voting poll stations on election day. We want to ensure that any illegal activity on Election Day will be only short lived and also exposed quickly and in the end; those engaged in illegal activity will be removed so that there is integrity at every voting booth. Although as a volunteer Voting Poll Guardian, you may not be allowed inside any voting poll building, but you certainly can keep a watchful eye from the outside. The job entails that you are not a hindrance to the voting process or even draw attention to yourself while there. No, don't wear self-identifying clothing or draw unnecessary attention to yourself or group of Voting Poll Guardians as to your purpose... you are simply there as a quiet group of individuals(at least 10-15) at each voting area armed with cell phone, video cameras, writing pad and pen. If there is any disruption at the voting poll area, the local and or state police should be notified at once and all disruption should be recorded on video and audio so that the police may do their job in arresting those responsible for breaking any laws. In essence, you are there to be a Biblical blessing and help to the police. Do not get caught up in distractive discussions or arguments with those who break the laws, it is your job to contact the police and record every single illegal action so that police and or criminal prosecutors can do their jobs when notified. Again, your purpose is to help be a deterrent to illegal activities as we witnessed of the evilists in the election of 2010 and what they did then.

Now, a bit if advice; if the one police agency refuses to take action, contact the next level of police authority in your area and do so until there are no more police agencies left to contact. At no time should you put yourself in physical harm's way. Do not get in the way of police authorities doing their job... be courteous to them when they need information from you or your group of Voting Poll Guardians. If for some reason there is absolutely no police agency who are willing to take action against law breakers, you cannot take action yourself unless you are covered by law to do so. Please study and familiarize yourself with the following link regarding Citizen Arrest Laws( ) in your state and local area. I am not an attorney nor do I practice law so you should seriously also consider any legal risks to yourself and fellow Voting Poll Guardian when taking any action. This is a serious volunteer position and you must be fully prepared for the devil's tactics before election day.

If you accept this position, you must find at minimum, 9 more wholey trusted individuals that you can pray with, plan with, and on election day; take action with. If you attempt to do the work required with less then the ten in a group prescribed, you run a great risk of being overtaken by the enemy. Word to the “wise”... Take Jesus with you and at minimum-nine other Godly men and women as well ! There is no room in this volunteer position for the ungodly, or wicked, nor“hot heads” or others in dire circumstances or who may put others in their group or even the public in danger at anytime. Choose your team mates wisely and be watchful as well for the devil's imitation government or those pretending to be “patriots” who's real desire is to join your ranks especially right on Election Day...those people will worm their way into your group only to purposely sow distraction and dissension among your Godly ranks.

In the weeks and months to come, I will be periodically be giving other suggestions regarding getting our nation back to those who are as George Washington called for, and this is to us “Christian as well as Patriot.”

I hope to see some of you out there with me on Election Day, 2012.

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor


  1. This sounds like the basic same thing as a poll watcher. The problem I had here for the primaries was that I could not get the proper credentials to be a poll watcher. In IL they have rules against just anybody sitting around to watch.

  2. You must take action in court, by first sending them (officers in charge of the voting booths) a notice of the issues of concern that you have witnessed and any valid statement of facts. Then, them being official, and refusing to answer, you must have an Order to show cause by filing a writ of mandamus. These are the general procedures, but there could be other issues that I'm not aware of.

  3. just want to share my support. I am in an area that is all old people and most of them are but I will be doing all I can do.. and praying daily for you and for all Americans who work for a better tomorrow. God bless you and all involved in this taking back of our country. I do feel this will unite us a patriotic Americans.. black and white.. and all others that stand for God's laws first.