Friday, August 3, 2012

“To Get Back Our Nation, We Need To Do More Than Eat Chicken.”

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“To Get Back Our Nation, We Need To Do More Than Eat Chicken.”

Congratulations to Mr.Truett Cathy; the owner of Chick Fil A food chain for taking a Biblical stand on marriage. I see with the recent news regarding the of “Support Chick Fil A Day”, many Christians and good people of America responded with a rousing support of Mr. Cathy's stand for Biblical based marriage and we all appreciate his willingness to stay the course regarding what God intended for all of man-kind when it comes to healthy marriage relationships.

I am pleased as many of you, including those readers and viewers of my blog articles here in seeing such a resounding gathering of Americans in taking a stand against the sin of homosexuality, but I want to confess that I also have a concern that what was done in terms of supporting “the right thing to do” will only turn out to be like other events or tragedies we "came together" in America, where people get involved only to dedicate themselves for a cause in a short-term period or time. I think back to the 911 tragedy where for about one or two weeks after the planes hit the Twin Towers and we eventually learned that over 3000 people died during this horrific event, even when we as a people were stunned, shocked, deeply wounded and even angry but even when even when people flocked to the churches to seek God for help and divine intervention, in the was only short-lived and that is what I see with the problem of a one day “fling” in of support of anything of “Biblical values”in America today, people don't really seek God for change.....for their hearts are interested only in removing ache until matters “go back to normal.”

Oh I know, on the most part, people's hearts were really for supporting Mr. Cathy's personal stand for Godly righteousness and that's a great thing but it was all to much about a heart for religious reprieve rather than repentance and having a contrite heart for a righteousness God. In fact the whole day may be looked at like how most people view and attend churches these days---. Let's face it; going to a Chick Fil A restaurant was fun, people went when it was convenient, it was entertaining(lots of people took pictures after all), and it was something people only had to dedicate themselves to one time and in the end--- didn't have to make any real commitment to anyone other than the cashier when purchasing for their food. Please don't be confused, I'm not trying to compare going to a Chick Fil A restaurant to a church but the sad fact is that many people in America do think and want churches to be like a Chick Fil A restaurant... well maybe a Burger King ? You remember... “you can have it your way at B.K.”

Already people are calling for another something like a “Support Chick Fil A Day" on our national Election Day with wanting hoards of people rushing to voting booths to some how without God in mind nor heart, take our nation back. Do I believe voting is important ? You bet ya ! But there is much more to getting our nation back then the support of our favorite candidate at the voting booth whether he is Biblically grounded or not. What I mean is this; of the two major American political parties, neither political party in 2012 is offering a true candidate which reflects real Christian Biblical values. No one can be honest in telling me that either Obama nor Romney, hold Christian Biblical values or that they will not lie now to get votes then later do opposite of their pledges to follow the Bible. Don't expect also I nor God for that matter, to simply hold our noses when pulling the voting booth lever for any ungodly candidate this November. Some of us like Dr. Alan Keyes will remain loyal to God, not political parties in our selection for President this year and I hope many Americans will also.

This whole matter of “support Chick Fil A day” was a great idea that was meant for one day event but a one day rouse for God and liberty is not enough. This nation and many of it's government leaders, judiciary and others are corrupted to the hilt. Sadly and in all honesty, many Americans have joined in with the corruption but are in to deep of denial to see it. They have become so accustomed in living a life without Biblical accountability, they cannot see that although they hate the corruption from all in Washington DC and all government, they themselves are also part of the problem. You can only point the finger at someone in doing wrong only for so long and eventually, we need to get honest with ourselves and admit our faults and take the responsibility, that is our share of contribution to the problems and the mess we are in today.

Evil has run a muck for a long time now in America and it's “time to pay the piper” for our contributions of turning our heads away when evil rose up it's ugly head. Such evil's disguised as “good” have been accepted widely in the USA among “Christians” and as well even good Americans in our nation have been too willing in accepting the unbiblical beliefs of “tolerance”, “political correctness”, “not judging others”, and worse.... we often compromise our Biblical and moral beliefs just to “get along.” We are learning the fate of our nation now because of all the neglect in following the Christian Bible. Taking a one day stand in doing what's right before God is not enough ! We must be willing to pick up our cross and carry it daily, not when it's fun, easy and or convenient. We are losing our nation at an alarming rate... there is much hard work to do. When there is a crisis in any nation, a one day labor to get a nation back is and would never be enough. Look at It this way.... it took our American Founding Fathers many years of personal sacrifice to make a new simply was not “fun, convenient nor easy.” They lost family members, land, homes, property, even loss of life.

Despite our commendable one day effort to support one Godly man and his company in choosing to stand up for Godly righteousness, there is the continued need to turn from from our wicked ways, to repent ourselves to Jesus and then on to remove those unrepentant evilists who refuse to change to good....for if wicked people are not eventually removed, we all will continue to see wicked men grow and our Godly liberties destroyed even more. That my friend is of God's design and for now.... Good job for one day's event but now you go seek Jesus Christ and if needed, you repent for what yourself have been wrongly involved in then go out and get your nation back !

Pastor Paul Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

**** Reminder, be sure to get your Voting Poll Guardian Groups together very soon !


  1. Good article. Keep stoking the flames of revival.
    You might enjoy my cartoons, for some inspiration or just a chuckle. God strengthen you in His Grace, Dave Eden

  2. Well said, Pastor! I'll be pointing others in this direction! God bless & keep you as you soldier on in His Kingdom work.


  3. We have all heard about the big noise with "equality of marriage" regarding gays, though gays represent less than 8% of the population. What percentage of the population are fathers? About 50%?

    Shouldn't FATHER'S RIGHTS and EQUALITY be a much more paramount and popular issue?

    Shouldn't reforming the biased courts, issuing STANDARD 50% custody, and making support laws truly equal such that mothers share the burden of working while the father is no longer enslaved?

    If we are ever going to get the level of media coverage as the chick-fil-a / gay marriage then we must get more active. Write your representatives in government demanding the abolishment of Title IVd money and other government incentives to reward the nefarious collection of support. Write letters to the editor in the newspaper telling your story of how a biased court took your children. Talk about these issues with your friends and neighbors and keep the conversation going and in everyone's consciousness. Help the divorcing father in your neighborhood, when he gets thrown out with nothing; give him some furniture so he can make a home for his children and win his rightful half of custody. Share this page with at least 5 of your friends who have or are experiencing the same mistreatment in the courts... and support other pages FIGHTING FOR EQUAL PARENTING RIGHTS (Our title is "Father's" rights but we support mistreated mothers also.)