Friday, August 7, 2015

Planned Parenthood Is A Terrorist Organization

Planned Parenthood Is A Terrorist Organization

There's no other way to put it. Any group or orginization that purposely set's out to harm and kill a class of innocent human beings is a terrorist organization.

What make's Planned Parenthood and those who support groups such as Planned Parenthood, and also who go about murdering the most harmless and defenseless of any society, is that they do so for cash and control.

What kind of human, or maybe the question should be, what kind of animal preys on other human beings that have no way to defend themselves ? Only the likes of Al Queda, ISIS and the United States Government's engage in such terroristic acts so evil, so hanious, that one could compare to what Planned Parenthood engages in, is that being terrorism.

Make no mistake about it, I have been in full opposition, and out in the streets showing my opposition, even getting arrested outside an abortion clinic trying to stop a murder of a child, but those who operate abortion death mills have their network of co-terrorists in the courts, the police, college campuses, women's groups and attorneys who aide the tyrade of what has become a multi Billion Dollar industry to kill and murder children in and outside the womb. If you dare to expose the terroristic acts of Planned parenthood and other death mills, you will be attacked.

The god of convenience is whom the terrorists of Planned Parenthood serve. Just as also the god of the Jihadi's, the god of those who support Planned Parenthood is that of the devil's work, mainly death and destruction of innocents and the defenseless. They destroy not only innocent babies who have no voice to scream "No Mommy!, No Daddy, please don't murder me !", these same terrorists try to kill and murder the voices of adults who oppose the murder of the innocents.

I have seen literally thousands of Pro-Life activists spit-on, beat-on, arrested and abused(by cops and others) in my lifetime for the act of trying to rescue babies going to the death chamber. Terrorist organizations such a Planned Parenthood ensure that their business of doing the devil's work to murder baby's is completed despite what efforts there are to stop them. We have seen the horrors of those like Dr. Kermit Gosnell who never then, and even yet today follow abortion laws supposedly to protect the lives of mothers and baby's that are able to live outside the womb. "Following the law" is not something terrorists are interested in, no, they are only interesting in the murder of innocent lives.

Make no mistake about it, Planned Parenthood is a well funded death machine with it's support network of many American politicians who are willing participants and know full well of what Planned Parenthood is engaged in. These politicians(cops, judges, lawyers, college students, etc) will not admit to you publicly, nor in private that killing a baby is wrong or that it is a terroristic act, but instead will defend the likes of Planned Parenthood(not just the cowards and willing terrorists in Congress). They do this despite the recent videos that have come to light and that killing babies is clearly a terrorist act. It's more than sad that our Congress will allow and even fund terroristic Groups such as Planned Parenthood anyway.

With the recent revelations of the video's released showing Planned Parenthood engaging in blatant illegal acts including sifting through body parts of murdered babies to make for sale to individuals, it  isn't enough apparently enough for most Americans either to rise up and forcibly close down these terrorist organizations and those who support the terrorist organization known as Planned Parenthood.

The bodies of nearly 60 Million murdered American children lay at the feet of every American. That is, unless you have been physically present in ending terrorism against these murdered baby's that I have mentioned throughout this article. There is no excuse in not stopping terrorism and terroristic groups such as Planned Parenthood. If you do make excuse, you are just as guilty as the Jackal Terrorists who killed these children. There is blood on the hands of every terrorist of Planned Parenthood and the blood also stains the hands those that have stayed silent and those also who have done nothing to stop these Jezebel Terrorists as well.

Look at your hands ! Are they filled with the blood of children who screamed in pain while being chopped into pieces ? I pray not. Your job now is to remove the unrepentant terrorists now before they murder another innocent life !

Proverbs 24:11-12 "if you hold back from rescuing those taken away to death, those who go staggering to the slaughter; 12 if you say, 'Look, we did not know this'—does not he who weighs the heart perceive it? Does not he who keeps watch over your soul know it? And will he not repay all according to their deeds?"

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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