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What Does Your Bug Out Bag Look Like ?

What Does Your Bug Out Bag Look Like ?

Most of you are saying, "bug out bag, what the heck is a bug out bag?" That is an expected answer in all honesty, especially in light of the apathy and careless attitudes and behaviours of most Americans these days. Indeed, that's the problem with most Americans and so called, "Christians" as well. They don't have the spiritual ability to see when they are in trouble, or when a problem is about to make it's ugly face known. Of course none of us have the ability to know everything, we aren't omniscient like God, but we should have the ability to recognize when a bad situation is brewing and when enough bad things are occurring around us. And unfortunately, the way things are going on here, it looks very much like "ugly" is about to make a grand appearance here very soon.

For those that still don't get what I'm talking about here, and still don't have a clue what I'm sharing about, let me attempt to share a few things that will at least help you catch up and hopefully also save you a lot of heartache and pain later on. I'll start by saying this, America is in big trouble. I mean really big trouble. Most folks in the U.S. at least have a small sense that things are not right here, Christian or not. I heard Glen Beck (who is not a Christian)being interviewed by Sean Hannity the other day, and Beck said it quite clearly and correctly, he said "I don't think America is going to make it another two years, God cannot be happy when people are sitting around in a room somewhere looking in a petri dish and saying, 'oh, that's a boys arm.'" Of course he was speaking of the recent videos from Planned Parenthood where they were selling off dissected human baby parts and also the 60 million babies aborted and murdered here in America as well as the hardened and apathetic hearts of American heart's towards ending murdering baby's. But it's more, much more than killing baby's and apathy towards life here in the United States. Honestly, the list of sins that are accepted in American society are just too long to list, but I will say this, America has a multitude of major issues that will surely brings God's promise of His wrath and destruction upon us because of the plethora of evil acts that we have participated in these last 100 years or so.

And then there is this, look around you, would you. The economy here is being artificially floated by the Federal Reserve which just keeps on printing money. We have over 18 Trillion Dollars in debt, wages are almost at a stand still, corporations are making record profits but only the very rich are profiting. Forty million Americans are on food stamps. The real unemployment rate in America is said to be anywhere between 18 and 21 percent. That's just the economy. Let's also talk about Iran getting nuclear missiles and their current purchase of weapons from Russia. We should also talk about how Islamist's are terrorizing their own nations and virtually terrorizing every Western Nation around the globe as well. Here in America, as the FBI continues to find "home grown" Islamist Terrorists who are joining up with ISIS to kill us, Barack Hussein Obama continues to bring into our nation thousands and thousands of Islamic "refugee's" to America and settling them throughout the U.S. As if we do not have enough problems already with the millions of Illegal Aliens here from Mexico and Central America. If the Illegal Aliens aren't trying to kills us, the Islamist's in America are.

Have you got the picture yet ? I sure hope so. So when the poop hits the fan, and it eventually it will...when a dirty bomb goes off, when the U.S.Government declares Martial Law, when the Government and or terrorists, and or invading armies turn off your electricity, take out cell phone service, disrupt all power to your home, try to round you up, put you in internment camps, rape your women and pillage your home, what will you do ? Will you simply take a nice car ride to the nearest convenience store to get some food and supplies? Maybe call the police for help? Nope, the store will either be locked up, or it will be already broken into and ransacked by many desperate folks also looking for food, batteries, water, flashlights and other supplies that you probably wouldn't even think of until it's too late. The cops? They're already all dead or busy protecting their own family. This is where a bug out bag comes in handy. This is where and when you need to protect yourself, and get to safetey. God help you if you live in a city, you are just about guaranteed to be killed the second you walk outside your front door to the street. Rioting and looting will be everywhere, 24/7. You need to get outta that chaotic and dangerous situation fast! But how will you survive with no food and water? What will you do to keep war and dry? What about protecting yourself?

So you need a Bug Out Bag right now to be prepared to get out of the area and find safe shelter. A Bug Out Bag is exactly what you need besides Jesus when a disaster hits our nation. This bag is a large duffel bag or back pack filled with essential items in order for you and your loved ones with you to survive. You keep items in your bag that will keep you warm, safe and fed as well as hydrated. You will need all those items in your duffel bag or large backpack because you will may need to be ready to be on the move for quite some time. You very well need to keep moving around until you find safety because unless you are the less than one percent of Americans here who belong to a real militia(unlike social media militias which are fake), that is those men and women who have a plan on how to survive, are actually physically meeting, worked out alternative ways to communicate with one another, have defensive and offensive weapons, and other essential supplies stored up to weather whatever may come at them, and will work as a team, a unit to fight off any threat to them, indeed, unless you are one of them, you will be on your own. Most Americans when chaos, invasion, etc. comes, will be very much unprepared and ill equipped, and will simply be killed off at some point because they did not plan, nor prepare as those who belong to real militias.

I know some Christians who have their heads shoved up their backsides claiming that they don't need to prepare a bug out bag, and that, "God will provide my every need." Ya right, some people glorify being a martyr until the day they see their wife being raped and their children's heads being cut off as the last thing they see before their own head is cut off as well. Sad to say, many so called Christians will needlessly die because they did not heed my warning to plan and prepare, not even for such a thing as a bug out bag. I wouldn't want to be any of them standing before Jesus on Judgement Day when He tells them that they wasted their lives. Honestly, It would seem that especially American Christians are notorious for nor not reading their Bibles. Had many Christians here actually read their Bibles, they would already know that I was correct and would be joining me in calling others to also prepare and get a bug out bag as well. Here is a perfect Bible verse to show that Jesus explained the need to plan and prepare as I have been explaining throughout my article. Read In Luke 13:31 where Jesus proclaimed, "Or what king, going to make war against another king, sitteth not down first, and consulteth whether he be able with ten thousand to meet him that cometh against him with twenty thousand?" Obviously, Jesus of the Bible knew the importance and wisdom of planning and preparing.

So are you ready now to build your bug out bag ? Great if you are. So what are you going to put in your Bag? May I suggest some items to get you started like these; a hunting knife, a small pot to cook with, matches, fire starter, campus, rope, a collapsible tent and or tarp, machete, ax, handguns, lots of ammunition, several hats-one for rain, one for snow, rain gear, warm clothes, blanket, dried goods, water, toilet paper, candy bars, extra waterproof boots, batteries, flashlights(at least two), extra underwear and socks, medical supplies such as band aides and iodine, Water treatment pills, Geiger Counter if you can afford it, camouflage colored clothing, everything that you can wear. A military type rifle such as an AR-15(whatever your weapon of choice), and of course, your paper Bible.

I hope this article  has been helpful. A word of caution to those who still have doubts or have unbiblical beliefs, don't be fooled, America is indeed in big, big trouble. Unless we see widespread and heart felt repentance to Jesus, there is likely chaos ahead for this nation no matter who gets elected as President, if, that is if, there is an actual election held in 2016. If by God's grace, the Lord spares us for a few more years and things improve here, Praise The Lord, believe me, your items will never go to waste. It is better to be prepared than it is to be dead. These days, I say it often, "Be like a Boy Scout, and be prepared." Are you prepared ? What does your bug out bag look like ?

Proverbs 6:6-8 "Go to the ant, O sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise. Without having any chief, officer, or ruler, she prepares her bread in summer and gathers her food in harvest"

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor
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