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All Lives Matter, The Last Word

All Lives Matter, The Last Word

I'd like to think that what I have written in this article will bring the end over the debate regarding who's life matters in America, but I am well aware that the reality is that the devil has his people out there that will continue their path of sowing lies and discord about the subject anyway. My aim though, is to put the whole matter to rest. I hope and pray that soon, very soon, what I have written here will indeed bring the beginning of the end over the debate and that the idea that of "all lives matter" is where this nation's heart belongs.

Yes, let it be known both far and wide, all lives matter. This includes Black lives, Caucasian lives, Asian lives, Hispanic lives, indeed, all lives especially when it comes to justice. Our American Constitution, which was, and is based on Biblical precepts, guarantee's this idea. In fact, American history clearly shows that it wasn't always that way here in the United States, but for today, despite those who hate, and contrary to all the racist "Black lives matter" rhetoric, all lives do matter, including mine.

When watching the television news, one would probably come to the conclusion that only Black lives matters and that there is a race war occurring here in the USA. They that do come to that conclusion, would be assuming correctly and that we as a nation are suffering a great racial divide. We see militant Blacks burning pictures of "White Jesus", burning the U.S Flag, and burning other items that they consider "White." These are just the small things in the racial divide occurring here in America. The larger picture of the racial divide going here and shows the real heart of the matter regarding racial tension her is how an increasing number of Blacks are rioting in the streets coupled with the usual robbing and burning of Black owned businesses as well. Chaos in the Black communities continues to grow as feelings of outrage against "Whites" also grows when "White" cops shoot Blacks. You can hear the feelings of angry Blacks everywhere whenever a "White" cop shoots a Black person. It is justified to be angry against any cop shooting any innocent person, but we now have found that not all blacks who have been shot by the "White" cops, are at all innocent of crimes. There is a rowing false narrative circulating among Black activists here that "Whites" and "White cops" are the root cause over the deaths of many Blacks in their communities. This false narrative and is fueling the "Black Lives Matter" followers to riot and do damage. The truth is being ignored unfortunately that there are many more Blacks killing Blacks, than "Whites" murdering Blacks, including "White" cops(wrongly) killing Blacks  has become a huge problem Of course, don't ever tell a "Black Lives Matter" advocate the fact that many more Blacks commit crimes against Blacks than "Whites" against Blacks, you will only be spit on while at the same time, that person calls you racial epithets, and screams in your ear that "Black lives matter." Worse, you may end up like one of the thousands of innocent Caucasians in this nation who have found their face at the receiving end of a Black persons clenched fist. The Black "knock out" game still exists here where Blacks punch innocent white folks in the face, including the elderly and defenseless moms with baby's, this is the result of the "Black Lives Matter" movement.

Is there truly a race war being perpetrated against Caucasians on the part of Blacks? Indeed, I believe the facts bare this to be true. Recently, when a "White" Democratic Presidential Candidate named Martin O'Malley recently shared before a mostly Black audience that, "Black lives matter, all lives matter", he was booed by the Blacks in attendance. Was this Presidential Candidate factually wrong when he said that "all lives matter"?, absolutely not. Not wrong that is, if you follow the U.S Constitution. But there is a a growing sense among a number of Blacks in this country that they are special, and should be treated special when they suffer feel injustice has occurred against them. Blacks that follow such an ideology should in reality be refereed to as followers of, "only Black lives matter." In fact, they feel that their justice related issues are more important than any justice issue that a non-black person would suffer. Their notion and ideology that only Blacks can suffer injustice is made from pure lunacy and the very thought that only Blacks can and do suffer injustice is quite delusional at the least. Clearly, many races suffer injustice here in the United States, not only Blacks. The very liberal US Department of Justice under the leadership of President Obama bears this out What else can be said regarding the ideology of those who align themselves with this "only Black Lives Matter" agenda? They also feel as though they have the right to treat non blacks with contempt, violence and ignore American mores and values that guarantees justice "for all." Clearly, those who align themselves with the "Black Lives Matter" group are not interested in facts nor justice, but rather further dividing our nation and ultimately it's very destruction.

But that's the point isn't it? To cause chaos, to make trouble, to bring disruption and destruction of America? Surely it is when you find out who has been pouring millions of dollars into the "Black Lives Matter" movement in spreading that chaos and destruction. One doesn't have to dig to far to see that it is that old devil, George Soros who is the one giving the money to push Blacks to riot, set buildings on fire and bring anarchy and division to America In the past, Soros has set many nations ablaze and also brought chaos to many nations of the world to help usher in his own personal Communist and Anarchist ideologies. He has set his sight to bring down the USA for approximately ten years now, and seemingly is on his way to win the ruin of the United States by utilizing the likes of those of the "Black Lives Matter" ideology.

No doubt that George Soros(who is White!)is a wicked and demonically controlled man. For all I know, Soros is the antichrist himself. But the issue of being under the devil's influence just doesn't stop at Soros when it comes to the "Black Lives Matter" movement. The truth is, that all followers of "Black Lives Matter" who are under demonic control as well. They have unfortunately fallen for the oldest play in the devil's playbook. That is, to allow perceived injustice issues to grow a heart so bitter, so full of hate, that it actually brings self destruction. This ploy is as old as when Cain killed Able, yet for 6000 years, folks over time have fallen for this devil's trick of allowing hatred and feelings of false victimization to destroy lives, communities and nations over and over again. And it seems history is once again repeating itself here in America. Now, it's the Black Community's turn to destroy themselves and the nation in which they live.

Soros and the devil are the root of the evil agenda of "only Black Lives Matter" but we also have many willing haters of all haters available, and taking the lead to bring destruction of Blacks and Black Communities. Their names are among the usual trouble makers here, they are the likes of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, members of the New Black Panthers and many others just like them. These aforementioned folks know darn well that hate does not equate justice, but for them, hate is an industry, and getting people to hate others is much easier to follow, and at the same time soothes the soul of their followers to sow destruction of their perceived enemies. How very sad that many Blacks and "White" Liberals have allowed themselves to be used of the devil and so easily tricked into believing the devil's lies to seek hate, and not Godly justice. Had many followers of "Black Lives Matter" had their spiritual eye open, they would clearly see that their leaders, as those mentioned earlier here, none really desire justice, because true justice would mean the end of their reign of power to hate, and would also mean the end of their cash flow coming in from George Soros and others who are using them as fools.

Those who include themselves in the only "Black Lives Matter" movement have made it quite clear that they are haters, are lovers of evil, selfish human beings, and in no way seek justice. They want no part of the United States nor it's Constitution. They have separated themselves from all that God of the Bible considers good. I do not have any use for them, and neither do the vast majority of other Americans like me, including Black-Americans who love liberty and justice for all.

Since George Soros. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and others have their sticky fingers and money manipulating Blacks and "White" Liberals here to turn our nation into the devil's playground, I say let them pay for all the damage done due to the Blacks rioting, pillaging and violence against Caucasians. Make them pay the Millions of dollars of damage done to the buildings, infrastructure and businesses damaged. If they refuse to pay, freeze and seize all their world-wide bank accounts, forcing them to pay for the damage. Now that's justice! And while we are at it, let us of those who have suffered injustice at the hands of cops, or anyone, support one another in getting real justice, the right way, through the US Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and the Deceleration Of Independence.

Justice is not just a Black thing, it's a human being thing. I'm "White" and I darn well deserve as much justice as anyone else. My God says so !

Provers 28:5 "Evil men do not understand justice, but those who seek the Lord understand it completely."

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor
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