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Why As A Victim Of An Illegal Alien Crime, I Help US Military Veterans

Why As A Victim Of An Illegal Alien Crime, I Help US Military Veterans

Ask yourself the following question, "Who has sacrificed their life more to keep me safe, an Illegal Alien, or a US Military Veteran ?" Should be a no-brainer to answer, but believe it or not, there are many Americans who don't care about the service of our current and former United States Military members.

It's a dern shame for me to have to state this, but sadly it is true that so many Americans have their priorities set wrong pertaining to which group of people they are helping in this country. It is a sad fact that in America, seemingly more here care about helping Illegal Aliens rather than those current and former members of the U.S.Military. I say this because there are Billions and Billions of your U.S. Tax Dollars spent each and every year by our Federal and State Governments to help in the feeding, clothing, housing, medical care of the over 12 Million Illegal Aliens yet, we have see an average of 22 Military Veterans committing suicide each day, thousands of our vet's who currently are living on the streets of America as homeless, and many Veterans, when they become eligible for medical care through the Veteran's Administration, many did not, and do not receive the medical care they were promised. One only needs to see the lists of the thousands and thousand of our Veterans that had waited for months, even years for their promised care, but died in the time waiting for that promised care.

I don't know what Americans are thinking when there is so little attention and outrage from Americans that the U.S. Military Veterans do not receive their proper care in this country yet Illegal Aliens get so much. As a victim of a horrific criminal act on the part of an Illegal Alien here in the USA, I have seen the United States and New York State Government Officials actually enable and help this criminal while at the same time my own Uncle, a Vietnam Army Veteran, received substandard care at Veteran's Administration Hospitals from complications due to exposure to Agent Orange. In fact, so substandard was my uncle's medical care given to him by the United States Government Veteran's Administration, that he died last year while in their "care." His untimely, unnecessary and premature death occurred while at the same time, the Illegal Alien who had a City Of Batavia, NY Cop threaten to murder me, received from you,  was given "free" health care, housing, college tuition, food, and earlier this yer(2015), an all expenses US Taxpayer-paid, free plane fare ride to and from her birth place in the Philippines.

To see my Uncle, who had fought in the jungles of Vietnam die from poor medical care at the hands of the US Government while also at the same time my same Government also gave benefits to a criminal Illegal Alien, makes me physically sick. I mean the injustice of our Federal and State Government's choosing to take care better care of an Illegal Alien rather than my uncle who fought for this nation is just outrageous! In my quest to get justice for my uncle as well as for all US Military Veterans who have been treated so poorly, has unfortunately been severely limited because of so few limited resources on my part. But those limited resources are all due to the United Sates and New York State Tax Payers who have aided the Illegal Alien who was given my children, my house, all my property via our Government. And to think,  she was given everything thanks to the US Taxpayers who have done nothing to have her deported and also allowed my Uncle, and many US Military Veterans like him to go untreated and die as well. Where, oh where are the priorities of Americans ??? 

Limited resources and all, despite so many Americans not giving a crap about our Military Hero's, I have taken the initiative to help our Veterans. That means being the type of Biblical Christian that Christ told me to be, to be merciful and to get justice for the poor and also to those that have no voice. I do what I can despite having no job, no permanent residence, no vehicle no driver's license and no money. So, I have taken from my past experiences as a former Internationally Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor and as well as an Expert in establishing Alternative To Incarceration Programs to utilize them both to help establish a Veteran's Treatment Court right here where I am staying. In case you are not familiar with Veteran's Treatment Courts. You can read more about them here,

For sure, in the past, even many years ago while being employed in law enforcement I had taken small steps to support our US Military and or Military Veterans. But my participation in helping our Vet's these day's is something special and grand to me. It is perhaps my largest contribution yet to helping those men and women who have given so much to our nation. I feel that am blessed to be part of helping Americans who love our nation and also part of helping those who have sacrificed so much in keeping our nation as free as it is. I cannot say anything like that or even give any sort of endorsement like it for any Illegal Alien living within our nations borders. In fact, the only thing I have to state that Illegal Aliens have done in this country, including the Illegal Alien who stole my whole life, is to steal our money and resources from good Americans like our Military Veteran heroes.

Whether you are rich, middle class, or dirt poor as myself, I hope and pray that you look beyond your limitations and self-perceived resources. That you do something positive today to help our United States Military Veterans. They need and deserve our help and support. For those in our Government and legal US Citizens who give aide and comfort to Illegal Aliens, stop ! You're only taking away from those who have kept you free. get your priorities straight!

To our United Sates Military Veterans, I love and support you. Thank you for a job well done. God bless you.

 Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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