Friday, August 28, 2015

Millennials, Don't Get Married, It's A Trap!

Millennials, Don't Get Married, It's A Trap!

Honestly, being married in America is a huge trap. Especially for men. Looking at marriages here in the USA, most end very badly and anyone who gets married in this country with the approval of our Government is either a gluten for punishment, or just plain ignorant. Why go through the unnecessary pain of a Government marriage when you can just avid the whole mess by not getting married in the first place, right?

I'm not kidding. I am deadly serious with my point and question. I mean, when I state getting married "with the approval of our Government", this is my key point...the United States, it's State's, County and Local Governments are a huge burden to and on marriages. In fact, If I were a Millennial, or any American for that matter, I would never get a Government sponsored marriage. Never, ever !

The sad and horrible fact is that many Millennials aren't getting married and I don't blame them one bit. One only has to go to their local college and or university campus to see why. Feminists control campus life where nearly all males are looked at, and treated as rapists and abusers. Not only that issue of Feminists gone-wild, but also many Millennials have grown up watching and witnessing their own parents and grandparents divorce one another. These same Millennials watched as their parent's divorces had become very nasty and costly. Not only costly in the way of finances, but also costly in the way also of emotional turmoil on them when they were yet children and grandchildren. Most divorced non-Millennial men and women will never admit it, but there was an emotional drain on their children and today,  Millennials just don't want anything to do with marriages and I cannot blame them.

You know what they say about hind-sight, that "it's twenty-twenty." For me, an ordained Christian minister and a victim of both a divorce and Foreign Immigration Marriage Scam, I have seen what our Government does to marriages. Not only my marriage, but also witnessing thousands of other American marriages failings including in that of many of my family and friends. For all of us, marriage was nothing good. Why you ask? because for many of us, we not only ended up in a divorce that never wanted, but also that our lives and our children were destroyed in that process as well.

It's not that marriage itself is bad. No, as a matter of fact, any Millennial man and woman should get married if they want they so choose. They should just never make a level of commitment with the covering, help and interference of the Government. Instead, as I have also written about in the past, any couple wishing to get hitched so to speak, should protect themselves from the onslaught of the Government and their agents through only be married though a Covenant Marriage .

Why a Covenant Marriage and not a Government Marriage? Well, I first need to acknowledge that getting a Covenant Marriage may very well be a huge problem for many Millennials because of it's connection to Christianity, in fact, probably a problem for most Americans as well, but should be pursued because a Covenant Marriage totally eliminates any power or jurisdiction the Government  has over the marriage. I know that most Americans do not believe in Jesus of the Bible, but Jesus is the center of a Covenant Marriage, not the Government, and before entering a marriage or any type of relationship for that matter, which would you want at the center of your relationship, Jesus or the Government?

Sadly, many of you are hearing about Covenant Marriages for the first time. For years, I did not know of Covenant Marriage availability either. The reason for many of us being unaware is because our Government, and religionists who cling to their Government IRS approved 501c3 tax Exempt Status, do not want us to know about them. Indeed, not only is it difficult for non-Christians to enter or even understand what the benefits are of a Covenant Marriage, truthfully, it is also difficult for most Pastors of "christian" churches as well(small case letter 'c' purposely used). If pastors or Christians/christians are not teaching the value of Covenant Marriages and the pitfalls and terroristic acts taken against marriages by our Government and Government agents who hate marriage(such as Feminists), few will ever enter in to a  Covenant Marriage, no less know anything about them.

The years of Liberal societal norms(including within the Church), coupled with throwing God out of America has come with a great cost to marriages and families. Greedy spouses, greedy lawyers, greedy judges, greedy Domestic Violence Program workers, greedy Child Protection Services workers, greedy cops, and many other greedy individuals have eaten away at those who entered into a contract with a Government sponsored marriage. There is not one Government sponsored marriage that is not at risk of being eaten alive by those listed in the previously aforementioned group of terrorists. All the more reason never to get married. That is, never to get a Government sponsored Marriage anyway.

Again, Covenant Marriages are the perfect marriage for those who wish to avoid the pitfalls of Government sponsored marriages which can carry the penalty of literally being jailed, and or death. There are a few drawbacks to Covenant Marriage. One of those pitfalls might be the inability to deduct your spouse on your yearly income tax forms. But what a greater benefit of not having any Government control or interference on your marriage! If money is your greater concern over Government interference in your marriage and or relationship, let me ask you this, what is worth more to you, a couple hundred dollars in tax deductions, or the inability of Government to control you and your marriage ? For Millennials, I do hope and pray that they see the benefit of avoiding all Government sponsored marriages and instead, finding that dating, getting married the Biblical way through a Christ centered Covenant Marriage is the only way to go.

Perhaps for us older folks who can do something constructive to rescue our Governmentsponsored  marriages interference as well. Maybe we should be like the Hippies of the 1960's who burned their Military Draft Cards, and burn our Government Marriage Licenses, or simply turn them back in to the Government Court Clerk where we signed for them. It's never to late to get the Government out of our lives. Remember, our right's are natural, they come from God, not the Government. Keeping the Government out of our lives is a good thing, and so are marriages if we keep the Government out of them too!

Acts 5:29 "Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men."

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor
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  1. Palimony laws. In my state, a marriage license is not needed for a person living in common to be required to go through the same process of divorce. Community property state, married or not. Children born out of state sponsored marriage still require custody determination and support.

  2. Thanks for helping to get the word out. Marriage in USA in 2016 is indeed a trap, a fake contract of sorts, a scam and many men are being tricked into falling for it. Whatever you do don't think of getting married until you read and speak to some older men who have experienced the pitfalls of marriage over 10 years. Don't talk to younger men, they haven't found out yet, don't talk to women, they only want more men to apply for marriage. Just talk to some experienced men about what they were put through for the sake of "Marriage 2.0"