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Cold Hard Cash Makes Our American Courts And Government Go Round

Cold Hard Cash Makes Our American Courts And Government Go Round

This article is dedicated to as well as being written for the unknowing as well as to those many who have been contacting me and asking questions regarding the American Courted courts, and from all that ask, “why is this happening to me?” Of course, this article is also for anyone who chooses and wishes to not only read it, but in order to gain a bit better understanding of what is really motivating our American Courts and Government to act in the often corrupted manner it does.

I want to make it very clear, I will not engage in “lawyer bashing” because not all lawyers are bad. In fact, some lawyers have been so very effective in exposing corruption in our Government and Courts, that they have either been maliciously disbarred by “Bar Associations", or in fact, purposely choose to no longer be employed as a practicing attorney. Either way, there are some good attorney's out there although they may be few of them out there, and at times, difficult to locate.

Money, “It's what makes the world go around.” You've most likely have no doubt heard that phrase at some point of your life. As well, you may or may not be aware that money, that is, cold hard cash also is the number one motivator of our Government and it's Courts to operate. I couldn't think of a better example to give you of just how much money is as the motivating factor for Government's and their Court's than that of when I attended a recent public hearing of Supreme Court Justices in Florida who were traveling all throughout the State to ask for, and as well receive public comment regarding “What changes would benefit the recently unified courts system throughout the State of Florida.” When I attended their last public meeting, I unwittingly sat next to an attorney who was also employed as a court clerk. We chatted a bit and he did not share with me which court in which he was employed, but he openly and without hesitation spoke of his reason of being there and that “seeking more funding” was his purpose for being there. It was funny in a strange sort of way, when the panel of judges did begin their hearing, they had judges and attorneys speak first. Wouldn't you know it? Every single judge and lawyer that got up to the podium to speak to this panel of judges shared about their need for “ more funding” as well. After all the judges and lawyers got up there to ask for money, outside agencies such as mental health and substance abuse agencies and domestic violence programs also all came up to the microphone and asked the judicial panel for what ? You guessed it, “more money” and “funding.”

Is there a shortage of cash and tax revenue in the State of Florida that precipitated so many Government and non-Government paid agencies to beg for more State and Federal Tax Dollars ? No, not at all. Alone, there are Billions and Billions of Federal Title IV and Violence Against Women Act Funds liberally given to every and each State in the Union. There is cash literally going out by the millions of dollars every minute here in this country to both, our Government Courts and agencies, both public and private. So why so much money going out yet Government employed judges, lawyers, agencies are asking for more of our hard earned cash ? Is there a shortage of tax money available ? The answer is “No.” There is as I shared earlier, Billions and Billions of our tax dollars already being given to the aforementioned groups of people each year. The issue however is that there is virtually no accountability for the money that is given out to them. It's all just a simple case of greed...the U.S. And State Government's have created, and have become money eating monsters. There is virtually no accountability of the little auditing being done by and through our own Government's. In the U.S. Investigative General's Office, they do auditing at the Federal level. They do in fact report their auditing findings to Government heads of Agencies and Congress. What action is then taken to correct any abuses of the use of tax revenue from those that receive such auditing reports of abuse ? Nothing. Yep, virtually nothing. In reality, all that really occurs is that the appetite of the “Government money eating monster” just grows larger, and larger, and larger. No one stops the greed.

How does that negatively impact on you ? Well, first, if you pay taxes here in the USA, it should make you more than just a little “pissed-off” and concerned that your hard earned tax dollars are being spent without any real accountability what-so-ever. Second, you do want to pay for our Government and it's Court's to follow justice without greed and cash seeking as the motivator for someone to get “justice” don't you ?(“Got a “speeding ticket”?) I thought so. Now that you probably agree with me as to the answers regarding those three previous questions, what if I were to tell you that there are many judges, lawyers, CPS agents, Domestic Violence program workers and others who are employed in and outside courts that are using your tax dollars to purposely and maliciously rob money from you(U.S. Citizens) that have neither committed a crime, and those Government judges, lawyers, cops and others associated with them are fully aware that you did not commit an act in which they were being accused ? “Piss you off” some more ? Well, Here's a man who is just like you, hadn't thought about those questions I just asked you here earlier either. That is until...he became just like thousands of other unsuspecting American men in the U.S., who became through a corrupted, “Government money hungry monster” Family Court which ordered him to pay child support in Detroit. His name is Carnell Alexander. Although he had a paternity test that shows that he is not the father of the child when this travesty of justice all first began, the “Government money eating monster” is still ordering him to pay $30,000 in child support for a child that the courts know for fact is not his. Carnell's choice ? Pay the Government money hungry monsters $30,000, or go to jail.

You say, “well, that's not so bad.” It is bad if you are Carnell Alexander and millions of other American men and women like him who are engaged in an all out real-war waged by unscrupulous judges, lawyers, cops, CPS agents, Domestic Violence program workers and many, many more of the Government money eating monsters”who are out of control Government such as in the Family Courts within in the USA. Right now, there are many, many men, and some women as well, right now sitting in a jail cell for “owed child support”, yet are there only because they are unemployed, underemployed, homeless, or just as in Mr. Alexander's legal case, been illegally ordered to pay a high amount or illegally charged to pay child support that in most cases of the jailed dad or mom, are illegally ordered by the courts to do so and to make matters worse, those same mommy's and daddy's are illegally ordered to not have access to their children also. Crazy right ? Oh, the “Government money eating monster” isn't even close to gobbling up your tax dollars ! You believe you are safe ? Think again !There are many foreign men and women who know exactly how the corrupted and evil American “Government money eating monster” operates and they use it to their advantage. You've probably already read my articles regarding Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammers
( and, well now there are young men from India currently operating another foreign immigration scam where they are misusing our American Family Courts to falsely identify themselves as being “human” and or “sex trafficked” human beings so they can get into the USA legally through illegal means( You get scammed and your tax revenue stolen not only once, but two times with these types of fraudulent foreigners pulling their schemes in stealing money from you.

Literally everyday, the “Government money eating monsters” are looking for ways to use Child Protective Agencies to steal your children to sell them off to foster care and adoption agencies. As well, every day Domestic Violence Programs, many judges, attorneys, court appointed “experts” such as psychiatrists, social workers, court evaluators and others who are so called “experts”that willingly take cash to enable false allegations of domestic violence and pedophiles as well as other criminal acts. They always scheming and inventing ways to steal your hard earned money. Cash, cold hard cash is what is making these “Government money eating monsters” go around. You, the “I don't care unless it personally impacts on me” are the one's feeding this cash seeking monster. It's all good for you until, yes until, it happens to you. Please, on behalf of all good Americans everywhere, I ask you, stop feeding the Government money eating monster and it's minions. You are literally killing us.

Malachi 2:17 “You have wearied the LORD with your words. 'How have we wearied him?' you ask. By saying, 'All who do evil are good in the eyes of the LORD, and he is pleased with them' or 'Where is the God of justice?'"

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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