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Boehner And All Traitors In Our Government's Must Be Removed From Power

Boehner And All Traitors In Our Government's Must Be Removed From Power

Boehner did it again! He stabbed the American People in the back. He did this by recently supporting and helping Barrack Hussein Obama pass the Department of Homeland Security Budget without taking out the money to make legal, all the illegal aliens here in the U.S. For years now, I've been warning America that Congressman John Boehner is nothing but a no good, lying, compromiser with the devil, and a flat-out liar. Of course I have absolutely no control nor the influence over the voters in Ohio that continue to put him back into office term after term. You would think by now though that with all of John Boehner's turn coat actions of violating the U.S. Constitution and the rights of the people in not only of the State of Ohio, but also throughout the USA, folks here would have had enough of this guy. Apparently not.

It's time for what's left of the good and moral people of America, to rise up and get rid of Boehner and all the other lackey's like him in Washington DC. We as a nation cannot wait “two more years of Obama.” Let's be realistic here, we aren't going to make it as a nation for two more years. No one, I mean no one right now is trying hard enough to get rid of the corruption that lies within Washington DC. I don't care what Trey Gowdy, Ted Cruz and others there are telling you, those people are just not getting the job done and besides, they have their own political aspirations, and they don't include dumping corruption from our Government. Just so that you are aware, when I share with you the word “Government”, I mean the corrupted courts, the “cops”, the legislators, States and Local as well as Obama, they all got to go, and go they must !. Despite the junk and Government propaganda that most of the media here churn's out, most of what we are told is nothing but bologna and supportive of the corrupted people in Givernment we need to remove, and I don't mean the sandwich kind of bologna either. I realize most of America watches all that nonsense and the sad part is, most Americans also believe a lot of that “B.S.” that is sold to them on the nightly news and from the so called "media"as well. Sad but true, most Americans are forever lost. I however,and  a remnant of Americans  are still capable in discerning  truth as well when it is spoken or shown to us and we are certainly willing to fight for our God given rights and responsibilities here.

Liars employed by our Government's beware, there is a small, but powerful enough minority of the U.S. Population that loves God of the Bible and loves America enough to do something about the removal of those who are supposed to represent us. So when you hear Mr. Obama who says “ban the bullets” and “I have my pen and phone.” Um, no. No Mr Obama, No Mr Boehner, No Mr. O'cconnel, No Mrs. Pelosi, No Mrs Jackson, we are going to stop you and your protector's from destroying this nation any further. I pray to God there is no civil war coming to this nation but the sad fact is, it may very well need to come so that, and just like the first American Civil War, rebellion to our Constitution may be removed. I' along with some other good Americans are not looking for war. No we are praying hard that many corrupted politicians, cops, lawyers, judges and Americans repent of their evil, but there always comes a point when good men and good women have had enough of treason by members of our Legislatures,and the Executive and Judicial Branches. Literally, millions of American men, women and children have had their lives destroyed because of those greedy Legislators, Judges, and those in the Executive branches who many are lawyers, and also who make evil laws or use “policy” rather than law to purposely destroy families so as to make cash to line their own pockets and send this country to Hell. Enough !

There is a movement rapidly growing here in the USA called “The Citizen's Grand Jury Movement.”. I have written about this subject matter previously but the movement begs to be written about  again( This movement's aim is to bring back the U.S. Constitution and be fully enforced. I had recently met some members of that movement  and heard three members actually speak before a panel of State Supreme Court Judges where “demands” were made to these same judges and specific dates of compliance to these same Government Judges(including several Chief Judges) were also given. You want to see someone like a judge or Government Official squirm ?, that's exactly what occurred when each of he judges did when they heard from members of the Citizen Grand Jury's spoke. And, that's exactly what evil does when being confronted by a lawful body of United States Citizens who under the guise of the Constitution, hold Citizen's Grand Jury hearings and make public notice to the accused with their findings of fact. Every County Sheriff within the United States is directed by the US Constitution to enforce those Grand Jury decisions. Of course most Sheriff's do not uphold those decisions, but rather follow their paychecks, not the Constitution. It's all good because those Sheriffs will eventually all be confronted and Citizen's Arrests made with them as well. It's coming.

This is no joke. I'm not making any of what I have shared here in this article. Again, I witnessed several men who publically, self identified themselves as members of a Citizens Grand Jury(in Lake City Florida) who then also quoted the United States Constitution making demands and a course of action to these judges. Clearly, this is what needs to be done as well in Washington DC as well as in all across our States. Obviously, good and and Godly Americans have grown weary of the criminal activity in our Government's, media and elsewhere. Americans are tired and have had enough of  their lives destroyed through the use of so called law enforcement officials who use their badge to bully people around and wrongfully(illegally)help enable so called Government Officials destroy our Constitutional and Godly rights. Somewhere and at some point soon, I believe something is going to break in this country because of all the evil and blatant sin that has been allowed by many Americans, and guess what ? "breaking" has already begun. The criminals here are already shooting at police and in return, the police want us good and Godly Americans to support law enforcement officials to help bring calm, "order" and "civility." Guess what?, law enforcement officials are not going to get our support until they begin supporting the U.S. Constitution that they took an oath before All Mighty God to protect and follow. Millions of Americans have purposely turned their backs on cops because of the tyranny that they have allowed, and also look away from when they see our Government representatives and court officials taking part in unlawful activities(in which there are many!).

Citizen's Grand Jury's. Coming to a neighborhood near you. You ought to find out more and become a member of your own local Citizen's Grand Jury Movement
009/06/how-to-start-and-lead-citizens-grand.html. The life or family you save, may be your very own !

Deuteronomy 20:12 “… If they refuse to make peace and they engage you in battle, lay siege to that city...”

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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