Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Does America Need To Be Blown-Up, To Wake-Up ?

Does America Need To Be Blown-Up, To Wake-Up ?

You may not at all like the title of this article however if you are like me, you are wondering just what the heck it will take to get our nation on track and Liberty restored in our nation? Americans have by and large lost their way. We have forgotten God of the Bible, become fat, lazy and the apathy that oozes out of many Americans, lays everywhere. This nation is in-so much deep trouble and as I have shared in a few articles previously, most Americans have no one to blame but themselves. The latest news item that once again brings me to this conclusion about our immoral nation and it's current sufferings is this one... It is yet another cop doing the work of Government sponsored terrorism against it's own citizenry. This time a dad at a school board meeting in New Hampshire... So much for the supposed New Hampshire State Motto, “Live Free Or Die” huh ?

The New Hampshire State's Motto aside, we've come to a point in our nation that for many American's, our favorite national past time has become that off pissing and moaning instead of actually physically making a stand for our God-given rights and freedom. Instead of actually fighting back against satan's evil minion’s, we have become instead limp wristed and compliant slaves to evil. If I was to give you the perfect picture of stupid sheep that are ripe for both tyrants, and terrorists taking over a nation, I could not find a better photo than this--- a photo of parents who did absolutely nothing when this father was taken away by a cop involved in unconstitutional act of arresting the father who spoke up not only as a father, but also in loving-concern for his daughter. Maybe you disagree with me ? Perhaps like most American's you believe that pissing and moaning should only be confined to one's home while drinking a beer watching a very large flat screen TV while the rest of the nation goes to hell ? What better example of not only what a Godly father should do to protect his children as was done by this father in the photo, but what a perfect photo of what satan's and his people's response is with what the cop did and the idiotic parents who just sat their and did nothing as well to protect that dad.

Strong sentiments here, I know that what I am expressing to you may also sound alarming to you, but again I ask, what the heck is it going to take for many in this nation to get on their knees and cry out to Jesus for forgiveness and repent of their stupidity, apathy and utter laziness ? If you were one of those who attended this years National Day Of Prayer on May 1, 2014, good for you. I once again did not attend My reason for not attending is the same as last year, what good is praying and asking God to forgive and to heal our land when most American's outside myself and other true Biblical Christians are not at all the one's engaged in evil acts ? The one's who need to repent so God can restore our nation as outlined in 1 Chronicles 7:14, are those who remain apathetic, lazy, hypocritical and involved in evil and sin, which is most of America outside those true believers and followers of Jesus Christ of the Bible(Luke 9:23). In case some of you haven't figured it out yet, God of the Bible does not honor cowards, murderers, faithless, abominable, liars, idol worshipers, sorcerers and others like them. In fact when you read Revelation 21:8, they get burned up in Hell with demons. God demands that His people and any people who wish to be blessed, to remove evil, not sit idly by and watch it grow. I'm not the only one that feels this way; 

Is that where this nation wants to be, Hell ? Is that where you want to be also ? No, I'm not being sarcastic or “mean.” I'm being quite frank and honest with every fellow American here. There are so many fellow hurting Americans who need help and have cried out for other Americans to answer their cry for assistance but no one came, no one is helping. This nation's citizens have allowed the tyrannical and terroristic US, States and Local Governments to illegally seize their neighbor's children, families homes and property without even lifting a finger to help them and so called “Christians” are the worst offenders of this. Although this article is not about me and my needs, but the millions of other good Americans still in need of real help, I use my (current) situation as an example and still remember even myself calling and communicating to
“Christians” in Western New York that I needed help from them. I was victimized by a Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammer/Illegal Alien and her corrupted friends in Genesee County, NY. who used a City of Batavia, NY cop to threaten to murder me, and stole my children, home and property as well as my name(that was 2009 and I have been largely homeless since 2005 and also unemployed since 2008) with all this occurring to me, only two persons answered my call to help and all they did for me was show up at a couple of court hearings. Where were all those supposed “pastors” and “Christians” in their Biblical and American duty to help me(and you)? You know, just like the New Hampshire State Motto, states,“Live free Or Die.” In my case(and probably like your case also)hundreds of “Christians” and “pastors” contacted, none heard from except a few who showed up at court and a few others who's only advice to me was “ we will pray for you” and “you can join our churches men's breakfast on Saturday mornings” Ugh !!!

To the delight of those who engage in evil, whether evil and tyrannical acts from cops, the Judiciary, the Executive and or Legislative Branches, Americans have largely fallen asleep in their duty to rid evil. Instead of righteous action, many take to social media sites such as Facebook to piss and moan and complain some more or become the great pretenders that many there are, and engage in what I term as “Keyboard Commandoism.” That is to say, folks who like to talk about “doing something” about the removal of evil but when it's time to actually show-up and do something, they are no where to be found, except for complaining or lying about their status that they will or are engaging in the removal of unrepentant evil. I myself, primarily by myself have been to Washington DC 3 times confronting Congress on my behalf as well as yours. When asking other American's to join me in DC on the past two occasions, all I heard back regarding actually physically joining with me, was the sound of crickets. I wasn't shocked at all at the time and I'm still not shocked now. I continue to confront evil face to face and I have no plans of quitting, but doing it alone makes it beyond challenging, it makes it nearly impossible to force evil-out. Other Americans need a fire (or a God allowed-bomb perhaps?)under their butt's and get out there to the fight also.

I am well aware that there will always be some stupid people that no matter what happens in life, they will turn a blind eye towards acts of wickedness or continue only in "peaceful non-action." I understand that, but the reality is that because so many Americans have become so apathetic, non-caring and engaged in doing nothing at all against evil, the use of protests, marches, letter writing campaigns, marches, sending e-mail messages asking or telling corrupted Government leaders, cops, judges, lawyers and others to stop engaging in evil acts are only resulted in being laughed at by those who engage in such ungodly schemes or unrighteousness evil acts of tyranny. Again, I must conclude my article with the same question I began my article with, “What the heck is it going to take to get our nation back on track and Liberty restored in our nation?” I can answer my own question with for me, is the obvious, it is a fact that the continued acts of being apathetic and doing nothing including that of pissing and moaning is not the correct answer. Perhaps God will allow a bomb exploding or some other disaster here in America to wake people the heck up ? I hope and pray not ! However, your choice America. Pick and choose wisely. How badly do you want your freedom back ?

Proverbs 9:10 “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor


  1. Awesome article pastor...i know the feeling.

  2. I agree, I have been trying hard to tell people for years, losing freinds, being called things... I thinks it's worth it, these people are in a trance, mentally damaged, and they'll call us crazy. smh I think many are waking up, but they are looking to Obama, and he is a puppet of Rockefellers/Royhschilds, so they aim too low and are diffused. To look at the source is to be a "conspiract theorist" so these people have been programmed to repel reality. TV, Hollywood, Music,sports, the schools are controlled and the politicians are ALL criminals. What to do? GOD works through people for good. Satan is working through these people in control. GOD is blocked from the minds of people through this control vise. IMO

  3. It is simple, this is what the American people voted for. Professing Christians are the WORSE at working together. there are over 200 million of professed Christians, it takes less than 70 million to vote in a president and they will not do that. The problem is not the Tyranny of the government so much as it is the people themselves, not having any knowledge. "My People are destroyed for like of knowledge and because you reject knowledge, I will reject you..." This a time of easy knowledge and no one want to even believe anf FACTS. They make up their own facts and act accordingly. This is understand by the world, but those who profess to know Christ is not suppose to be of the world. They are suppose to be the LIGHT of the world, the SALT of the earth. But when the salt have lost its saltiness, it is good for nothing but to be tossed out and walked on by men."Let those that suppose to be to Yeshua (Jesus) depart from evil, then we can see straight enough to correct this country.