Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Should All White Folks Kill Themselves Because Of 'White Privilege'

Should All White Folks Kill Themselves Because Of 'White Privilege'

One of the most ludicrous questions ever asked. It is in fact a question that is already being asked by some. Just who are the “some” I am speaking of here ? Why, it's the same and usual evil self-described “Liberals” of course. With the increase of the “kill whitey” phrase and attitude popularized during the 1960's by the Black Panther Group members and the many Communists members and sympathizers on our college campuses, this sick and evil attitude has almost reached it's pinnacle today. Not at all disguised or hiding from it's real demonic agenda, the emergence and popularity these days of so called “White Privilege” has become the hot and popular politically correct perspective on and off school campuses.

Way beyond just on college campuses, teaching about how being white is bad, this wacko politically correct point of view is being taught even in our elementary schools as well as in the corporate world as well. It's everywhere and just as you thought our education system couldn't get any more polluted from the evil and sick world of Liberals and Liberal “thinkers', up pops the “kill whitey” mentality repackaged as “White Privilege” propaganda. Indeed, our children have already been mentally, spiritually and also sometimes even physically destroyed for years from being exposed to Liberal ideologies, but now, Liberal's have even corrupted children as young as in the 3rd grade. The kids are being informed that they are racist just because they have a light skin pigmentation ! Liberal thinking has gone over the-top. Perhaps like you, years ago I fought against Planned Parenthood and so called “health teachers” in our schools instructing children as early as in kindergarten practicing in how to use a condoms, sex education, promotion of homosexuality, etc. That stuff was inappropriate enough, these days however, many public schools openly encourage homosexuality, transsexualism, abortion, illegal immigration, rebellion to parental authority and now, apparently self-loathing if you are Caucasian. It has come to in fact, where white colored children as young as in like I shared earlier, in the 3rd grade are being told they are racist all because of their white skin tone !

Corporations have also now picked-up on the idea that “being white is bad.” Some companies are now beginning to also teach this non-sense in their board and employee meeting rooms. Both Caucasian managers and employee's are being specifically told that they don't deserve what they have earned at all, all because they have the “unfair advantage of being white.” What crap ! Our entire society has been turned upside-down by those who have the sole desire to destroy this once great and Godly nation and turn it into a 
wasteland of dope smokers and politically correct nut-jobs where everyone is a victim and everything that the Bible calls good, is really evil. Seriously, America is on a very fast track to destroying itself because as Edmund Burke warned, “Evil flourishes when good men do nothing.” How can any nation flourish if the largest segment of society is telling itself that it is “evil” simply because it has the wrong skin color ? Really, the ridiculous notion that all Caucasian folks somehow have an unfair advantage because of their skin color is such crap. For many years, even today, I have seen many minorities given preference on civil service exams and promotions simply because of their skin color. Wasn't and isn't that unfair ? Wasn't their promotions and hiring based solely on their skin pigmentation ? Of course it was. However, there was at that time, in years past where minorities were discriminated against and a wrong was attempted to be made right through correction. However, as some of our courts are now realizing, for all races to be treated equal, it actually means that no skin color gets a preference, not white, not black, not brown, not red, yellow, green, purple, whatever. Everyone is equal and worth the same when it comes to skin color.

To be sure, know that this evil notion of “white privilege” is part of Obama's Communist and his race baiting friend's real agenda is for furthering “wealth distribution.” Race baiter's like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters and others including Obama may be evil and demonic in their actions but they are not stupid. They have however purposely made race relations worse... Especially Obama is well informed enough that there are enough white folk in America that if he stated publicly at some point that “all Caucasian Americans need to commit suicide”, there would be many white-Americans that would actually kill themselves. I'm not kidding here, don't believe me ?? Then why are there so many Caucasians willing to teach and promote the wacko idea of “white privilege” ? Not enough evidence you say ? Alright then, look at the (mostly Caucasian)wacko environmentalists who state already that humans are dangerous to the world and would be best if we were all dead. Here, check this crap out... After reading and checking-out that web-site I just gave you, you need to ask yourself, what kind of severe mental health and or spiritual issues do people suffer from in order to teach and believe that you are privileged simply because of your skin color and that “you are bad” or “don't deserve what you worked for because you are white”? These nut cases know full well that there is no empirical evidence, nor fact to support the propaganda that they spread. Everything that is good about America is disappearing because many American's allow the psycho's to run the asylum so-to-speak including the psychotic people who spread the lies of “white privilege.” It's bad enough that there are some very sick non-Caucasians teaching this demonic stuff, but not surprisingly(not to me any way, look at how many white folks voted for Obama, not just once but twice !) there are plenty of white skin colored people willing to teach self-loathing as well, Insanity !

Social Engineering in America has brought nothing but death and destruction upon America . Any idea's outside the Christian Bible should simply be sent back to Hell where it came from. To devalue human life simply based on skin color can do nothing good for any American irregardless of whatever skin pigment one would have. For those who promote the idea of “white privilege”, they ought repent of their evilness and to also seriously consider the eventual backlash of teaching and promoting such an idea. As some have said and declare, “what goes around, comes around.” The Bible declares it similarly in Galatians 6:7 “ Do not be deceived, God is not mocked, what a man sows, he reaps.” There is no doubt that eventually this demonic teaching of “white privilege” will come back to haunt those who promote and teach it. When a lie is taught as truth, eventually, that lie will come to light as what it is and those who willingly participated in spreading that lie, will pay a very hefty price for taking part in it.

If you see or hear this evil known as “white privilege”, it is your duty not only to expose it, it is also your duty to remove it, Now !

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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