Tuesday, April 29, 2014

“Open Letter To Gov. Mike Huckabee Regarding Justina Pelletier”

“Open Letter To Gov. Mike Huckabee Regarding Justina Pelletier”

Former Governor Mike Huckabee,

I appreciate your enthusiasm in helping Justina Pelletier and the Pelletier from her plight. I viewed your program on Fox News last weekend and much of what you shared at that time, I whole-heartily agree with you. I am pleased and blessed that you have taken on the mantle so to speak in bringing Justina's unjust imprisonment in the State of Massachusetts to an end. Justina needs and deserves a voice on her behalf. It is after all, unjust and disgusting what the State of Massachusetts and their Department of Children and Families along with their Family Court Systems have done to Justina and her entire family. As you had shared on your television program aired on Fox News, Justina's health has deteriorated as well as her civil and religious rights violated since being wrongfully and illegally taken from her family. Indeed as you have, this issue must be continued to be addressed until Justina is fully returned without further interference from the State of Massachusetts of any other Government interfering..

Beyond Justina and her family, there are also several million families within the United States that have also had their civil and religious rights violated much like Justina. By the grace of God as I mentioned earlier in my letter, you have become the voice for Justina Pelletier, bud sadly, several million other families who also to this very day suffer from corrupted and illegally acts of their Federal, State and County Governments including that of those Child protective Agencies and Family Courts also wrongly suffer. Their children also have been wrongly taken and have purposely been “legally kidnapped.” I can tell you from personally meeting several thousand families from around the US myself, children are illegally kidnapped and stolen via Government agencies on a regular basis. Because of Federal Title IV Funding’s that are given to States and Counties, Child Protective Agencies are rewarded with cash for every child they take/kidnap into their system. Often times, State and County child protection Agencies take children from indigent families that have little or no way to legally fight back against false child abuse allegations in an already corrupted Family Court System. In other words, as you are also aware because you were Governor of the State Of Arkansas, “victims” which in this case are alleged “abused children”, equals cash for the state and counties.

I want to make it clear in my letter to you Mr. Governor, I am not advocating in anyway or speaking of children truly harmed to be ignored by Child Protective Services. I am sharing however that even children that are truly abused, often also like non-abused, kidnapped by the State children, find themselves in just as abusive situations with foster families or foster care facilities. Hundreds of children that should be given to natural other family members for care when their child abuse is found, are instead given to outside care, non-family members and are often doped-up with psychotropic medications(to keep them docile), murdered or found dead due to acts of negligence on the part of those foster parents of foster care facility. Again, corrupted Family Courts and Federal Title IV Funding’s are often the root issue and problem. Corrupted judges, lawyers, social workers, CPS Workers, Domestic Violence Program Workers, psychologists and others often financially benefit from tearing children away from their natural families and those children wrongly placed outside the natural family number in the millions here in America.

I believe sir that if there is a national voice calling for justice on the part for Justina and her family, there should also be a voice for the millions of other children and families that are also being purposely destroyed for the reason of making cash by the hands of corrupted Federal, State, County and Local Government's as well. I am quite positive as Christians, we would both agree that all abused children need protection and deserve a voice. However, that being said, those children being wrongfully kidnapped for the reason of making cash to benefit Government's should also have a national voice as well as Justina Pelletier. You have that voice Governor and I implore you to do several things to help. First, pick up the mantle and provide a national voice for other children just like Justina, and also secondly, please take the time to meet with me and several others who have also provided a minor voice for children and families, and which we also speak against the wrongful Government practice of destroying families and kidnapping children for financial gain. We have some information that we would like to share with you, and are in the belief would also be beneficial to you in our common fight for justice on behalf of children everywhere.

If you are indeed sincere in this fight for Justina Pelletier and all children as I believe you are, my hope and prayer is that after our meeting together, we will have become strengthened in our fight against those who would harm the most innocent and defenseless in our society, our children and grandchildren. You may reach me Governor at my twitter account to schedule a meeting. I hope to hear from you soon

Thank you for your attention to the content and request for a meeting with you in this letter.

Respectfully Submitted,

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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  1. Thank you. We are all torn and feeling an unnecessary dose of depression from Justina Captivity