Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Can Homosexuals And Christians Coexist Equally ?

Can Homosexuals And Christians Coexist Equally ?

WARNING ! This article will offend some, possibly many. The article was not willfully written to offend anyone, however the information throughout this article contains facts that will bring-up feelings and emotions of anger, frustration, disgust, hatred and even wishing to partake in violent retaliation against this writer. This WARNING is given so that before anyone proceeds in reading this article, they are prepared to receive truth in a Christ-loving way. It is inevitable however that some will ignore why this article is written, and as well, also ignore all evidence presented and in doing so, will contribute to their spiritual death as well as their (early)physical death as well. If you choose to read the remaining portion of this article, you have been warned and should take heed before reading further !

I hope that millions will read this much needed written article. The sad reality is however, very few will read it. Why you may ask ? That question can be simply answered by responding that sin is sin, is sin, is sin. The Christian Bible is the final authority on everything good, and what the Bible says the Devil and his way's are what is evil. Here in the USA, it is a fact that the majority of our Founding Fathers were Bible believing Christians. Not all were, but most indeed were. The reason this nation was(but no longer) blessed in the past is because most Americans at that time understood that if you participated in what God(of the Bible) called sin, you brought upon yourself negative consequences. However, if you chose instead to truly follow Jesus Christ and His ways, you would find yourself helped and blessed throughout your life. Pretty simple precept right ? Well, for those who choose to willing partake in sin, not so simple. Let's be honest, those that advocate for what the Bible clearly describes as “evil” often have no real desire to do what is right before God, in fact often times, they don't even believe in God. Despite hating God or not believing in Him, those who choose a sinful life do so not only at their own peril, they suffer negative consequences for their belief system whether they believe or follow God or not. In fact, sinful people seek out other sinful people much like themselves so they can justify their sinful nature. These same folks have absolutely no desire to be associated with or hear what others tell them what they are doing wrong, even if they are hurting themselves or others in their sinful lifestyle.

All this talk about “sin.” Just what is “sin” and how does sin have to do with homosexuality anyway ? All at some point in their lives want to know who gets top decide if “I'm a sinner.” Intelligent folks have found that through watching the lives of others and studying history and probably what has occurred in even in their own lives, they see quite clearly that those who have rejected “sin” have fared much better than those who remain in their sin. Simply reading the Bible gives evidence of the same as what I am presenting here. Many names of those who followed God throughout the Bible, in the very end at least of their lives, fared much better than those who refused to repent of their sins and died in their sins. Simply said, we see evidence of those who reject what God calls evil doing better than those who willing participate in evil. It is after all that “God hates sin”(Romans 6:23). Awake, yes, those who are awake to what sin really is, have come to their senses that participating in sin brings “death.” Sinners and death? Yes, the Bible in Romans 3:23 declares that we “all fall short of God's grace.” In other word's, we are all sinners. That being said, we must read the next Bible verse in Romans 3:24 which goes on to tell us quite clearly that we are justified in the removal of our sins through one and only one way, that is through God's loving grace through the redemptive act of Jesus Christ (on the cross for our sins)as Lord and Saviour. Inevitably, God gets to call out what is sin and so does His Word(The Bible).

Those that truly belong to Jesus Christ are told to reject sin in their own lives and also to warn and rebuke others of their sinful actions all throughout the Bible as well(which is what I am doing here). You can find that it is quite appropriate to judge sin in others found in James 5:20, 1 Timothy 5:20, Titus 2:15, and other verses throughout the Bible, both New and Old Testament both. Those who reject God, Jesus Christ are more than “God haters”, they are willing participants in sin. There's no other way to put it. Doesn't matter what you call yourself, unless you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour as well as live a life that shows “fruit”, that is clear evidence of rejection of sin(public and private repentance of your sin before God), you don't belong to God, you belong to the Devil and as a matter of fact in Romans 5:10, for those who have no personal relationship with Him through Jesus Christ, we are are called “God's enemies.” It's not that God hates anyone as some would suppose, no God hates sin and He uses His people to warn others to stop participating in sin. It doesn't have to be a “pastor” only that warns others to repent and stop sinning as some would suppose. No, God has and will use anyone of His choosing. That being said, it is more than likely however, you will hear a true follower of Jesus Christ repeat what Jesus Himself said some two-thousand years ago said to others, and His people still telling folks today; “Repent Or Perish.”

Sounds “mean” doesn't it ?... Jesus and His people saying “Repent Or Perish.” It's not meant to be “mean” or hurtful in a politically correct offensive sort of way though. To tell and warn someone who is active in their sin to “Repent or Perish” is actually a loving way of helping that person involved in a self-harming activity to stop before something eventually very bad occurs to them. So as we explore sin in this article, especially because the Bible declares more than once that homosexuality is sin,, we must speak of homosexuality as what it is, a sin as the Bible calls it and unless someone warns those involved in sin of the negative consequences of that sin, folks will only suffer needlessly. What I'm saying is, that of “being mean”... the “meanest” thing one could ever do to someone involved in sin, is not warning them to “Repent or that they would perish.” I say that especially because of the deadly consequences of homosexual activity. In case you were unaware, thousands of homosexuals die each and every year from AIDS/HIV, Hepatitis C and other deadly diseases. Of course the media(who are largely God haters) especially in the United States will not report or rarely report on the dangers and negative consequences of sin, including that of homosexuality. It has come to many societies around the world including here in the USA that the acceptance of sin is so great, that those in the media and or those that hold professional credentials who dare to speak of those negative consequences I mentioned earlier, often find themselves removed from their employment simply for warning others Do not only blame just the “world” however,(as the Bible describes those who are without Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour) but also equally blame so called “Christian” Americans who wouldn't recognize what Biblical sin and loving some one enough to warn them of the dooming consequences of sin is, even if it bit them in the Gluteus Maximus. This is especially true of those involved in Calvinism and “ear tickling “ religious congregations. Unfortunately, here in many American churches when Biblical love is mentioned, the teachings and lies of the devil's as well of a false jesus, are taught and those who hear such aspersions which only cause folks to conjure up a a non-biblical image of a jesus who floats around in the air hugging and kissing everyone whether steeped in sin or not. I wrote about these false jesus teachers and believers in my previously written article some time ago. I'm not sure how many have read that article but by the action of many Americans these days, it is quite obvious to me at least that many Americans have been to busy in their own sin to care enough in reading it,

Love is all about following what God describes as good. It is in doing so that brings not only true joy but blessed consequences to us in doing so. The Bible is also very clear also about that for those who choose to live in a sinful lifestyle, yet escape God's judgment or perhaps later God will just wink at their sin and because of some “good works”(like giving to charity) everything will work-out well for them in the end. For those that believe such things, it all ends in a very bad way for those who actually believe that God ignores sin or that they are good enough in God's eyes, or that somehow they can “work their way to heaven.” It is an unbiblical belief that anyone can act good enough for God to accept them. God's grace through Jesus Christ is all we need, not to do what we want especially involving ourselves in sin however. No, the Bible is clear about that as well. As I shared earlier in this article, “sin, is sin, is sin.” God does not differentiate between sin as one being worse than the other. All sin according to God's Word is bad and God rejects all who involve themselves in sin. To act out in sin is a selfish and self-centered deed. No one, I repeat, no one is going to be blessed here on Earth nor get into Heaven unless he/she is fully repentant of sin and living a life pleasing to God(1 Thessalonians 4:1-7). In fact those who think their religious beliefs justifies their pitiful lives before God need to read Matthew Chapter 7, verses 21 through 23. Just as the religious will be sent to Hell, so will those who justify their sin by misquoting Matthew 7:1-5, commonly known by hose who justify sin as the “judge me not verse.”

God is very and quite clear who will, or will not be blessed here in Earth. Those without fully repenting of their sins and living a crucified life In Jesus Christ(Luke 9:23) will carry the curse of sin and when they die, will be sent to Hell. In 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 reads;“ Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God ? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners shall inherit the kingdom of God.” The sinful life rewards no one. So, when I hear those in America and around the world stating that “God accepts homosexuality” or any other sin, I do more than cringe. The very thought of what curses from Hell that are being heaped upon the person and or persons who make such foolish comments makes me sad. I am very familiar with so called self-described “Democrats” and “Liberals” who advocate quite openly for evil and sin. They will indeed suffer God's wrath for the promotion of what God calls wickedness. That said, there are also plenty of self described others also on the way to Hell including the many “religious”, “Republicans”, “Conservatives”, “Libertarians” and Fox News Reporters who also because of their promotion of sin, will suffer the same or similar curses and eternal judgment in Hell for promoting sin such as homosexuality just as their Democrats and Liberals counterparts as well. Know this, God is A-political. He knows what is best for everyone. He doesn’t need a political party.

Sadly, many Americans continue to, and despite all that God's hand of judgment have brought against this nation including those of the 911(and other terrorist)attack, natural and man made disasters including increased floods, fires, tornado's, financial issues, chronic unemployment for many, Obama's and his regime's tearing-up this nation at every level, an increase in mental health issues as well as other demonic activities including increase in violence, as well as many, many more negative consequences of active sin in this nation and world, just ignore the fact that Activity In Sin=Negative Consequences. Many act as if all the sin in their and in others lives is “O.K.” Foolish folks here in the USA continue with their “as long as it doesn't personally affect me” attitudes and things just keep getting worse. It all seems that most Americans just want their big-screen TV's, beer and sports channels. The world is literally going to hell and few care as long as they have their worldly and sinful lifestyle in tact. Indeed, sin is growing and according to the Bible, this displeases God. True Christians do not endorse nor justify sin, ever, not even homosexuality. For true believers know very well that if they allow unrepentant sin to grow, eventually those who partake or stay silent about sin will be destroyed and most likely even the Christian will be destroyed also if he/she did not take a stand in removing that evil.

Homosexuality like all sin, brings sure death not only to the person involved in that sin, but also those who sit idly by and allow it and or endorse it. I want to make it very clear here, homosexuality is a sin, it is a deadly disease that needs to be rid of. The good news for anyone who is involved in homosexuality or in any sin however, is that there is hope and there is a way to escape that sinful lifestyle and it's deadly consequences. To rid yourself of that or any sin, your answer is to run to Jesus Christ of the Bible. If you are thinking your religion can save you, no, no it can't. Jesus said in John 14:6 that only He is the way. It is only Jesus Christ who can free you of your sin and through the help of the Holy Spirit, defeat the Devil and his sinful lifestyle such as homosexuality. The choice is yours of course. Know this whatever your choice, whoever is steeped in sin will never be blessed, never know God's forgiveness and will never inherit the Kingdom of God when they die. Have you thought about death ? If you haven't, you should. None of us will live forever. We will all die someday. Those who are active in unrepentant sin, usually die an early death. It doesn't have to be that way though. God wants the best for your life, He wants to free you from your sin. Whether homosexuality or any other sin, God of the Bible offers a way of escape through Jesus Christ who loved you so much, He shed His blood for your sins. What you cannot do, He can do, He can free you of your sins. You must be willing first to repent of your sins and sinful life. After that, you must take Jesus Christ in your heart and your personal Lord and Saviour, you must live a life pleasing to Him according to the Bible.

In closing, I know there will be a propensity for some to try to add or take away from everything I have shared. Some will even want to argue with me and defend sin. If this is you, I will simply tell you, “save it !”, If you want to argue, go argue with God. He's the one you have a problem with, not me. If however you are ready to repent of your sins, including that of homosexuality and do as the Bible declares as I shared here in this article, then go find a Bible believing pastor and church to help you in your walk with Christ. Be sure however that you attend a true Bible believing church. Don't fall for the devil's imitation. It's not to late, for now ! Don't delay, your time to answer for your sin is fast approaching.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor


  1. Thorough. Thank you Paul. Homosexuals are not able to procreate with one another and procreation is necessary for a healthy society. Family is the foundation of a society and homosexuals do not contribute to family. Nevertheless, they want to have the benefits of marriage, even though the marriage does not contribute to society. In fact if we were all homosexuals society and mankind would collapse rapidly.