Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Boko Haram And Feminists, 2 Evil Peas From The Same Pod

Boko Haram And Feminists, 2 Evil Peas From The Same Pod

As one who has experience in rescuing children, both boys and girls from human and sex traffickers overseas, I do not however consider myself as a so called “expert” in such matters. That said, my experience of seeing who does in-fact engage in such disgusting and disparaging acts of kidnapping and utilizing children as sex slaves and other acts does allow me at least the platform to speak-up and speak-out the truth against such atrocities whenever possible. With the Nigerian based self described “Islamic” group stealing nearly 300 hundred mostly Christian girls from a school located there also in Nigeria, I am taking my opportunity here and my God given duty as well, to what I have been called to do at the very least... that is to call out evil and in whatever way possible, take righteous action against those who would ever harm these precious children whether in the act of human trafficking, sex trafficking or abuse.

There is no doubt in my mind that by the very actions of Boko Horam, that they by kidnapping these precious girls, they have not only violated the very God given and foundational right of every innocent human being's right to be free of tyranny. As well, they have also even more so, taken the evil act of forcing children into acts of bondage against their will and and have also forced upon them a religion in which they want no part of. Simply put, these innocent Nigerian school girls have been forced to leave their peaceful school and homes and under the the threat and duress of being physical harmed, even unto their death, have been violated and there should be such a violent taken action against those who have violated these children, that no one in this terrorist organization known as Boko Haram or any other terrorist organization whether Government, religious or other, would ever consider or take captive the thought of harming or violating a child ever again.

No child should ever have to suffer such trauma as these poor girls currently being held against their will somewhere in Africa(any where in the world) today. I want to make it quite clear when I speak of “no child”, I am speaking of both girls and wells as boys. Let it be known that God of the Bible as well as I speak up and rescue boys as well as girls from the human and sex trade or in at all being abused. Unlike the evil Feminists and their also wicked twin brother, “Machoists”(those men with the perverted attitude of “love 'em and leave 'em” attitudes), I am firmly planted in the Biblical belief that all children are precious to God. Millions and millions of families have especially been ruined, in fact generations of families have been decimated under the dogma of the “all about me” mantra of Feminism and Machoism alike. Make no mistake about it Feminism and Machoism both have done great damage to our nation and our world. I will also point out that also unlike Feminist's, I will never-ever politically help a child when it's only advantageous for me personally in doing so. So when you see Feminists only cry out when girls in Nigeria are kidnapped by Boko Haram and forced into bondage but ignore when 59 boys that are murdered a few months earlier by the same terrorist group, you know where these evil Feminist's hearts lay. For decades now, Feminists have been in the fight to destroy boys, men and fathers. In all truth, Feminists have not only sought the purposeful murder and removal of boys, men and fathers, they have sought the very extermination of the male gender from the entire planet. One only needs to ask any student of a “Woman’s Study” class at any local Community college or university to hear exactly what I am expressing to you here as being true. No “ladies, we men and boys are Not “all potential rapists” as you have been taught and told.

So, when I see Jay Leno a comic and at one-time late night television program host standing outside a hotel in California along side women from the National Organization Of Women, lesbians and other Feminists
protesting the Sultan of Brunei and his alleged treatment of girls and women while at the same time we get news of the kidnapped girls in Nigeria, I have to wonder what their real agenda is ? Am I a protector or defender of the Sultan of Brunei ? Of course not. However, I have to once again question, the motive of these Feminists and where these women were when the 59 male children in Nigeria were murdered. Why haven't these Feminists in fact been just as vocal and protesting when boys have been forced into armies and killed in war over the last 50 years, especially all throughout Africa ? Is it that they don't care about males ? Are male children expendable ? Not only those questions, but what about Michelle Obama and other women as well as Femen who posted ridiculous and useless Twitter photos proclaiming “# Bring Back Our Girls” ? Why haven't we heard from them when 59 little boys were murdered by the Boko Haram as well ? They also don't care about little boys ?

I cannot think of one decent person(man or woman) who would not wish to have every member of Boko Haram brought to justice for their horrible crimes against these approximately 300 school girls in Nigeria. Surprisingly (to me) however, not everyone finds it every bit evil of what Boko Haram has done to those 59 boys. It is unconscionable to me at least, to ever choose protecting and or helping one gendered child over another. All children whether boy or girl are precious. Every child needs and deserves our protection from those who would perpetrate evil acts upon them. To choose in only protecting and or having selective
outrage against those who harm girls but not boys is a very, very evil act on the part of those who would take part in such things. Boko Haram and Feminists are co-partners in evil. They both mean harm to children... Boko Haram harms boys by killing them and girls by enslaving them and forcing them into a dangerous religious belief. Feminists do damage in purposely harming and damaging boys, and by not helping them and leaving them purposely to die. Disgusting, the both of them... Boko Haram and the Feminists.

My wife and I have rescued many children from human and sex trafficking, brought them into our own small apartment to care for them. I want to make my stance very public and well known. I once again pledge my God given support for the help and protection of every child the Lord puts in my path to aide... both boys and girls. I do hope and pray you do the same ! I will Not compromise ! Reject always the ideologies of terrorist groups such as Boko Haram as well as the Feminists.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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