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Is Being 'Crazy', The New 'Normal ?'

Is Being 'Crazy', The New 'Normal ?'

Have you or do you have a family member, co worker, neighbor or other that you know that just seems to act like a jerk all the time ? Maybe ? Perhaps instead, you know someone that seems to do the opposite of what appears to you as simple common sense ? I'm sure you do. Indeed, there are millions of Americans and probably many from around the world also that would reply with the answer “yes” to both of the questions that I propose here. To be sure, I am not sharing here about folks that simply have a bad day every-so-often, no... we all have bad days now and then, all of us in fact. In this article however, I am discussing those folks that what can fairly be compared to as a constant dripping of a leaky water pipe that everyone knows about, but no one ever fixes. In other words, everyone knows that a person is suffering from some sort of mental illness but rather than getting that person to help, those around the mentally ill person(s), either just ignore or worse, enable that person's mental illness as “ just their normal behaviour.”

Indeed, many Americans today suffer from mental illnesses. Make no mistake about it, many studies show that one out of every 5 Americans are diagnosed with mental illness. Think about that, for very five Americans that you know, more than likely, at least one of them suffers from being mentally ill. Should that frighten you ? Maybe, depends on their diagnosis and what that illness is doing to them and as well as others around them on a physical, mental and or spiritual level. As a former Internationally Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor for many years in the past, I treated many Dually-Diagnosed clients/patients. Those were patients and clients who were suffering from not only a Substance Abuse diagnosis but with a mental health diagnosis as well. I can tell you that some of my co-workers, that is “counselors”, were not altogether mentally well either as well as the clients and patients they "treated" as well. As a supervisor at one particular agency, my “Director” acted out often times emotionally as a 13 year-old street girl utilizing all the profane language and attitudes that often go along with it. One of the therapists for whom I was responsible for, actually faked a heart attack so she wouldn't have to go to a meeting. I could could go on and on, even write a book about all the mentally ill employed in the mental health treatment field, I kid you not. I have treated Dual-Diagnosed folks from all walks of life including a Catholic Priest, an Olympic Swimmer, actors, politicians, lawyers, housewives, social workers, office workers, factory workers, many from a broad societal spectrum and walk of life imaginable, even rich as well as poor. That said, know that no one is immune from mental illness, not even many psychiatrists, those that write prescriptions for “happy pills” for the mentally ill are far from immune from mental illnesses also. See Should that information frighten also you ? I'm not sure about needing to be “frightened” as I shared earlier. However, certainly everyone should be well aware how often times those who diagnosis others with mental illnesses are mentally ill themselves !

As I shared, being employed in the “helping” field for a lengthy period of time, my personal observation of America, is that that the actual number of Americans with(being treated or not) with mental illnesses is most likely closer to 60% of the population. One only needs to look at our society and how many adults and especially children react towards one-another in order to come to that conclusion. I want to make it quite clear, I am making my determination regarding Americans and mental illness not based on the American Psychological Association's Diagnostic Statistical Manual(5th Edition). No, because many of those who belong to the American Psychological Association are mentally ill themselves(as evidenced earlier in this article) and so are their so called "diagnostic tools" for mental health evaluations deeply flawed as well. I am not at all saying for those who align themselves with such an organization also are often mentally ill, but many of them are. The history of the APA proves my point through it's diagnosis of homosexuality. Until 1969, and much political pressure from those who engage in the unnatural act of homosexuality. The APA determined that those who engaged in homosexual acts, were suffering from a mental illness. As with homosexuality in 1969, it has come to the same soon-result today with determination regarding peadophilia. Those

peadophilies and their supporters also are pushing many(and increasingly becoming successful) psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and others, in convincing them that peadophilia(adult sex with children) is somehow ”normal.” Do you agree with the peadophiles also ? Many "therapists", psychologists and "counselors" are increasingly agreeing with peadophilia which is another reason I no longer provide secular counseling to others. Those who belong to the APA and utilize their DSM-IV as a diagnostic tool are more about making social norm evaluations rather than actually making a mental health determination. You can see this true as you look at mental health issues and diagnosis around the world. (See

Don't be surprised if you asked your family and friends if they believe homosexuality is “normal” in that they responded to you with the answer, “yes.” As well, don't be shocked if you asked those same family and friends whom if you asked if peadophilia was also “normal”, they responded to you with a resounding“yes” as well. Doesn't matter how you feel about either of what God Himself calls as these acts as being
abominable, either homosexuality or peadophilia, the willing participation or endorsement in any of these two abnormal acts brings negative consequences to not only those who partake in those acts but also those who allow it. In fact, engaging in any act against what God calls good, brings negative consequences. Man has a real mess with replacing God's Word with psychology. Perhaps like you, I pay close attention to not only many news outlets and what they report, but also what people say and how they behave. I don't want to over simplify how bad it is with regards to mental illness in this nation, but it's really, really bad here. I mean have you ever heard the quote, “The lunatics run the nuthouse” ? It appears that many Americans have freely not only allowed and are allowing abnormally and sinful minded folks from acting out around them, they are also willing participants in engaging in helping, enabling and or voting into political office the very obvious those with corrupted mental health issues as well. I'm not talking about someone who suffers from dysthymia(mild form of depression), I'm talking about helping/enabling/voting in persons who are obviously “crazy”and morally inept. Just one quick example of many of those with obvious severe mental illness whom I'm referring to here is Nancy Pelosi. and those who support and vote for her. Her bizarre behaviours and words easily give her away as one who is not only in desperate need of mental health counseling, she as well most likely also needs to be kept away from most of society because of her enabling other mentally ill persons and very sick minded folks to act out as well.

Make no mistake about it however, there are millions of “Nancy Pelosi's” out there. No, not “all Democrats” either. Mental Illness does not impact up one particular political party more than the other here in the USA. There are plenty of mentally unstable Republicans, Libertarians and others as well. Our society see's on a daily basis how even children are severely impacted from mental illness because of the unhealthy actions/communication from adults. As the family has been largely destroyed via Feminists, Machoists(“love 'em and leave 'em men), Democrats and Republicans as well, we have seen a significant increase in children also diagnosed with mental illnesses. No doubt, there are those that are employed in the mental health “helping” field and Family Court systems which falsely give mental health diagnosis’s to adults and children so as to make financial and or political gain, but by and large, many children do in-fact suffer mental illnesses because of what and whom they are exposed to. With the explosion in America of divorce, abortion, adultery, drug use, alcoholism, unhealthy and demonic matters taught as “normal” in public schools including Jesus/Bible hating, the indoctrination of Islam, and many “politically correct” degeneracy, as well demonic and very evil matters shared all over the internet, it is no wonder that an increasing number of children “act out” in very inappropriate ways including murdering other children, adults, even taking their own lives through suicide There is no doubt, as American culture continues to disintegrate to "normalize" mental illness and also enable and endorse acts engaged by the mentally ill, we will see more and more children going into schools killing their classmates and as well as others.

As I mentioned earlier in my article, it is as if “The lunatics run the nuthouse.” Because so many Americans either suffer from mental health issues and or are ignoring/enabling those with mental health issues, those They are free to wreak havoc in the lives of millions. How do the mentally ill react towards all the increased mental illness throughout our Government leaders? They love it. The crazier and sinful things that politicians, teachers, judges, cops, lawyers, social workers, CPS Workers, Illegal Aliens, Foreign Immigration Marriage Scammers, Domestic Violence Program workers and others like them do, the more happy and pleased that those with mental illnesses are. That's just how “crazy” works.... everything good according to them is in actuality sideways, upside down and backwards. It's not that they can't see that their mental illness is destroying themselves and others, some can't, but most do have the intrinsic ability to see that their belief system is wrong however they simply won't change because they are aware(here in America anyway) there are many other mentally ill just like them and as long as they know there are many other crazy people out there like them, they will just keep pressing the “I'm normal, and you're the crazy one, not me” button. Indeed, many with mental illnesses will push that button so to speak until others either also enable them, or by shear numbers, overpower those who are truly normal and healthy, forcing their sick belief system upon the rest of society until everything collapses around them.

As I mentioned earlier in my article, it is as if “The lunatics run the nuthouse.” Because so many Americans either suffer from mental health issues and or are ignoring/enabling those with mental health issues, whom are left and are truly normal, are now the one's being called “mentally ill.” If you are a gun owner, a Christian, a Conservative, a Republican, believe in and follow the US Constitution, believe in having a 2 parent home, are heterosexual, and or are a Tea Party Member or a in a militia, according to the mentally ill anyway, they aren't the ill one's mentally ill, you are. Good is bad, and bad is good but isn't that how the devil operates ? Indeed God allows those who reject what He calls good(in His Word) to be eventually turned over to their own sin and that sin in-turn eventually consumes that person involved in unrepentant sin. By the fruit and
evidence of their own actions and words, we now have the majority of our Government leaders and those employed in our Judicial System who are obviously mentally ill(just one of millions of recent examples

Having a mental illness doesn't necessarily make you a bad or condemned person. Often times, it simply means you have issues in your life that God through His Son Jesus Christ can and will help you with. Healing begins with a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  The problem here in America however is that there are so many mentally and spiritually ill(which voiding God in one's life is the root cause of most mental illnesses) who are attempting in making mental illness as “normal”, the nation is destroying itself in the process. Get back to God's Word, the Bible. Being mentally and spiritually ill was, and never will be normal in God's eyes. Remember, God does heal even yet today. He has the best plan for everyone's life. Know this as well however, if this world continues on it's path of attempting in so called "normalizing" insanity, soon, there will only be the sound of silence because in the end, all the lunatics will have taken over the world and will not only kill all us sane folks, but the mentally ill will also in the end kill all themselves off as well. Think about that the next time the thought about “how crazy the world has become” enters your thoughts. As always, God calls for righteous action. Hope you get involved in bringing back sanity and rejecting making mentally ill as "normal."

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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  1. Not all BEHAVIOR, bad or unpopular is "mental Illness." in fact much is simply BAD is a trick bag and in fact...part of the communist marketing/business plan...see Communist manifesto

    38. Transfer some of the powers of arrest from the police to social agencies. Treat all behavioral problems as psychiatric disorders which no one but psychiatrists can understand [or treat].

    39. Dominate the psychiatric profession and use mental health laws as a means of gaining coercive control over those who oppose Communist goals.

    40. Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.

    41. Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents. Attribute prejudices, mental blocks and retarding of children to suppressive influence of parents.