Saturday, April 5, 2014

STOP Allowing Yourself In Getting Arrested !

STOP Allowing Yourself In Getting Arrested !

There is no doubt in the past ten to fifteen years, there has been an explosion of law enforcement abuse against citizens here in the USA. No one can dispute the record number of citizen beatings and murders at the hands of police here either. It is nearly on a daily basis, news reports of Americans being wrongly beaten, tasered, and also being murdered by cops is indeed occurring. Since the introduction of YouTube and video camera's on cell phones many, perhaps thousands of cops have been caught and or recorded in their abuse of power and the US Constitution that they took an oath to uphold and protect. Although there may very well be a clear indication of abuse by a cop against you or anyone else, you may be surprised to learn that-that is no guarantee that you or your family(because you are dead from being killed by a police officer) will receive justice and or financial compensation (

No, indeed, many who have been wronged at the hands of law enforcement here in the USA have never receive their day in court or their fair justice and or compensation. The reason for that is fairly simple, the cops are an extension of the already corrupted judiciary and just who belongs to the judiciary you may ask? That would be judges, lawyers, cops, anyone who works for the “court system” or receives Government funding that works withing out courts. So, say for instance you are beaten by a cop and you have pictures, medical reports and go marching in to your lawyer's office and want to use him or her to file a lawsuit against the police officer and or police agency he or she works for, that lawyer may not take your case. In fact, they may take your case and purposely not do a very good job for you. Oh yes! They will take your money but not at all help you. Is that done on purpose ? Yes, the reason being, lawyers are “officers of the court” also, just like cops and “the Judiciary.” Lot's of illegal things are done and discussed “off record” in courts and if you don't have the right attorney, well, let's just say “you get screwed.” You'll never get your justice and just lose a lot of your hard earned money. 

If you ever do make it in court and have a jury trial against the cop who abused and or beat you(or your family suing because that cop murdered you), you also run another high risk of losing your court case as well. How so ? any good and decent lawyer will tell you that with jury's, you cannot predict how they will decide no matter how good your facts and evidence are. There's no other way of saying this to you, but there are a lot of idiot's who have no common sense here in America. You want fruit, evidence of what I am sharing here that what I'm saying is true ? Sure, no problem, just look at all the people who voted for Obama, not just once but twice ! No doubt you will have at least one or two Obamaites on your jury and they don't understand common sense no less “justice” or anything else in life. So again, there's no guarantee how things will work out for you having a jury trial either.

Not only is your freedom and preservation of your civil rights a goal for you whenever you are approached by law enforcement, It is however that your primary goal should be that of your personal safety. It's a terrible shame to have to tell you that you cannot ever trust cops(local, state, federal) but you cannot ever trust cops-ever. The Supreme Court decided several cases many years ago that law enforcement officers have the right to lie to you when ever they want(
lie-to-suspects-N.Y.-rulings-suggest-there-s-a-limit). So, when you here a cop tell someone, “I'm going to handcuff you for your safety as well as mine”, that a blatant lie. You will have little chance of ever defending yourself from being physically attacked by a cop once your are handcuffed. Don't believe the lie. There are many lies cops tell in order to force you to say or do something unlawful so they can twist it and turn what you say or do into the end result of you being arrested and or beaten. In open(gun) carry states such as Texas, lot's of cops get shot and killed because of their idiotic and often cocky attitudes that includes “power trips.” Because of so many in law enforcement in Texas that were killed in the past by innocent citizens, many cops these day's(not all) there have learned an important lesson about treating all (legal)US Citizens with respect. 

“Respect” is something that all of us should have towards other human beings. There's something about many men and women however when you give them a gun and a badge, that they think they can abuse their power when ever they feel like it and literally get away with murder(and often do). Unless men and women start saying “NO ! In Jesus name” to unlawful abuse and corruption via cops(any in government), more Americans are going to get hurt and or die. Let me make sure I really clarify what I just said... if you are doing something illegal and ungodly such as acts of murder, rape, stealing, cheating, corruption, etc., you have NO RIGHT to refuse law enforcement to arrest and incarcerate you ! In fact, if you have done such acts and have not yet been arrested, you need to go to your local police station right now and turn yourself in. That being stated, if however you have broken no Godly law, you need to do anything and everything to protect yourself. If you are being abused/beaten, tasered, being shot at, etc. by cops(or anyone), you have every right under God of the Bible to protect yourself and or anyone you seeing abused. In fact, if you are a Bible believing Christian, it is your DUTY to rescue those being abused anyway(Proverbs 24:11-12).

What should you specifically do to protect yourself ? Well, as I was taught long ago and will pass along to you, “take as much action necessary to protect yourself from harm.” If someone uses a fist or a hand to harm you, you will need to meet that force with equal or greater force to protect yourself. As the threat of violence or harm escalates against you, so must you meet that threat or harm with equal or greater force so as to protect yourself as well. God wants us to pray for our enemies. He also does not want us to be doormats either. God of the Bible gave all of us common sense and it's up to everyone to use that common sense. If someone, anyone, government officials, cops and those like them are abusing and or threatening you with harm, God wants you in the very least to protect you and your family from that harm and or abuse. Don't listen to the false non-biblical jesus butterfly believers who tell you to just allow yourself to be abused and only pray. If it was up these false christians, we'd all just lay down and die at the hands of evil. Those that have such unbiblical attitudes will have a lot to answer for before God and Hell will be their reward. God expects us to protect ourselves from the evil acts of others.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor

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  1. I agree for the most part and suggest a better remedy is to work to get "infringing" laws repealed.