Saturday, April 19, 2014

“ Militias Saved Cattle, Now Save The Children And Families”

“ Militias Saved Cattle, Now Save The Children And Families”

In January 2011, I wrote an article entitled, “Two Things Every Christian And Every Good American Must Do In 2011(” In that article, I explained clearly what was occurring to our nation including the moral decay and the many abuses that was occurring at the hands of our own Federal, State's and even our local Government's. I also explained in that same article, that having Biblical Christ in our hearts and answering back evil with a back lash of righteous justice would help restore our nation. By looking at evidence or what the Bible calls “fruit”, not many American's heeded my strong suggestions at the time. In fact, if anything, many Americans have instead have either continued in, or more likely become even more withdrawn and apathetic as we see today that chaos has ensued and evil have taken over much of our nation. Moral decay has at least quadrupled in the last 3 plus years, Biblical Christianity is rapidly on the decline and many purposely turn their heads or bury it when it comes time to confront wicked behaviour. Fortunately however, there is a small percentage of loyal Americans who had never left Jesus Christ and even a smaller number who have come to realize that what I shared in my article was the correct pursuit in gaining our nation back from the brink of disaster. They indeed seen that it is Jesus Christ, forming and joining militias, and as well as what the Founding Father's of this nation set as the cornerstone of this nation as, was and remains today to be our best hope for the future.

When Cliven Bundy made his request known to all Americans to come to his ranch to help rescue his cattle from the US and State of Nevada Government sponsored terrorists, folks showed up. The number of which shocked not only me, but I believe many Americans as well. It was in fact many God fearing(not
Government fearing) Americans in militias who showed up to help Mr. Bundy in fact. To actually see those God fearing militia members with their weapons, ready and prepared to confront those Harry Reid, Obama and Eric Holder Government sponsored terrorists was quite a site to see. I am quite confident that when the militias actually showed up, it kind of threw the fear of God into the Government sponsored terrorist's hearts. A small victory has been won(even if it's temporarily) for Mr. Bundy and his cattle during this battle. We as a nation almost seen a point which almost caused blood to flow for several days on the Bundy Ranch, I'm glad it didn't but also hope and pray America has learned a valuable lesson about fighting back against evil. At last, America got a chance to see how a Godly plan of action against satan and his minion's actually works.

For much too long now, folks that have been trying to use powder-puff action to get justice against a terroristic Federal, State and local Government's, finally got a chance to see the effective and appropriate response in how to confront evil. In fact, I feel a bit vindicated myself as I have been saying what we seen the Militia Groups do in Nevada should have been occurring all along to get out nation back. I have repeatedly told many here on this Blog(in past articles) and in other venues, that “protests, marches, letter writing campaigns, petitions are all useless, will go nowhere and are only being laughed at by corrupted politicians, judges, lawyers, cops, CPS agencies, Domestic Violence Programs and others like them.” I have been ridiculed as a matter of fact at times for making such statements, but as often the case, I know my Bible and know the history of our Founding Fathers of this once great nation so when it comes to combating
Government sponsored terrorism, I was correct in my analysis in 2011, and with what occurred at the Cliven Bundy Ranch in Nevada, I believe I remain correct in my analysis for what remains needed for correction to remove American Government sponsored terrorism in our nation now and forever.

If I had a chance to speak with millions of families all around the USA such as the family and parents of Justina Pelletier, I am quite sure they would agree with my analysis that many more Americans need to accept Jesus in their hearts and join a militia as well. If I believed in luck, (which I don't) I'd say that the Pelletier parents are the lucky ones. I say that because they have had national, even international news coverage on what has illegally occurred to them and their poor abused(by the Federal, State and local terroristic Government's) daughter. Not only that but they have had attention of State law makers and met members of Congress in asking them for help. Despite all that attention(that millions of other Americans who have been terrorized by Federal, State and or local Governments have never been given) they have received no help. Is it no wonder then that today in America, there has been and remains, millions of American children and families being terrorized by the US, it's States and local Governments by the way of kidnapping children for cash through so called “Family Courts”, along with their also corrupted judges, lawyers, cops, CPS agencies, Domestic Violence programs, social workers, psychologists, teachers and others? Surely the use of Godly Militias to get back Justina back to her family is what is clearly needed here to negate all the actions of the corrupted Government sponsored terrorists. I know it would help me and my children and family (

Indeed, if Americans, especially so called “Christians” would ever get their heads unstuck from them having purposely shoving it up inside their clouds, we could get our nation back. Religious and Secular actions are pointless and useless as are those foolish petitions, letter writing campaigns, marches and protests as I pointed out earlier. As I also indicated earlier in this article and in my last article(, you must meet evil with an equal force or greater force in order to effectively to fight back. The US and it's State's and Local Government sponsored terrorists know this, why don't most Americans ? So when you see so called “law enforcement” utilizing a “shock and awe” tactic to overtake an innocent American Citizen, it is done do purposely. This tactic is not only done to overwhelm the person who has allegedly “committed a crime”, but it is also done so as a warning towards others, what will happen to them if they oppose Government sponsored tyranny also. Don't think that those armored military vehicles now being purchased as well as being used in local, state and national “law enforcement” agencies are just for show either. Those vehicles are being used to terrorize American Citizens and done so purposely to instill fear in you so you will be to afraid to take action against evil and tyranny.

I repeat my call now as I did now as I did in 2011, if you want your children, family, homes, community and nation back, you'll have to stop messing around with useless tactics that have never worked. Not only that, but the clear answer to your and my problems with our Government sponsored terrorists is this 1) make Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour of your life, and number 2) join and participate in a militia. As always, the choice is yours. Either remove unrepentant evil or continue the life of being oppressed with the Government sponsored terrorist's boot on your throat while they steal your children, family home and property.

Proverbs 21:15 "When justice is done, it is a joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers."

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor


  1. I live in Florida. I have looked on line to no avail to find actual militia group to join forces with. Have been unable to locate anything other than paper militia group for talking only. How does one tap into real militia group? I have thought that people who have banned together are staying under the radar in order to avoid being tracked etc.

  2. Dale, contact me via email: jlpechin-AT-yahoo-DOT-com. Put the words "SURVIVALIST GROUP" in the subject line. Though I am in NC, I have contacts all throughout the states and can help you out.