Saturday, April 12, 2014

“'Tolerance' Is A Dirty Word”

“'Tolerance' Is A Dirty Word”

Tolerance as a word alone does not mean anything bad or wrong, however in American cultural context as compared to God's Word, indeed it is a negative. For many years now, American's have allowed themselves to tolerate evil to the point of bringing on God's judgment and destruction of a land many American’s still refer to as “the land of the free, and the home of the brave.” In all truth, America is no longer free and certainly not home of the brave. If anything, America is deeply bound to acceptance and involved in what the Bible calls sin. If bravery is a supposed to be a character of every(or the majority) American Citizen, well, then most American's sadly fail that test if that is of being compared to standing up tough against what God calls sin. Let's be honest, the majority of Americans are willing to accept just about anything attitude and illicit behaviour around them no matter how evil it might be, as long as it doesn't personally impact upon them. There is even a political movement and political party in the USA dedicated to such an idea. It's called Libertarianism. You may know two popular Libertarian's involved in politics right now , that being Ron Paul and his son Rand. Both project an laissez-faire attitude when it comes towards confronting what the Bible calls sin and evil. They are very open to the ideals of “personal liberty as long as it does not interfere with others.” In fact, both (purposely I suspect) completely ignore the many writings our American Fore-Father's writings and even warnings on the importance of utilizing the Bible in maintaining our Republic through Godly (Biblical)principles. The problem with Libertarianism and those like them who ignore sin, end up with the same consequences of those who engage in acts of evil that Libertarians say that they disagree with, even hate. In fact, many Libertarians are well known for their vicious defense of their beliefs, even attacking others who disagree with them, so much for “tolerance.” Of course it is not only Libertarians who tolerate evil. There are plenty of Democrats, Republicans, Liberals and Conservatives as well who engage in and tolerate evil as well.

Do you remember at some point in your life seeing photo's or cartoons of the three monkeys with the phrases under them that stated “'see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”? That is a perfect word picture for what tolerance means in America today. That sort of attitude of tolerating evil has landed our nation in hot water. By purposely closing our eyes ears and refusing to call out against evil as well as refusing to take righteous action against evil, many Americans' have tolerated sin altogether and brought upon
disasters(natural and man made)upon our land. Americans may have tried to fool themselves and might believe they have not tolerated evil by ignoring it or avoiding it, but they have, and by altogether avoiding the issue and tolerating sin and evil, they have indeed allowed both sin and negative consequences to grow. Let me give you some examples of what I'm sharing about and how “tolerance” of evil really works... Let's take for instance Islam. Being a Muslim is not a crime in America. In fact, we as American's should love Muslims as Jesus said to. That being said, Biblical “love” does not mean tolerating sin nor evil. This is a difficult matter for many Americans to understand because they either believe in the American version of a jesus and are involved in cults, or they are agnostic, atheist or or have some major mental health issue. Getting one's Biblical head screwed on straight is helpful when talking about the Biblical Jesus and knowing that Biblical love never equates itself with acceptance of sin and or wickedness. Plain and simple, Jesus never, ever tolerated sin. In fact, 1Peter 2:22 declares that “He was found without sin and no guile(deceit) found in his mouth.” Jesus confronted all non-repented sinners including the Jewish Religious rulers of his time, both Jew and gentile alike. American false jesus butterfly followers will not acknowledge that however, and they will instead just keep tolerating sin, not only from others and even themselves, without repentance and instead only call upon God's grace as their covering. I've have visited some of their American false jesus religious buildings and seen their “praise bands” which resemble rock concerts with strobe and laser light shows and their “preachers” and “pastors” appear to be nothing short of humanistic or religious sounding motivational speakers. They all sell and tolerate a different jesus which will clearly land the I hot water with God.

It's too bad so many Christians and American's haven't figured out that when evil people call out to be “tolerated”, those that say such things, really mean they want control and to totally wipe-out anything at all good, moral, decent or Godly. One only has to look at how far reaching homosexuality has become in America to see exactly what I am sharing about here. It was only in 1969 that homosexuality was still considered a mental illness by secularists. Later that same year however, and as America was rejecting God to a tipping point, it was the American Psychological Association that back peddled on their diagnosis of homosexuality as a mental disease due to political(not scientific) pressure and to no longer carry and of the cake maker who refused to make a cake for a homosexual couple( Homosexuals want all Americans to be tolerant of their sinful lifestyle but if one has a hint of a personal rejection or to claim the Christian Bible to be their guide, then homosexuals will force those to object accept homosexuality anyway.
homosexuality in their Diagnostic Statistical Manual. Yet even today, despite proof that the homosexual lifestyle is physically dangerous and highly susceptible to disease(AIDS, Hepatitis C and others) as well as anatomically unnatural in sexual relations, homosexuality has been pushed as “natural” and all American's have been told to “tolerate” such unnatural and sinful behaviour although the Christian Bible once again, calls that behaviour sinful. These days, if you stand opposed to such things as homosexuality, you run the risk of being verbally and even physically attacked. Even lawsuits forcing real Christians and their businesses to accept homosexuality have plagued our courts. Two recent lawsuits that you can see proof of what I speak I'll share here with you... one is a photographer in New Mexico(

Today, because “tolerance” has leaked into every crevasse of American society, “anything goes.” Not only is it the ungodly act in the name of “tolerance” homosexuality being forced upon us, also radical Islam(those who want to kill us because we are not Muslims) is also on the rise, and so are other evils such as Religious Cults, Peadohilia, Feminism(the purposeful killing and destruction of men, fathers and boys)and
  Machosim(love 'em and leave 'em). Many American's haven't figured out yet that when evil and sinful people demand you tolerate them, they don't want 'acceptance” or 'equality” as they tell you, what they really want is to destroy any fabric of what God calls good. I repeat here one of my favorite quotes as of late, “You are what you allow.” What does that quote mean exactly? Very simply and poignantly, the quote refers to the fact that if you tolerate anything God calls immoral or wicked, you yourself are also immoral and wicked also. You are no better then the willful evil person whom you are ignoring and or “tolerating.” Tolerating wickedness and evil is a travesty for all. As we see a huge upheaval in our nation including that of corrupted politician’s cops, courts, lawyers and others, they are only a result of the fact that many American's tolerate them(Obama was elected twice !!!). Too many Americans believe that dishonoring God of the Bible carries not a heavy and negative consequence. They also believe that murdering 60 Million babies through abortion carries no penalty against a people of that nation. Fools that they are, the US and it's State's Governments abusing citizens, stealing children and families for cash, robbing homes and entire communities of it's resources, Cops beating on and killing innocent civilians are all a result of tolerating and looking the other way from evil and sin. How was this past winter season for you ? Cold enough ? How about sinkholes popping up everywhere now, enjoying that ? How about all the wild fires and floods in America ? Enjoying them also ? I have shared with you several times now that tolerating sin and wicked behaviour carries negative consequences.

Your personal liberty, your religious beliefs, your foolish tolerance of evil count for nothing good before God of the Bible. I give you all fair warning now, if you do not immediately(not next week, next month, etc) cease tolerating sin, then the loss of life, liberty and further destruction upon America(and other nations who also tolerate evil) and will continue, and all who tolerate evil will as well continue to be judged harshly as well. There is no doubt that those who are allowed to engage in evil and pursue evil will grow worse unless you STOP tolerating them ALL now. God is a patient God, yes He is but there comes a tipping point and if you are at all just the least bit knowledgeable in the Bible, you know that God's tipping point has already begun.

Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller~Black Robe Regiment Pastor


  1. Based on my study of the Bible (which is undoubtedly less accomplished than Reverend Waldmiller) I firmly believe that God allows evil behavior. This is free will. It is our duty as Christians to exhort good behavior and to decry sinfulness. Only tyrants may "allow" behaviors, and only for their subjects. Indeed, we must follow the example of our Lord and forgive sins, as Jesus Christ forgave the adulteress, and dined with harlots and tax collectors. Christ healed lepers, rather than condemning them for being unclean. As Christians we must love our neighbors and our enemies. We must tolerate them. We must strive to understand what God wishes for ourselves, and live that life, for the glory of God, and as an example to others. When you get down to it, the only one whose behavior you can "allow" is your own. Submitted in all humility.